Seamus Boyle
Seamus Boyle
Portrayed by Bradley James
Full Name Seamus Boyle
Class Vampire
Birthday TBD
Age 20 (384)
Height 6'
Build Tall, muscled
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
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  • Seamus Boyle was born in Ireland, in 1627, the youngest of two brothers of a wealthy merchant.
  • As the favored son, Seamus received his father's praise and adoration, creating something of a rift between himself and his older brother Aodhan (Aidan).
  • In spite of the odd rift, Seamus was receptive to the reasons and loved and adored his older brother. As the "responsible" son Seamus frequently cleaned up Aidan's messes and kept him out trouble.1
  • When it was learned that Aidan disgraced a local noble's daughter, their father sent Seamus to fetch back his brother who was supposedly expanding their father's business in Spain.
  • In Spain, Seamus met Aidan's lover, Catalina. Catalina was a manipulative and deceptive woman, who was also a vampire.
  • Catalina seduced Seamus and pitted the brothers against one another. She enjoyed the fact that while Aidan wrestled to accept her demonic nature, Seamus, "the good brother," was attracted to it nearly immediately.
  • Catalina turned Seamus, then a few nights following, turned Aidan.
  • Seamus and Aidan split up because Aidan resented Seamus for stealing Catalina's affections, and Seamus resented Aidan's turning.
  • Seamus doesn't see his brother often; when the two do meet up, things can get ugly because Aidan can be territorial and Seamus likes to provoke him.

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
aidanboyle001.jpg Aidan Vampire Brother Aidan is Seamus's elder brother. Though he grew up idolizing his brother, three centuries of vampirism can change things. Seamus is actually sometimes disappointed in his brother, whom in his eyes has become "boring and predictable."


  • Seamus has not seen his brother in more than 50 years. The pair don't travel in the same circles as they tend to not get along for long periods of time.
  • Becoming a vampire changed Seamus. His sense of responsibility dwindled as the years moved on and he is very much a scam artist, thief and smuggler these days. He finds it an endless source of amusement that Aidan has become the "settled" and "responsible" one with business enterprises and the like.

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