A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Playing White Knight

Finsbury Park


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Sean Emily Will Zoe

Not a pretty picture to ‘come to’ and see…

Sprawled out against a wall, partially hidden in shadow, Emily slowly comes to awareness, the pain thrumming throughout her body. She hurts all around with bumps and bruises beginning to take on their characteristic black and blue mottling; nothing in one particular spot. Fighting the fog that lays in her mind, it takes her a couple more long moments to realize..

“Dr. Watson..”

On the opposite side of the thin alley between flats, Dr. Sean Watson lies slumped. He’s bloodied, and not moving. At all. His clothes are rumbled, torn in places that would suggest a fight, as would the marks upon his body. Hands are torn, face.. he’d put up a fight, but came out on the losing end.

“Oh my god..” is rasped as she first tries to stand, and in failing that, crawls the couple of yards to get to him. “Dr. Watson..” Shaking him gets no response, and her urgings for him to wake up get more insistent. “Wake up.. Sean.. wake up..” Perhaps the familiar? “Please…”

Tears come unbidden from both pain and fear, and she ceases her attempts for a moment, another thought coming to her from the mists of her mind. Her phone. Does she have..

Checking her pockets, no.. nothing— her purse! Does she have.. no..

It’s back to Sean, now, and Emily begins to rifle through his pockets. He’s not moving.. and she gains a phone.

Fingers fumble over the numbers until a dispassionate “Emergency Services” answers her call. “I.. I need help. My friend.. he’s hurt badly..”

“Is he breathing?”

“I’m not sure.. please.. send help!”

“Where are you?”

“I don’t know.. Finsbury Park.. I think..”

“We’ll get a fix on your call. Don’t move..”

“I can’t.. won’t.. Promise.”

“They’re on their way..”

There isn’t much more that she can do there, so the call is closed. Next.. she should call.. she really should— but she can’t bring herself to. Resting near the stricken necromancer, Emily cries… she hurts, afraid.. and has absolutely no idea what had just happened to them.

It’s a quiet night. That means that while Will is engaging in a new game on his Nintendo DSi, his feet propped up on the dash, his partner, Jace, is trying desperately to get the telephone number of shoppe girl at the cash box. His unimpressive cajoling has had Will look up more than once with a grimace - or a laugh - before his attention returns to the more pressing matters of his handheld game console.

“There’s a reason that you consistently don’t have a date, mate,” Will mutters as the shoppe girl defers with a laugh yet again.

That’s when the radio band blares to life. It’s not random, and they’re in the right general area. Suddenly, it’s business as usual. The game console is snapped shut instantly, and Will is on the alert. Leaning out of the window he calls, “Jace! We got a call!”

There’s a bit of back and forth over the radio with Will talking to the dispatcher while Jace hops into the driver’s seat. Then they’re en route for whatever disaster is waiting at the end point destination, sirens wailing thorugh London’s streets.

“What’d’we got?” Jace asks.

“Not sure. Vic down, badly hurt, possibly not breathing.” The two men exchange glances. That isn’t the sort of call they like to take. Not breathing means the possibility of brain damage especially when you add in the time it toook to place the call and get it dispatched.

“Bloody hell,” Jace grumbles. “Who called it in?”

“Nothing there either. Companion. Good samaritan?” Will gives a nonchalant shrug that is anything but nonchalant. “What’s our ETA?”

“Two minutes.”

Will levels a look at Jace that clearly says, ‘Not good enough.’

Jace nods and the ambulance picks up speed.

Emily is shaking in the warm, humid London air. She’s close to simply shifting and running far, far away from the alley, but she can’t leave Dr. Watson. While it would aid in her own healing, that’s not her first thought. Tears stream down her face as she begins a running commentary.

“They’re coming Sean.. I just called with your phone, and they’re on their way. Promise..” As she goes along, she tries to make him comfortable, but there simply is no reaction from the man. She ignores that, which is probably the shock ‘talking’, and continues her chatter.

“I didn’t call anyone else yet, just in case you didn’t want me to. I’ve got the numbers with me, and I’ll call Alex and Charlie just as soon as the ambulance gets here. They’ll probably get to the hospital first, knowing them.” No matter that she calls Charlie “Mr. Mesner” usually. These are dire circumstances, however.

