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Sean Ronnie

The day after the phone call is as busy as Dr. Sean Watson expected. Holed up in his flat, phones on silence, the day is spent pouring over books.. hierotic, hierglyphic resources close by in order to translate the script to the pictograph and down to something more understandable to ordinary man. Except for those parts that are meant to remain in their original language. (One of the beautiful things about archaeology— primary sources!)

Sean's flat is on the south bank side of the Thames in a section of the city meant for residential living. There are single family homes, duplexes, and of course, row-houses. It is one of those that the necromancer owns.. the outside non-descript in an 'apartment complex' sort of way. His stoop looks very much like everyone elses'.

On the inside, the size of the flat has beend described in many different ways— modest, cozy, charming, or 'how the hell do you live like this?'. The last, of course, is the common exclamation of his best friend. Regardless, it has all the amenities; kitchen, living room, and an upstairs master bedroom and spare, and a full bathroom. Nothing fancy, unless the decor is taken into consideration…

The kitchen looks like most kitchens; a couple of counters, only one cleared with any space to prepare a meal— or open a TV dinner. A small round table, two chairs. There is one oddity in the kitchen, however— a human-sized skull sits on the dividing counter between the kitchen and living room.

Into the living room is where the historian/archaeologist really comes out. Bookshelves line the walls, and where the wall space is irregular, shelves adorn the walls with bits of sherds from civilizations long past, and in some cases, lost to most memory. A couch, a loveseat are pushed into the centre of the room, with a coffee table before it. Upon the table, of course, more books, more magazines.. and it is among this controlled mess that Sean sits, a glass of ice water on a small side table half finished, and in hand, a notebook (his) that he's thumbing through— all written in hierotic. His lips move as he reads the text before him, his head rolling slightly upwards, brows creasing before a single one rises.. and he reads the passage again, this time, a little louder— just to catch it in his head.


Ronnie's found that there's a downside to being a ghost — boredom. You can only follow one person for so long without getting spoken to before you grow weary of remaining in their presence and just trying to get their attention.

It's not as though she totally expects everyone to be able to hear or see her, but she totally expects some people to. There's always Zoe, of course, but she can't harass Zoe all the time. That's just not a nice thing to do. Besides, there's always Hottie McCreepy Pants to harass.

Okay, so maybe not harass so much as just follow.

Except that he's been hard to find. She finally spotted him by the Uni and followed him home one night. Now she comes and goes as she pleases, but she's never actually wandered inside yet.

'cuz like, as hot as he is, there's that whole weird creepy vibe thing he's got going that kind've gives her the willies.

The last few days she's just been hanging around outside. Now she's taking the plunge (so to speak) and popping through the door.

Once inside she's just going to wander to the couch and sit beside him to see what he's reading.


It's not Sean that notices the entrance all at once; he's got a little bit of a lag time — particularly when concentrating on something.. that requires his complete attention in order to understand and potentially incorporate into his body of knowledge. So far, even with the going this slow, there hasn't been anything yet that is particularly new, though the paths in which the route to knowledge is taken is certainly different than his own.

It's the skull that chimes in first.

"Oi! Wha'cha doin' 'ere, luvvie?"

It's not necessarily because the skull commented that he looks up from his work, no.. but the timing is such that he does look up just after. Sean doesn't turn to look at the skull, his ever present roommate, though.. he looks around the room, his brows creasing, before he exhales in a sigh.. and calls out, "I know you.." He's felt her.. soul before — in his lap. Rather unforgettable moment, actually. "Just.. don't do that again, okay?"



Flipping backward off the arm of the couch, Ronnie peeks around. "Who said that?"

She's definitely looking every part the haunted individual, rather than the 'haunter'. "Dude, so not cool! Don't haunt me while I'm haunting!" Arms fold over her chest, and she pouts.

"It's totally cool. Hottie McCreepy Pants over there is reading, so I'm reading. No biggie." Pausing, she sticks her tongue out at the drifting voice.

"Don't do what again? It's not like I've ever done anything totally on purpose. Hey, have you seen my bunny?"


A dry.. chortle sounds from the direction of the centuries old skull. He's not a ghost, not in a technical term, but there is something of a presence that he makes. "Me? Wha? I'm no'hauntin' you.. yer the one comin' in an' visitin' us.." A pause, "'Sides.. I live 'ere.."

Sean remains where he is, but twists around to look at the skull on his room dividing counter. "It's okay.. I think. Met her once before." He tries to recall if he'd gotten a name for the ghost, but comes up blank. Shaking his head ever so slightly, he half-smiles, "Remind me to tell you the story."

"Riiiiiiiiiight.." the 'i' is drawn out. Then, "Bunny? W'at's y'wantin' wif a bunny? Y'can't eat nought."


