Mariah Jones
Mariah Jones
Portrayed by Amber Riley
Full Name Mariah Teesha Jones
Class Ghost
Birthday TBD
Age 17
Height 5' 3"
Build Short, heavy set
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Factions N/A
Occupation N/A

Claim to Fame

Mariah is a ghost. She died at seventeen years old and has refused to crossover for the past twelve years since her death.


  • Mariah was the second youngest of four daughters.
  • She died when the car she was riding in, along with several friends, crossed the median on a dark, rainy night and met a truck head on. She was killed instantly. She refuses to talk about it.

Character Details

Though she's been hanging around for twelve years, much of the personality Mariah projects is that of a sassy, diva-esque seventeen-year-old girl. She favors leading questions and evasion, and when she's not being a sass, can be quite cryptic.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
zoewright.jpg Zoe Wright Psychic Cousin Mariah has been following her older cousin around since her death. She jokingly refers to herself as Zoe's "guardian angel." She's learned over the years though that Zoe can and will ignore her, depending on the situation, so she will try not to do things to make Zoe seem like she's completely mental.


  • Mariah never put a lot of stock into the whole "ghost whispering" aspect of her heritage, because the only thing she could ever catch was a flicker in the corner of her eye or a chill on her the back of her neck. For some reason, dying made her a true believer.

Additional Stuff

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