“You’ll be okay.. I can hear the sirens.. and they know where we are.”

The ambulance literally jerks to a halt near the spot where the call has been pinpointed. Before it even stops, Will is half-way out the back door, a med kit in one hand. Once on the ground, the kit is tossed onto the gurney, and then Jace is with him, lowering the gurney to the ground, the pair moving in harmony.

Will looks one way and Jace looks to the other, and then -

“There!” Will leads the way into the alley, and that’s when things shut down and everything becomes clinical and analytical. Female, mid-to-late twenties, possibly uninjured, possibly in shock. Victim number two is a white male -

There’s no time to talk to the woman. Will is at the man’s side before his eyes finish registering all the details. “Jace!” This one is going to take both of them.

The man is unconscious, but alive and breathing. That’s a plus … everything else they’ll have to play by ear. There’s a lot of blood, and Will begins a quick but through pass over the body trying to find the source of the bleeding.

“What happened?” Will calls over his shoulder to the man’s companion. “What happened to your friend, what’s his name?” Despite the urgency of the moment, when he speaks to her, his voice is calmly soothing. It helps to calm people down, get them to focus and give over the helpful information that they’ll actually need to save a life.

In the next moment, Emily is looking up at the sound of the ambulance, and directing her attention back down, her words continue, her voice on that razor sharp edge of hysteria. She’s not a field operative. She doesn’t know what to do.. she’s a lab rat, and that’s where she told Alex she’d stay!

“They’re here, Sean.. they just pulled up.. you’ll be okay..”

Looking up as the EMTs pile out of the ambulance, Emily doesn’t move. She can’t.. not really. Frozen in place by shock, fear.. and a need to stay with the injured necromancer, she watches them approach.

“I.. I don’t know..” It sounds stupid, but vampires are fast. Extremely fast. “We were attacked— he was walking me home..” It doesn’t make sense to her, but that’s what she remembers, and it’s given as rote.. matter of fact with those tinges of verge of completely breaking down just underneath the words.

“He’s.. Sean.. Dr. Sean Watson.. he was walking me home.. and we were attacked.” Mugged? Emily looks around for her purse again and doesn’t see it, though at the moment her vision is more tunnel-vision.. “Mugged?” Does that sound right?

Sean Watson.

“Sean, can you hear me?” Will turns his attention to the man, still searching for a source of blood injury. He finds it finally at the man’s throat. It looks like … an animal bit him.

Will blinks. The last he knew animals didn’t go on mugging sprees.

“What kind of sick son of -” Jace begins, but then stops at a quick glance at the woman.

“Shock,” Will whispers, but he knows he doesn’t need to tell Jace that. Will’s already staunching the bloody wound, but turns the task over to Jace with a nod. Sean’s shirt is ripped open and a more through investigation begins. Stethoscope is in the ears, and Will alternately listens and presses his way around the torso which is beginning to turn a sickly yellow in spots.

“Sean?” Will calls every few moments. “Can you hear me?” A beat and a nod to Jace, “Check pupils for reactionary.”

Jace nods, slapping pressure gauze on the throat wound. It might - or might not - be enough to hold. “Ma’am, are you hurt? Were you attacked?”

Part of the training. Keep them calm and talking, and stop her from going into further shock.

There’s no response from Sean; he’s unconscious, his breathing shallow.. and to hear it, one lung.. gurgles, and the other is silent. It’s probably a god-send that the man isn’t conscious; he’d be struggling to breathe, fighting to fill lungs that simply can’t be fully filled at the moment.

Emily stays by Sean’s side, the desire to simply vanish in a puff of silver fur waning, but it still remains. How could she face anyone if she did that?

She’s in a fog, hearing but not really listening to the words that pass by her. In a world all her own, it takes a few long moments to catch that someone is actually addressing her.. as ‘ma’am’? It seems.. absurd.. and it couldn’t possibly be her? Could it?

“Me?” Emily blinks her eyes in an attempt to focus them, but the paramedic is simply a blur at the end of a tunnel. Shivering in the night air, her nerves are shooting in all directions, causing her to shake. “I’m.. he needs the help. I.. I don’t think I’m hurt.” She has bumps, bruises, scrapes..

“Sean..” Another thought hits her, the train that had been derailed from earlier. “I’m going to call Charlie and Alex.. and I’ll call Zoe.. only if you want me to..” He should answer that if he’s even the vaguest amount of conscious.. right? “Sean?”