Up Ronnie hops, skating over to the skull. She tries to give it a few tap-tap-taps, but realizes that it's corporeal, and she's… well… not.

"Okay, Mr. Haunter, I'm totally not haunting. I'm… uhm…" Twitching her nose a few times, she points at Sean. "… spying! Totally spying on the hot creepy death dude." Beat. "But not for my pal Zoe. I'd never spy on someone — okay, no. I'd totally spy if she asked, but she totally hasn't asked."

Zooming back to the couch, she pats Sean on the head.

"It's a ghost bunny." Beat. "I totally wound up in his lap." Beat. "Not the bunny's lap. His lap," she says patting Sean on the head once more. "He's got nice eyes. Don'cha think he's got nice eyes. I mean, he's waaaay old, but he's still cute."


Sean can follow the progress of the spectre, for the most part, through his flat. (He wouldn't be a very good necromancer if he couldn't!) He also can tell that there simply isn't a corporeal body anymore, so the rejoining would be pointless; a fruitless endeavor.

"Zoe.." The voice in the skull repeats the name dryly, and if lifeless eyes could fall upon the archaeologist, there they would be. "Y've got a bird, mate? Really? And y''aven't brung 'er 'round 'ere? Why's not?" Leave it to a centuries old soul not to really care about spying. At least not right now.

Sean knows something is going on, and feeling Ronnie's movement again, he just knows.. how? No idea.. but he just knows.. and offers in a deadpanned voice, "Don't do that.." Then.. "Bunny? She wants a bunny?" Ooooookay…?

"Nuffin' t'worry 'bout.. dat bunny. Ghost. Nuffin' that'll leaf anyfing in the place." So.. "She finks yer cute. Old, but cute."

Ooookay…? Sean's brows rise again and shifts on the couch, giving some room to the shade, should she want to sit.. properly. "What about Zoe?"


"Oops! I shouldn'a said anything about the coolest friend in the world." Ronnie covers her mouth, and then drops beside Sean on the couch again. "And don't do what? I'm not doin' anything!" Beat. "Well not anything bad."

Glancing around the flat, she notes the books. She goes to grab for one and then remembers that she can't actually interact with the living world. It causes another pout, a little huffle, then a, "Dude, chill about Zoe already. She's fine. I mean, she was fine a few days ago. I just didn't wanna bug her too much, 'cuz that'd totally suck. 'sides, she's got other wickedly cool dead things to deal with, so I'm giving her a vacation."

And coming here to bug Sean.

"Uh huh. I was gonna bring Mr. Fluffers with me but he ran away last night when I wouldn't come in. He's scared, I think." Beat. "'cuz you're totally the creepy death dude." Beat. "He is cute. How come you're in a skull. I mean, nifty talking to you and all but don't you think it's weird? Shouldn't you have a whole entire body? Or like, I don't know, not be rattling your teeth?"


".. and I'll tell you why she hasn't come by.. later," Sean's not about to begin explaining his more personal life; even to his skull.

"Hrmph.." If a fleshless head could sound insulted, that one sitting on the counter does. His attention goes back around to Ronnie, however, at the explanation, and inquires, "Define 'other wickedly cool dead things', could y'?"

Sean starts at that one; the last thing he wants is Zoe to get the notice of certain 'other wickedly cool dead things'. "Oh.. tell me not vampires." Please, dear lord, no..

The soul in the skull actually seems to sigh, even with no air running over its non-existant vocal chords to hiss out the sound. "I'm 'ere 'cause I wan'ter be." He sounds pleased.. and adamant, at the same time. "T'boy needs lookin' after, and I'm t'one t'do it. I was one of 'is first bindings, an', I must say, probably one of 'is best. T'others were just useless bits o'bones.. and fair gone, I says."


"Ew. No way, dude! But there's this other really awesome ghost chick that hangs around. Mary? Maria? Mariah! She's totally the bomb." Ronnie blinks at Sean and then pokes his shoulder. *pokepokepoke*

"Vampires? Man, I thought vamp-glam was like so totally over." Nose wrinkling again she adds, "Not that I'm dissing Bowie's totally wicked makeup, or his awesome tight leather pants, but punk is so the way to be."

Attention wanders back to the skull, and then she nods. Then blinks. Then she's flying off the couch (not literally) and toward the skull again. "Binding… what's that? I mean, I thought you were like totally just being in there to spook on him or something." Blink-blink-BLINK. "GAH! Keep him away from me! I don't wanna be stuck in a skull."


It's the cold that tips Sean off as to the movement and motion of the ghost, and to feel it on his arm, his shoulder, instinctively he waves his hand in the area, "Stop that." It's an almost petulant sound; he's remembering back to the park..

