Dabney McNair
Dabney McNair
Portrayed by Jason Watkins
Full Name Dabney McNair
Class Human
Birthday TBD
Age 44
Height 5' 9"
Build Stocky
Eyes Gray
Hair Strawberry Blonde
Factions <E.g. The Department>
Occupation Detective Inspector

Claim to Fame

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  • Dabney McNair is a decorated Detective Inspector with the London Police force.
  • Dabney is not as wholesome and the good guy as people believe. He’s taken bribes and looked the other way when faced with more shady dealings.
  • Dabney is Kim’s contact when she needs Aidan’s lesser dealings cleaned up. He’s paid for the work (billed as private security)
  • Through some of his less than savory associations, Dabney became aware of the supernatural underbelly of London.

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  • Dabney doesn't "work" for Kim solely for the paycheck. She's also blackmailing him: he’s a philanderer, he likes high school girls and prostitutes, and he had his former partner killed.
  • Dabney considers being on Aidan’s retainer to be something of his own personal protection — as long as Kim (and by default Aidan) need him, he’s safe.

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