Running out of window dressing...

by Mayhem
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I'm running out of window dressing. You know, all those nifty little bits and pieces you can hang around the site that make it seem robust and interactive — things like the new Twitter window under the PingBox in the left sidebar and stuff like that.

I've even gone through and created all the major pages I'll eventually need to add information to… Yeah. That's where it's at: It's now time to begin the major information dump portion of the site's development. Oh, joy; oh, bliss.

It's not that it's hard — it's not, particularly. It's that it's time-consuming. Writing the content for a single page can take anywhere between a day to three days, depending on how extensive I need to be and how many times I'm interrupted. And I'm talking full days, here, not the interrupted few hours after work. Imagine you're actually a pro writer and can sit down to write 8-10 hours a day. That's the sort of time-commitment I'm talking about, here.

Not, mind, that I can actually afford to spend all that time in one sitting any more than anyone else can. There are other things I need and want to do, too.

So, while it's theoretically possible for this site to be mostly finished by the end of February… I'm thinking the end of March is more likely. And that depends significantly on what new work comes my way between now and then.

Ah well. It does continue. And, I like what's here. I've gotten good comments on it, too. So, I think I'm on the right track.

But, all the major templates are in place, now: Characters, Adoptables, NPCs. Pages are created for the full descriptions of each race and class, even if they're not written, yet. Pages are also created for backgrounder pieces on interracial disputes and the like… again, even though the articles aren't written.

Y'know, it seems to me, that by the time I'm done here… I can almost legitimately claim to have written a book. That's kinda nifty.

I'm pondering the idea of a line of game-related swag, however, put up on a Zazzle or Cafe Press type site. Haven't decided for sure, though. (It sure would be another bit of window dressing, though, wouldn't it. ;) ) But, I'll leave it for now.

The next step really is to start writing those class articles… It's not like I haven't already answered enough questions from people about them to simply compile all my answers into a rough draft and edit.

So, you know… not so bad. :)


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