K. V. Alexander
K. V. Alexander
Portrayed by Ian McKellen
Full Name Kevin Vasit Alexander
Class Psychic
Birthday May 25th
Age Early/mid 60s.
Height 5'11"
Build Mid-weight
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Factions The Foundation
Occupation Businessman/Investor

Claim to Fame

Founder of the D. L. Alexander Foundation and several other highly successful organizations.


  • Lost his twin sister when he was in his early 20's;
  • Worked tirelessly in the years following to champion those suffering from 'mental illness'.

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el01.jpg Jacintha Westlake Psychic Personal Assitant Jacintha is one of the "success stories" of the Alexander Foundation — a true product of its programming and development. She now serves as Alexander's right-hand woman, one he would be loathe to do without…


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Special Delivery
“There be none of beauty's daughters with a magic like thee.”

I slip the card into the pocket of my blazer — that doesn't need to be seen by prying eyes — pick the flowers up, and move them to the credenza against the inner wall. I'll grant the Vampire one thing: The flowers are lovely. Still, I can't help but wonder, does he know orchids are my favourite flowers or was it simply a lucky guess because he didn't want to send roses? So laden with meaning flowers are… but hardly anyone pays attention to that, any more…
(jacintha's blog: 20110221-1 | tags: alexander-npc jacintha | posted: 03 Mar 2011 04:11)

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