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Below are the most recent logs posted to date:

13 Jul 2011 03:46Dining with the Devil
June 16, 2011: Corrie arrives at Aidan's flat for dinner.
(log: 20110616-1 | tags: aidan aidans-flat corrie)

13 Jul 2011 03:14Dinner Invitation
June 13, 2011: After Aidan and Kim discuss business, the vampire invites a certain witch to dinner.
(log: 20110613-1 | tags: aidan corrie flare kim-npc)

13 Jul 2011 02:31Blast from the Past
June 12, 2011: Aidan and Sean go seeking information in the Undercity when a surprise from the vampire's past appears.
(log: 20110612-1 | tags: aidan gwendolyn-npc sean undercity)

13 Jul 2011 01:51Mardi Gras at Flare
June 9, 2011: Takes place immediately after 'The Setup', Corrie, Aidan, Kim, Celia, and Connor have fun at the Mardi Gras book signing.
(log: 20110609-2 | tags: aidan celeste-npc connor-npc corrie flare kim-npc)

11 Jul 2011 20:39A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Playing White Knight
June 27, 2011: In which Sean and Emily discover that muggings are brutal and Will rides to the rescue.
(log: 20110627-1 | tags: emily sean will zoe)

21 Jun 2011 17:49The Setup
June 9, 2011: Corrie has spent the day setting Flare up for the Mardi Gras book signing, and is putting together a few last minute items when Aidan arrives on the scene.
(log: 20110609-1 | tags: aidan corrie flare)

21 Jun 2011 17:36Busy at the B&B
June 3, 2011: Spooker is enjoying a night of ale and food at the Silver Oaks. Corrie is looking for Ghost to get her to deliver a message. Kendrin is found and brought back to the B&B, and Winnea busily makes bread.
(log: 20110603-1 | tags: corrie ghost kendrin silver-oaks spooker winnea-npc)

21 Jun 2011 17:02Bits and Bites
June 2, 2011: After realizing she's been bitten Corrie confronts Aidan at the restaurant.
(log: 20110602-2 | tags: aidan corrie flare)

21 Jun 2011 16:24Sisterly Smalltalk
June 2, 2011: Jean stops by her sister's flat to go through the grimoires, and have a chat.
(log: 20110602-1 | tags: corrie corries-flat jean)

21 Jun 2011 13:36Retrieving Journals
June 1, 2011: After leaving the Bass Cafe, Aidan and Corrie both head to Aidan's flat in order for the journals to be handed over.
(log: 20110601-2 | tags: aidan aidans-flat corrie)

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Logs Policy

We encourage everyone to post their logs regularly, so we can all enjoy the various stories happening across the grid. (And so that your friendly neighbourhood plotstaff know where to direct their energies to make all the cool things happening even cooler.)

All players, simply by creating a character and logging onto the game, are considered to have given their consent to having logs of their play posted unless they explicitly request that logs including their characters not be posted.

So, we want to see as many logs posted here as possible.

That said, there are few things we don't want to see posted. Chief among these, of course, are explicit sex scenes1. What you and your characters choose to do behind closed doors that's of an intimate nature is entirely your business, and we don't want to see it2. (Not to mention the fact that, if we post anything here that goes against the Wikidot terms of use, we could lose the site.)

However, there are times in a story when intimacy is interrupted by key plot moments, or vice versa. So, there may be times when posting a log that includes an intimate encounter, just for the sake of keeping a tinyplot on track, may be desirable. In such cases, a little bit of tasteful editing may be in order. (Fade-to-blacks and/or a generic summary gloss can be your friend.) As long as it's something that can be viewed on prime-time cable (but not on spray-per-view channels), we don't have any problem with it.

Similarly, if a scene involves an excessive amount of violence, coarse language, or other aspects that may make it NSFW, it needs to be flagged as such (mostly as a courtesy for our players who, even though they can't log to play from work, enjoy catching up on logs over their lunch and coffee breaks). Please be sure to tag any NSFW logs as such.

For a full explanation of what's appropriate and when, as well as how to handle editing situations tastefully, see the how to post logs page.

Please note: Any logs posted here are considered to be under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License (whereas the rest of the site is under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License). In essence, you can copy, share, or distribute them however you wish, providing you don't use them for commercial purposes, and providing that you include links back to:

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A caveat and addendum to the above licenses, however, is this:

You retain the rights to your own characters, unless you pass them on to someone else. You do not have any rights to anyone else's characters, or the game NPCs. So, while you're free to remix scenes posted here however you choose, you cannot use any characters other than your own in derivative works without the express permission of the owners of those other characters. It is entirely up to you to seek out and secure that permission.

No part of this game may be used for commercial gain. For all intents and purposes, it's a sort of fan-fiction. So, while you're welcome to fair use of anything related to the game, you can't appropriate anything in its majority or entirety as your own.


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