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I've written most of the rest of the site in third person; I'm not writing my profile in third person, too.

Of course, having spent so much time writing the rest of the site, I've kinda run out of things to say here. So, let me put it this way:

I made the game. I made the site. If things suck, it's my fault. If things don't suck, it's because you guys rawk.

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I have decided that, periodically, I will write about things I'm thinking about in connection to the game. If you'd like to read and comment on my thoughts, great. If not, equally great.

It's just something I want to do.

“Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot!”
Date: 01 Jun 2011 16:44
Author: ElectricMayhemElectricMayhem

I have to say, I really love the new neighbourhood I moved into at the beginning of May. It's lovely — a five minute walk from the lake, grand old trees in every yard, cute war-time bungalows filled with generally friendly people ranging in age from babes-in-arms to great-grandparents-with-walkers. Very cool.

The only real challenge is that the house I've moved into doesn't have air conditioning… and my living space is a small room on the top floor. It's barely the beginning of June and already my technology is overheating. Hence, the game server crash, yesterday.

The heat drove me out of the room early in the morning, yesterday. I seriously considered sleeping in the basement or on the back porch, last night. So, it's no wonder that, when I finally braved checking everything today, that I discovered the massive drive *glerk*. In fact, I wasn't really surprised to see it. Dismayed, yes. But not surprised.

So, I'm now in the process of fixing it. But, yeah. It's gonna take a while. The main HD isn't even registering with the system, right now. When I reboot without a boot cd, the process sends me directly into a GRUB protocol (essentially a little boot rescue program). That's exciting, lemme tell ya. In my head — which y'all know is a strange place — I imagine this little white caterpillar dude (a grub, of course) poking around circuits with a mini cattle prod like a Jawa herding Droids, swearing like crazed Ewok when sparks fly up and blacken his face… as the drive disappears in a puff of smoke.

'Course, it was a brand new HD back when I first set everything up. So, if it's toast, I shall be very put out. I've had it less than a year. And if the whole summer's gonna be like this? Bah!

Still. Hope springs eternal. I've got the boot CD on hand. And fans have cooled the room considerably. (It'll be the weekend, though, before the AC unit gets installed.) But, it's largely a waiting game while I figure all this out. Meantime, feel free to play via forum threads, IMs, or email.

If I find some other temporary refuge for y'all, I'll let you know.

Edit: Con has set up a temporary server for us at 4225. Thanks, Con!

Thoughts about character creation and other such things...

09 Mar 2011 17:38
Story and character, both, are fluid things. And when you know that your players are perfectly capable of controlling themselves and their characters sufficiently to maintain balance without you having to step in and nerf everything… well, lemme tell you, it's a wonderful thing. Read full text ⇒

Early milestones...

13 Feb 2011 17:13
It was kinda neat, this morning, to discover that there are over 10 blog entries and nearly 10 logs already posted to the site… Read full text ⇒

Running out of window dressing...

07 Feb 2011 17:27
I'm running out of window dressing. You know, all those nifty little bits and pieces you can hang around the site that make it seem robust and interactive — things like the new Twitter window under the PingBox in the left sidebar and stuff like that. Now, I actually have to buckle down and write the real content. Such hardship! Read full text ⇒

Getting stuff done...

05 Feb 2011 01:43
Feeling a sense of accomplishment, tonight. I've just added in the blog section of the site — partly because I was feeling a need to keep a periodic accounting of what I've done… and I didn't want to create an OOC announcement for every little page change… Read full text ⇒

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