Seth Watson
Seth Watson
Portrayed by Ben Browder
Full Name Seth Osiris Watson
Class Vampire
Birthday <E.g. "April 1st" (year optional)>
Age 38 (305)
Height 6'1"
Build Tall, and lean
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Factions <Vampire Faction>
Occupation Researcher

Claim to Fame

Previously a Necromancer that asked to be turned due to not wanting his soul stuffed back into his decaying corpse after he died.


  • Seth's ancestral line were the ruling priests that got knocked out by the Ottoman Turks, and worked to keep Egypt 'separate' from the Muslim influence so it wouldn't take such a hold as other areas. (For further ancestral backstory, please contact Sean.)
  • Seth's father (who looked fairly 'British' himself thanks to lineage) married the daughter of a Scottish aristocrat. Seth was born in 1706 in Egypt. The family didn't move from Egypt to Edinburgh until 1720.
  • Met Elspeth Frizzel for the first time in the 1726, when he was 20. She aided him in fitting in better with societal circles at the time, allowing him to eventually meet and marry Moira Ross when he was 24. Two years later they had a son whom they named Thane.
  • At 37, Seth became ill and sent word to Elspeth asking for her aid in ensuring that there would be no body for his son to re-ensoul at a later date. She turned him in 1744. They traveled together until the 1800s when he went 'back to his roots' and started studying his family history in Egypt, and has presumably stayed there until recently.

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
da01.jpg Elspeth Frizzel Vampire Sire Despite the odd circumstances of their meeting, and the turning, the two remain decently close.


  • Moira moved to England shortly after Seth's 'death', changing her name to Mary. She eventually moved back to Scotland after the Uprising, but Thane opted to stay with family there to continue his schooling, reading his father's journals to learn of his abilities.
  • Seth would have kept tabs on his family from a distance, never getting too close or contacting them — throughout the generations.
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