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OCD builder and aide-de-campe to Mayhem for creating, well, mayhem and chaos.. and confusion!


I've been gaming since my college years, cutting my gaming teeth on AD&D, and there progressing up to GURPS, beta-testing the original White Wolf's Vampire game and demoing it at conventions up and down the East coast (back in the VERY early 1990s.). In 2000, I discovered MU*s, and as a family came along, TT games and conventions went by the wayside.

It was then that Mayhem and I joined forces, and.. well.. gaming has never been the same, as far as I'm concerned.

Chaotic Udderances

Building blocks
Date: 09 Feb 2011 22:27
Author: Udder ChaosUdder Chaos

by Chaos

First entry. We'll see how it goes.

Building is coming along. The City of London and its boroughs are coming along nicely. Trying not to make too many extraneous spots, but when the RP bug hits, who knows? Maybe that bridge over the Thames is necessary, if only to threaten

Building foo!

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