“Is he going to be okay?” The wide-eyed look is brought back to Jace, her expression.. miserable. Hurt.

The training has kicked in fully for Will. Symptoms, signs, the body of the injured telling him what it needs to know. For all that he’s usually nothing more than a wannabe manwhore, Jace is a good EMT and Will knows that his partner can handle the woman and the peripherals. Will is in his head, in his own place, the words and information feeding in around him nothing more than the background. His brain parses a word here, a phrase there, looking for hte important information.

… Zoe … Sean …

Connection made and it temporarily derails Will. He blinks, can’t afford to concentrate on those things when his focus needs to be the patient. He shuts it down, forces it out, the connection just hovering there over his shoulder for when he needs it.

“We’re going to do everything we can to help him,” Jace tells Emily. Standard, again. Don’t make promises that you might not be able to keep.

“I don’t have any breath signs on the left, gurgling on the right,” Will says as he listens to Sean’s chest. One lung collapsed, one punctured, the man might drown in his own blood. Words are exchanged, rapid fire medical phrases and terminology, Jace reports that the pupils are reactionary. Sean’s body trembles and quakes, chest working to expel the bloody fluid filling it.

“Get the defib just in case,” Will tellls Jace.

With his partner stepping back, Will focuses on Sean. “Sean. You’re going to be fine. You’re not dying on my watch. I’m going to hold you together until we get you to the hospital.”

Another spasm racks Sean’s body, and Will makes the split second decision. Pantomiming feeling the rib cage, scapel in hand to make the puncture and clear the blood, Will presses his other hand to the man’s other side. He senses and feels…digging with his physical awareness, finding the source of the injury. Will can feel it, he can see it in his mind, that rip in the lung.

He can heal it … tissue knitting back together, rib bone weaving back into place.

It’s quick, it’s sloppy, but it will hold …

Sean’s body gives another jerk, coughing spasm and draws a shallow breath.

“Breath sounds on the left,” Will calls back to Jace, blinking to clear his head. The shirt is cut away; he’ll still have to release the blood pooling on the right lung.

“Sean!..” The assurances don’t mean much to Emily when they both get back to work on the necromancer. She works her way back to his side, not really aware whether or not she’s in the way.

The scalpel scares her; his breathing, or lack thereof compounding sends a sickening thought through her head and she can’t get it out. //He’s dying.. //

A hand rises to her mouth to keep the bile from spilling forth as she watches him spasm involuntarily, and turns her head away. He was making sure nothing happened to me on my way home from work! Not content to simply walk her to the tube station, for whatever reason (that only he.. and Alex knows) he insisted upon the full path.

Sean’s coughing spasm and gasp for air, however little he may take, begins to send him on a spiral to try and get more air.. and there’s a glimmer of consciousness taking form. With that, however, comes the reflex of panic when lungs don’t fill completely, when pain in the drawing sends daggers.. and blood pressure reeling once more.. and unconsciousness looms.

It’s a cycle, and when he loses consciousness once more, the muscles turn limp.. and the breathing comes shallowly..

The cut and puncture is made, swift and quick, a tube inserted to allow the blood to drain. While Will does that, Jace slaps an oxygen mask on the prone man. The two EMTs work in perfect tandem, a machine in harmony, anticipating what the other will do and the avenue the other will take.

“I thought you didn’t have breath sounds,” Jace is checking again while Will double checks the drainage line before they heft the professor onto the waiting cot.

“Misheard,” Will says simply. “That’s why I wish that sethoscopes were noise cancelling.” He changes position and gives Jace a nod, his gaze flickering over his partner’s shoulder at the young woman. “Call it in that we’re coming in.” His attention turns to the wound on the neck, and with Jace distracted, Will feels beneath the nearly soaked bandage. Watson is still losing blood and that’s no good.

“What’s your name?” Jace’s words carry to Will’s ears as he speaks to Watson’s companion.

So much easier to breathe, not that the unconscious form of Dr Watson takes note. It simply happens. The shallow settles into something of a more ‘natural’ rhythm, even if it is still shallow by all counts. The blood in the drainage line trickles out; the hole in his chest cavity in just the right place.

