Frank Costello
Frank Costello
Portrayed by Richard Jenkins
Full Name Francis Giacomo Costello
Class Psychic (Seer)
Birthday May 4th, 1947
Age 63
Height 6'1"
Build Average
Eyes Blue
Hair Greying Brown
Factions The Department
Occupation Grocer/Department Actuary

Claim to Fame

As far as most people are concerned, Frank Costello is nothing more than the crazy owner of a small green-grocer in Central London, with a penchant for picking up odd bits and pieces out of the trash and spouting the most outlandish nonsense.

Some tipsters swear by his predictions at the track, however.


  • Born in the late 40's to an Italian immigrant family in London;
  • Recruited in the early 70's as part of the British version of the "Men Who Stare At Goats" program;
  • Transferred from there into The Department, in the late 70's, working as part of their Threat Assessment Teams;
  • Has spent the better part of the last thirty years working as a Department "Actuary" (one of the guys who "evaluates the likelihood of events and quantifies the contingent outcomes in order to minimize losses"… only not so much with finances);
  • Has a Gift as a Seer, which has allowed him to make remarkable predictions, over the years, that have been capitalized upon by the Department;
  • Is a wee bit loopy, on account of his Gift, though can still more-or-less function in everyday society (though the Department has assigned him a handler… just in case);
  • Maintains a "cover identity" as a green-grocer (where his Handler works as his "assistant"), and has a small flat above the shop;

Character Details

Frank is actually a nice guy. He's a little loopy, and can be a lot annoying, on occasion (in a never-stops-moving-5-year-old-boy sorta way), but his heart's in the right place. Sometimes, he seems a little scattered — though this is primarily because he sees the world at two levels of reality: The one happening around him in the everyday and the one happening in his head.

As a Seer, Frank is prone to visions, some terrifying, some disturbing, some outright hilarious. And, over the years, he's kinda lost the ability to mask them as effectively as he once did.

Don't make the mistake of thinking Frank's simple, however. He's actually highly intelligent and able to perceive both the big picture (in it's startling entirety) and all the little details that make it up (in startling high-definition). He just occasionally has difficulty expressing all of that in a manner most other people can rationally grasp. He is entirely capable, however, of making his own decisions and running a business. Indeed, sometimes he surprises people with his shrewdness.

Most people simply don't get past his slightly off-kilter behaviour. They know he's a good guy. It's just, he's… odd.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
rda01.jpg Charlie Mesner Human Colleague Harry and Frank worked together at The Department. Frank always liked Harry — who was particularly good at helping prevent several of Frank's more harrowing Visions from coming true. Indeed, Frank considers Harry to be one of his best mates (though Harry might disagree). In the evenings, he often spends much of his time at Charlie's pub, The Bass Cafe, playing darts and reminiscing… (sometimes much to Harry's chagrin).


As an NPC whose major function is to give plot-clues, Frank is controlled by the staff. You can feel free to reference buying grocery items off of him, or noting him as the crazy-but-harmless old coote in the back of Harry's pub, but please don't presume any closer relationship and do not generally spoof him.

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