Kim Dae
Kim Dae
Portrayed by Lucy Liu
Full Name Kim Dae
Class Human
Birthday TBD
Age 38
Height 5' 1"
Build Petite, lithe
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions Vampire
Occupation Business Manager

Claim to Fame

Kim is the business and operations manager for Aidan Boyle's restaurant, Flare. She also serves as Aidan's personal assistant and "eyes-and-ears" to the human world. Very, very few know or realize that she is human servant.


  • Graduated with a business management degree
  • Kim was "recruited"1 by Aidan right out of college to manage his business and outside interests
  • Her job description and responsibilities have changed over the years and she currently serves (officially) as Aidan's business and operations manager.
  • Kim is responsible for helping maintain Aidan's cover as a human, handling the accounting and legal requirements of his business interests when Aidan is unavailable during the day. Kim often procures Aidan's meals and entertainment, and is adept at "tying up loose ends" for the vampire.
  • She was once in love with Aidan, but has grown up and outgrown those feelings for him.
  • Kim chose Aidan over her family and has not spoken with them in at least a decade.2

Character Details

Kim is intelligent and shrewd, a masterful actor and adept at manipulation. She learned a lot from working beside Aidan, and is able to use her good looks, her wit and her charm to aid her in whatever ways she needs. Kim does not form close human attachments, as she sees them as something that will make her vulnerable and weak. Kim has a darker edge to her personality, and it is because of this that it is easy for her to work with Aidan and to turn a blind eye to some of his less salient actions.

She is loyal to Aidan, and will go above and beyond to help him maintain his cover and to protect him.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
aidanboyle08.jpg Aidan Boyle Vampire "Employer" Kim believes that she knows Aidan better than anyone. She knows his likes and dislikes, and is skilled at reading his moods. She serves as his "eyes and ears" to the human world, and caters to his peculiar whims without batting an eye. Kim strokes the vampire's ego and in recent years has finally gained the ability to stand up, challenge him and take him down a peg. She knows that he both needs her and that she amuses him, and therefore she is (mostly) safe.
lc02.jpg Celeste Benoit Vampire Acquaintance Kim knows her as "Celia Collins," and only as a very old, very close friend of Aidan's. The female vampire is, for all intents and purposes, the female version of Aidan and they compliment one another so well that even Kim finds it unnerving.
mcnair001.jpg Dabney McNair Human Associate Notes to be Added


  • If asked, Kim will insist that she is Aidan's equal, but deep down she knows that as a mundane human, she's really only Aidan's pet. However, her status as "Aidan's" does offer her some protection from other vampires.
  • Kim does not trust Aidan one hundred percent, but she knows that he currently needs her and has no intention of killing her.
  • Kim is hopeful that Aidan will turn her someday, preferably before she's too old to be able to appreciate it.

Additional Stuff

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Log Entries

Mardi Gras at Flare
June 9, 2011: Takes place immediately after 'The Setup', Corrie, Aidan, Kim, Celia, and Connor have fun at the Mardi Gras book signing.
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Dinner Invitation
June 13, 2011: After Aidan and Kim discuss business, the vampire invites a certain witch to dinner.
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Blog Entries

Double Devil
In which Aidan receives an unexpected visitor and Kim anticipates a whole new level of head aches.
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