Sean looks horrible, and Emily is still shaking, wide-eyes watching all that is being done to her escort.. perhaps to be able to recount the story later? Chances are better, however, that she won’t remember much of this.

At the question, Emily moves out of the way so they can lift Sean into a gurney and get him ready to transport. For a moment, she’s lost.. she just stands there.. before taking a step so she can lean against a wall. “Emily.. Bennett. He’s my friend.. uh.. co-worker.. sort-of.. more friends with a friend of mine.. and more of a co-worker.. but..” she’s ready to start babbling, the words streaming from her mouth. “..He was walking me home to make s-s-sure I got home okay..”

Emily doesn’t dare ask if Sean’s going to be okay. She doesn’t want to hear the answer.. at all.

“Is there anyone you need to call, Emily?” Jace’s voice is soft and soothing. While Will takes advantage of the distraction to focus on the neck wound - //bite, Will, bite call a spade a spade //- his hand pressed over the bandage.

Blue eyes flutter close for a moment as he concentrates, his awareness digging to the layers of muscle and sinew, to the severed blood vessels beneath. It only takes a few moments to heal enough to slow the flow of blood, but those few moments …

Will’s eyes snap open and he draws a quick intake of breath. One hand steadies himself against the gurney as he blinks to focus again. Shaking his head to clear it, he calls out softly. “Emily, you should probably ride with Sean, yeah? If he wakes up, he’ll see a familiar friendly face.”

With Zoe’s //boyfriend // - and what the bloody kind of coincidence is that, his cousin’s boyfriend having his throat ripped open by a … nope, his mind still won’t accept that, not yet. He’s stable and that’s what counts.

Emily riding along also gives Will the chance to check her out now that Sean is stable.

Sean is resting a little easier now, though the warmth, the prickling.. the mending of muscle, and vessel brought his eyes open wide, the blue orbs unfocused, unseeing.. but sensing something is going on. He twitches, though he can’t move; arms are like lead with too much blood loss. The breathing is a little easier with the pressure released, even if it isn’t pretty.

Emily still has Sean’s cellphone on her, in hand.. and she looks at it blankly, not truly comprehending that it is what it is at the question. Slowly, she nods, “Alex.. Mr. Mesner.. and Zoe.. they’re all here.” She holds up the phone in hand now, and shakes her head soon after, “He’s not married.. no parents here..”

She probably should call.. but what could she say? At least she didn’t leave him?

Her gaze moves towards Will at his suggestion, and she bobs her head in comprehension. What’s more than him waking up to see a familiar face is him waking up to find out that his ‘charge’ is still alive and well. Well enough, anyway.. and that whatever he’d done, whatever had happened, she was still safe. Dr. Sean Watson— White Knight.

“I should..” She puts her hand out on the building’s wall again to make sure she doesn’t fall over, and looks ready to follow Sean when they’re ready to put him into the ambulance. Handing the phone over, and it doesn’t matter to her which gets the phone, she repeats, “Alex.. Charlie.. and Zoe.” In that order?

Zoe? Not bleeding likely … but Will doesn’t tell Emily that. Besides, chances are his cousin won’t ream out and third degree a co-worker of Sean’s as much as she would go into a blind panic over the telephone with Will.

Or send Mariah to spy.

Which might be bad … didn’t Zo mention something about Sean sensing ghosts … the last thing he needs is his long dead cousin causing his patient to go into arrest.

“Why don’t you start calling and we’ll get Sean into the ambulance?” Will suggests gently. “He’s stable right now. He’s lost blood, and he needs more medical attention, but he’s stable.” It’s that whole not giving false hope thing again.

With that, Will nods to Jace and the gurney is tugged and pushed along the ambulance and hoisted inside where they can secure it. The paramedics alternate turns peeking out to check on Emily and keeping one ear on her conversation.

“What do you think?” Jace asks in a low voice. “The woman? Shock?”

“Yeah, shock,” Will agrees. “I’ll check her for a concussion and other injuries too, but I think Sean here got the worse of it.”

The last thing Sean needs is the presence of a ghost that would be hostile to his ‘being’. Any who approach the necromancer either have a positive outlook or a very negative.. there’s no ambivalence to the potential of being tossed into a body that may or may not be theirs. And the presence of someone from ‘the other side’ may not be all that.. comforting.

Not in his current state, anyway.

