Merc Corso
Merc Corso
Portrayed by Shemar Moore
Full Name Michael Kenneth Corso
Class Werelion
Birthday April 20th
Age mid/late 30's
Height 6'1"
Build Lean, ripped
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions The Network
Occupation Manager/Owner — Mercury Express (a courier company)

Claim to Fame

Merc is the owner/operator of a small courier company that specializes in in-city deliveries, particularly bicycle and on-foot deliveries. He's also a great source of information about what's going on in the city… from all the angles.



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Image Name Race Relation Notes
zs01.jpg Skye Graysen werelion Girlfriend Skye and Merc have been together for ages. And though they may fight like cat and dog on occasion, they've always got each other's backs.
nopic-m.png Sparky Psychic Resident Geek Nigel Sparks hates being called 'Sparky', which is probably why Merc does it. Together with Merc and Celeste, however, he helps form the nucleus of The Network. 'Cause everyone knows, Merc'd be lost without him: His tech skills are unparalleled.


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