Power & Politics in Magical Modern-Day London

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The game is set in present-day London, England, though not everything is as might be expected. With a history stretching back nearly 2000 years, in a country rich in magical heritage and tradition, it's no wonder it's become a modern hotbed of supernatural activity.

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Even without the inclusion of the supernatural world, London is home to a great diversity of people. But, when you add the various supernatural races and factions to the already populous city, you get a dangerous powder keg of contrasting ideologies and political ambitions.

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It's inevitable, however, that certain individuals will rise to top when it comes to exerting influence over their fellow citizens and denizens. Some of these are just who you'd expect — prominent political and community leaders, popular celebrities, and other movers and shakers. Others, however, exist in the shadows, behind the scenes, pulling strings and calling in favours in the most unexpected of places.

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