With Sean stabilized, as best as possible anyway, and loaded onto the back of the ambulance, Emily climbs in the back with him and settles in. She’s still pale, has the look of someone that really has very little comprehension of the last few moments— but still.. she has possession of the cell phone and with the air of someone who isn’t all that certain she can make those calls, begins.

“Alex.. this is Emily..” The muffled sounds come from the other side, immediately concerned, suspicious, wary.. (It must be in the first words..) “It’s Sean.. we’re headed to the hospital— no, I don’t know.. I don’t remember.. but he’s hurt.” Badly. “Charing Cross, I think.” Trauma center. Does she even have to ask her to tell Charlie? “I have to go.. I need to call Zoe… right.. I know.. Cheers..”

As the connection is broken, Emily looks back at the pale Sean on the gurney; his eyes are closed, and there is still so much blood.. on his clothes, his face, neck, but at least he’s breathing. This next phone call, actually, will be a great deal harder than Alex’s. She’s never really met Zoe, but has only heard references to her; Sean likes her a great deal and has actually heard him talk about her.. in those nonacademic, unguarded moments. (Don’t want to ruin a good thing? Sean can be a little odd at times!)

Emily looks through Sean’s contacts, and thankfully the phone list goes by first name, and Zoe (the only one on the list!) comes up. Taking a deep breath, Emily makes the call, pressing the little green icon on the screen.

“Hello.. please.. this is Sean’s co-worker Emily.. Emily Bennett..” Emily wants to forge ahead, just in case she simply can’t find that she can’t go on after being stopped. “Sean’s been hurt, badly.. and we’re on our way to Char—”

“Charing Cross,” Emily finishes.

“Who … who is this?” The voice on the other end is confused, guarded.

“Emily..” she has to take this slowly now in order to get everything out and understandable. “Sean’s been hurt.. and we’re on our way to hospital..” Focus, focus..

//“Oh my God. What - what happened? What hospital?” //

“Charing Cross..” Emily can’t really answer the other question as to what happened; things are really cloudy on that score. “We’re on our way there now.”

“How bad is it?” There’s a faint edge of panic to the woman’s voice.

Will has been paying attention. Now that Sean is strapped in and hooked up to the various monitors - blood pressure, respiration, heart rate, pulse ox - and is holding stable. It’s time to turn his attention to Emily, he’s already swapping out for a clean pair of gloves and gathering the basics in hand while Jace hits the siren and gets the vehicle moving.

He hears part of her conversation - all of it, truly - as he makes his way over to her, and he has to take pity on the younger woman. It’s not standard protocol, but he’s not sure there is a protocol for having your favorite cousin’s boyfriend in the back of your ambulance.

A slow hand reaches for the telephone - he’ll have to change gloves again - cautiously so as not to spook Emily. “Might I do that for you?”

Emily can hear the panic rise, and it’s hard to keep her own head about it. She opens her mouth to answer, and closes it again.. and opens.. “I don’t—”

Will to the rescue, as it were. She looks at him, and she still has that lost look to her. That stunned, disbelieving expression of one that has just experienced something.. and isn’t entirely able to process it all.

“Um..” She drops her eyes towards Sean, then to the phone were she knows Zoe is waiting for an answer, some information, and then without word, hands the phone over to his outstretched hand. “It’s his girlfriend, Zoe..”

Will takes the phone and brings it to his ear. A deep breath and he can hear his cousin on the other line. She’s partly panicked, partly in what he thinks of as her academic-research mode. There’s the rapid fire shooting off of questions without waiting for an answer.

“Zo.” Simple. Her name, nothing else. Waits for her to process it, to attach some sort of familiarity to the voice saying it. “Zo, it’s Will. I got this one.”

The rapid fire babble stops, and there’s nothing but silence. He’d almost think she wasn’t there if he couldn’t hear her breathing.

“Will?” Confusion again, but calmer.

“Jace and I got the call. He’s stable and we’re en route. Can you take a cab to the hospital?” Because there’s no way she’s going to be in any condition to drive.

Beat. “Also, don’t send Mariah. That might be a bit much for him right now, yeah?” Beat. “Deep breath and tell me that you’re clear. I’ve got to check out Emily and get back to Sean.”

The breath comes, slow, shuddering. “Charing Cross. I’ll take a cab. Will you be there?”

