Announcement: Game Status Update -- June 2011

20 Jul 2011 17:49ElectricMayhemElectricMayhem

June was a fairly quiet month, over all. There was, as always, some play worth investigating, and I was able to add a little more on the subject of Vampires, though there's lots more to do.

Of course, there was the hiccup of the server meltdown at the end of May. As I mentioned before, we have Confusion to thank for our temporary home. I don't expect that address to change anytime too soon, so I'll be updating the connect links throughout the site to reflect that. Eventually, we'll go back to the original site, but for the foreseeable future continue to connect to the game at lmux.dyndns.org 4225. Read full text ⇒

Inspired by contemporary Gothic-fantasy series such as Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld, Joss Whedon's Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and Damian Kindler's Sanctuary, London: Between Darkness and Light is a world where the supernatural meets the everyday in the streets, parks, and edifices of modern-day London. Vampires haunt the night, Shapeshifters hunt the back alleys, and Sorcerers scheme in the boardrooms of the rich and powerful. Though much of the modern world remains ignorant of the occult and mystical forces that affect it, that certainly doesn't negate their impact.

Players are invited to create characters to interact with the world of London: BD&L, taking on the roles of members of various races and factions — from the mundane to the magical. Vampires and Shapeshifters exist alongside Witches and Sorcerers, Half-Demons and the Fae-Blooded, Druids, Shamans, and Psychics… not to mention all the poor Regular Joes caught in the middle of it all. Roleplay is largely free-from, supported by coded systems for skill and combat encounters where necessary. The focus is on strong, interactive storytelling, however, and not the accumulation of mechanical trappings such as experience points or treasure.

The stories we tell range from large, game-changing inter-racial politics and corporate boardroom deals (generally staff-run affairs) to small, character-driven interpersonal relationships and back-alley encounters (generally player-run affairs). You get out of the game whatever you put into it, so players are highly encouraged to get as actively involved as they possibly can in all facets of play.

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