Celeste Benoit
Celeste Benoit
Portrayed by Lenora Crichlow
Full Name Celeste Benoit
Class Vampire
Birthday TBD
Age 30 (179)
Height 5' 9"
Build Tall, curvy
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions Vampire Faction
Occupation Author, Business Owner

Claim to Fame

Prize winning historical romance author and majority owner of Formal Affairs, an escort service in Miami Beach, FL.


  • Born one of the gens de couleur libre1 in Louisiana. Her mother was the owner and proprietor of Maison du Soleil, a boarding house and hotel2 patronized by the business owners of New Orleans and the plantation owners when visiting the city.
  • Telepathy, empathy and sight ran in her family. Her mother was a strong empath, but Celeste's Talent in that area was always weak to mild.
  • Maison du Soleil also catered to the supernatural beings of the city, with the understanding that the House was a neutral arena3
  • Celeste grew up in Maison du Soleil and understood at an early age the “services” the House provided; she also learned at a very young age about the supernatural world.
  • When her mother died of consumption, Celeste inherited Sunrise House and her mother’s legacy
  • Lacking her mother's (or aunt or grandmother's) depth of Talent, Celeste ran the house, maintained the business and upheld her mother’s standards due to her intelligence, her instincts and her skill at manipulation and blackmail
  • She met Aidan4 and he was impressed with her tenacity, stubbornness and devious manipulation of plantation owners and business men alike. Due to the longstanding arrangement with Vampires and other supernatural beings, Celeste did not fear calling him on what he was.
  • Aidan struck a bargain with Celeste - he needed a cover and a place to stay while in New Orleans, and she had the means of seeing that he was undisturbed during the day. Because she didn’t engage in the “extra-curricular activities” that her girls did, Aidan offered himself as her patron; Celeste accepted because war was brewing and Aidan’s presence would offer a measure of protection should it come to it.
  • In the midst of the Civil War, a war broke out among the Vampires and Were-creatures of New Orleans. Tipped off that a Vampire was in residence, Maison du Soleil was stormed by a frenzied, scared mob. Celeste got her girls and family away safely, but refused to give up Aidan. She was dragged away for “justice” to be meted out.5
  • When night came, Aidan found her, but she was dying and begged him to turn her. He healed her, and they fled New Orleans because it was currently too volatile. Within the month she would again ask Aidan to turn her, and he obliged.
  • They traveled to the frontier of the American West, and later to Canada and then Europe.
  • Celeste returned to the States after more than twenty years of traveling with Aidan; having kept in contact with her cousins — who were still well aware of the supernatural world — she was able to re-establish herself in the French Quarter, on-and-off for a decade or two here and there.
  • After Hurricane Katrina, she relocated to Miami Beach
  • Celeste writes historical romances under the pen name, and her current alias, of Celia Collins.


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Image Name Race Relation Notes
aidanboyle08.jpg Aidan Boyle Vampire Patron Aidan is Celeste's maker and she feels a strong bond of loyalty and affection toward him. He rescued her from death and taught her how to survive as a Vampire. Celeste trusts Aidan and is smugly secure in the knowledge that he trusts her more than any other Vampire.
ds01.jpg Corrie Kavanaugh Witch Friend To all outward appearances, Celeste befriended the witch while visiting London, and is quite fond of her. Beneath the surface, however, Celeste has her fairly deeply glamored.


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Additional Stuff

  • Celeste had one son, the product of an ill-fated affair with the son of a local shop owner when she was twenty.
  • Celeste’s descendants, through her son, Louis, are “indoctrinated” into acceptance of Celeste’s place in their family.
  • Her great-great-great granddaughter, Diana is her agent and publicist.

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