“If I don’t get called out again.” It’s the best Will can give her. “Hanging up now.”

It’s a quick disconnect before Zoe can work herself up again. She knows that Will is here though, so maybe that will calm her.

The phone is handed back to Emily with a smile of explanation as he peels off his gloves. “She’s family.” Beat. “Small world, innit?”

Emily follows the conversation somewhat, though more of her attention is on Sean at the moment. Reaching out to touch him, to make some sort of contact, the little shifter offers a shuddered sigh. “All done. And we’re almost there.. the docs’ll have you fixed up in no time.” Thankfully, even if Emily has absolutely no idea, there aren’t any physiological differences between himself and normal people. Necromancy has no physical attributes, unlike the little shifter that runs a slightly elevated body temperature and heart rate.

When Will signs off and hands the phone back, it takes her a full moment to process the information. “You’re her brother?” That’s all she translate ‘family’ to for the moment. Still, it’s not as if she knows Zoe— because she’s never met the woman. Just.. heard about her. Emily took the tack of ‘If I were dating someone, I’d want to know!’, and thus, she took the extra effort— well, Will ended up doing so.

She nods, a glance towards Sean first, then back to Will, a tight-lipped, sad smile coming, “It is.” She’s trying, at least!

Sean’s eyelids flutter briefly, a low groan coming from the man. An attempt at a deeper breath is taken, and his body shudders. His hands are strapped down to the gurney, under the belts that hold his body on, and lacking any distinct coordination that would allow him to pull them out, struggles briefly against them.. only to fail.. and he’s out.. once again.

Emily takes a deep breath and puts her hand on his moving arm at the same time, her voice a scared whisper, “Sean.. don’t move.. please..” She has no idea how medically bad off he is, other than the reports that he’s ‘stable’, but.. it can’t be good with all that blood. “Don’t—” Before she can finish the statement, he’s quiet once more..

“Cousin,” Will says and then his attention is on Sean. No drugs, unless absolutely necessary, not until the docs have checked him over. It means that the man has to suffer through his pain, but fortunately the unconsciousness should help with that.

Yes, it might seem odd that Will would be that well acquainted with his cousin’s personal life, but the Jones family isn’t exactly normal.

Will can’t afford to put Sean out either, so it’s just a matter of checking his vitals again while snapping on new gloves. He squat walks his way to Emily and gently encourages her to move away from the gurney. “The monitors will let us know if anything is wrong, I promise you. I need to check you out, though. Make sure that all the vital bits are working as they should.”

He has out the pen light and brings it up to her eyes, “Can you look at my finger?” The single digit held up right near the center of his forehead.

Sean would certainly ask for something, if he could, that would even remotely take some of the pain away. He’s not proud, that way.. but thankfully, the relief that comes with unconsciousness is more than enough for the moment. He is stable, there’s no motion from the man other than the hint of his chest rising and falling. The chest-tube has taken a great deal of pressure away in the form of blood, so it’s less shallow than it had been.

“Cousin?” Emily doesn’t know half of what Will probably knows of the relationship between the pair; all she knows is that there is the occasional departure from the offices earlier than is his wont, when compared to the last couple of years that she’s known him. And, she never misses a good opportunity for gossip when it strikes.

Emily looks up from her co-worker and friend (though his role always seems to be advisor and mentor more than ‘bud’), and focuses her gaze on Will.. and nods first, “Nothing like this has ever happened..” At least not to her?

Her eyes follow where Will points, dutifully.. now that she’s had a chance to breathe. She nods again and settles back a little. She’s scraped up, dirtied up, has bruises forming.. but otherwise looks unharmed. “Let me guess.. I have to keep my head straight?”

“Straight helps,” Will says, moving his finger to the left, “Follow my finger, please.” It’s a simple test, can she move her eyes without moving her head? Is there pain? Is there focus?

“Do you remember what happened?” Is the next question. “Anything at all?” The constables will have the same question, and more, but it’s another test of awareness and brain functionality.

“ETA three minutes,” Jace says from the driver’s seat.

The monitors on Watson stay steady.

Follow the finger while keeping her head straight.. and she tracks his finger movement. “I hope you don’t ask me to recite the alphabet backwards. I can only do that after a couple of drinks.” It’s a bad joke.. but one all the same.

Once she completes that, she shakes her head and slouches, thinking about the question. She smiles wanly, with little humour. “I don’t. Everything happened too fast. They.. got my handbag, I think..” She doesn’t have it now, and she had to use Sean’s cell. “Not that there was much in it.” But Sean.. “He tried to stop it.”

Three minutes? It seems like forever.

“Can I stay with him? Even..” Even if she’s not family, next of kin..?

“Sounds like he’s a good bloke then, yeah?” Will comments. He lowers his hand, satisfied with her reactions and gives a glance back toward Sean. “I promise you, Emily, where we’re going, they’re going to do everything to help Sean.”

It’s the best he can give her.

Returning to the professor’s side, Will goes through the checks again. He waits until every vital has been noted and recorded before looking back to Emily. “Normally, they only allow family, but I won’t tell them you’re really not his sister, if you won’t.”

It’s always good to have a familiar, friendly face when a patient wakes up.

“But only until the doctors come to check him out. I’d really like it if you’d get checked out too, when that happens, all right?”

“He’s a really good guy, yeah..” Emily agrees; even if he’s not quite ‘her type’. Too old, for one thing, and a co-worker. She likes to play, he… not so much.

From the things she’s heard, Zoe is perfect for him.

Watching the ‘medic go back to attend the stricken necromancer, Emily whispers a few words of her own encouragement, really meant for her own assurances. “He’ll be fine.. Alex said he’s been in worse.. and they say he’s more difficult to kill than most.” Something that has to do with his soul and the attachment, but with all the off-hand explanations, she takes it more as red that it’s a fact of the universe— like most of basic physics.

“Hmm?” Her gaze focuses, blinking as she does, “Oh.. yes.. I will.” She smiles tightly, “As long as he’s done first.”

They’ll be there soon!

They arrive at the hospital pretty quickly after that, and then there’s the typical organized chaos. The ambulance is swarmed by the trauma team and while Will reads off Sean’s injuries and statistics, updating the doctors and nurses responsible for keeping Sean alive, poor Emily is gently shuffled to the side by Jace and one of the less than friendly nurses.

Will catches sight of her as he finishes his run down and securing Sean’s IV drip.

“Feena,” Will catches the wrist of the nearest trauma nurse, a woman with soft, friendly dark eyes and an olive complexion. His gaze flicks to Emily, “His sister’s worried.”

The dark eyes widen and then narrow at the words, and Will knows he’s gotten nothing over on the woman. Still she doesn’t call him on it. “Robinson won’t like it. You stay with her, keep her back, and get her out of there if things go south. If you get a call, she goes.”

Will nods, and as his charge is wheeled into the hospital, he jogs over to Emily’s side. A young student nurse is badgering her with questions, though Emily’s attention is likely more on Sean than the questions she’s being asked.

“I’ll handle that,” Will says to the nurse. The young girl looks up at him, and clearly is undecided whether or not to hand her Very Important Duty over to a Mere Paramedic. “She’s his sister and Robinson cleared for her to be in trauma. I’ll take down the questionnaire.”

Another moment, and then the metal clipboard is practically shoved at him, with the nurse walking away muttering about chain-of-command and being unappreciated.

He smiles easily at Emily, a calming smile, not an amused one, “We’ll let them get settled in with Sean, and then we’ll go find out what’s going on, yeah?”

The quiet before the storm is the moment that the ambulance backs into its spot before all hell breaks loose in the trauma section. It’s a deep breath, the single flutter of a heartbeat before the door is pulled open.. and the organized chaos begins.

Emily is suddenly lost in the wave, resurfacing only when she discovers that Sean is out of the ambulance and is on his way. She’s in a wheelchair, on the side, with Jace and someone who looks like they’ve seen too much bad come out of the back of an ambulance.

“Yes.. I don’t know.. no.. nothing.. I think..” Her attention, certainly, is on Sean and on the tumult. The young nurse isn’t getting much more than the single responses, and pulling back her head when she tries the flashlight test (thanks to her stellar answers), she pulls back when she sees Will.

Her eyes rise to her rescuer of the moment, and while doesn’t take pleasure of it, there is certainly relief written there. A quick nod is given in response, “Yes.. and everyone should be here soon.” Those she called, while not family, are now the closest thing he has.. at least locally.

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