"Don't you have someone else to haunt?" Those words, if spoken by anyone else (but maybe Zoe), would sound crazy. "There are no bunnies here." He.. thinks.

"Righ'.. binding. S'what keeps me 'ere.. and ready and able to chat wif 'im. Couldn't do it wifout a skull, y'knows. S'only way. And, bein' 'ere, s'nice and safe. Sure, on occasion, 'e does ask if'n I wan'ter be off. 'O no,' I says.. 'city's not mine anymore.. even the old 'aunts t'ain't mine. I'm good', I says ter 'im." If a brain case could sound pleased, and proud, he does. "An' I've 'elped 'im wif lots.. even now, 'e knows yer 'ere, but not what'cha sayin'.. 'e needs me fer dat." Empty sockets seem to roll upwards, "Y'won't be. Not if'n y'doan wan'ter be. Though," a slyness slips in, "if'n he really wanted, nuffin' could stop 'im.." Just sayin'.. "All's 'e'd need was a body.. or a skull.. And 'e's got lots o'dem."



Ronnie is pressed against the wall glaring at Sean. "Don't you even think about putting me back in a body, Mister. I like myself just fine the way I am." Beat. "I don't haunt Zoe. She's my friend." As much as a ghost can have a friend, really. "She's the first person to talk to me in like forever, and she knows I'm not gonna ask'er for nothin'."


"Oh. You mean you? You probably like, totally mean you. I'm not haunting you. I'm spyin'."

Looking back at the skull she wrinkles her nose. "M'Ronnie. Who're you?"


Sean is only getting one side of the conversation, but he can feel the reaction of the ghost.. the soul as she moves away from him quickly, that feeling in the aether that this particular spectre is potentially not all that friendly, or at least open to binding, even if for only a little while.

"Ah.. had to fill her in?"

"'ad to, boyo..

"An' t'name is Tobias.. late of the Bell's. Been wi'Sean-lad 'ere for about 15 years." He pauses, "Pleasure, Ronnie.. but what wif' the lad's name? Ronald? Did yer parents wish fer a man-child?"

Still, the 'spying' thing gets put on a back plate, but at least there's something of a mention afterwards, "An' what'cha mean 'spyin'? Y'don't have none good intents, right? 'E's a good man, Sean is.. and spyin' won't get y'far."


"Toby. Wicked cool name. I knew a Toby once, he had dreamy eyes." Ronnie loses herself back a few years ago — well years for her — in her fifteen year old teen self.

"Oh, totally not. M'names really Veronica, but don't call me that." She 'blehs' at the name, sticking her tongue out. "I've been Ronnie for like, totally ever. Only my 'rents called me Veronica. Yick, yick, yick."

Shaking her head, she giggles. "No, dude. I just wanted to find out why he was like, totally creepy. M'not gonna hurt'em." Beat. "Unless he tries to gimme a bone." Beat. "Well I probably like totally couldn't hurt him. I can't touch stuff and the most I can do is pop through tables and yell BOO."


"D'ya ever get lonely, Toby? I mean, you're here by yourself a lot, aren't you? 'cuz Mr. Hottie McCreepy Pants spends sooooo much time at the uni. I know, I spend a lot of time there. Some people there have wickedly cool clothes, and I'd totally like to tell them that I knew the Ramones."




"Spying? On me?" Now, this is a bit more serious than Sean would have liked it to be. "Why—"

"Calm yerself.. she's just wantin' t'know why yer like'n t'way y'are. She found out. Leave 'er be..

"Veronica's a loverly name, miss. Yer mum and da were right t'call y'somefin like dat. Suits y'." The skull allows her to ramble, and once the question comes up, he refers back over to Sean once more. He'd nod if he could.. but no neck or shoulders…

"Sean.. Hottie McCreepy Pants?? .. Sean keeps 'is time righty right. 'E comes 'ome to chat wif me about da day's work.. if'n 'e 'ad problems.. so no. Not lonely a't'all. 'Sides.. there's more 'ere than just me.. I'm just t'most obvious."


"NOT FOR ZOE! She'd like, totally kill me if she knew I was here." Beat. "I mean, I'm already dead but she'd find a way to make me to go the swirly light place or wherever and I don't wanna. I like it here. It's not home, but London was always one'a my favorite cities."

Ronnie calms down when the skull says to leave her be and she nods twice in rapid succession. "Yep. Just wanted to find out why he's so creepy. But he better not gimme a bone. He's hot and all but…"

Slowly tiptoeing toward Sean she leans in and nods. "He's hot. He's creepy. He wears pants. It's totally like who he is. But I mean, I can like come to visit during the day sometime if you want. 'cuz I get lonely, and you're nice." Pause. "How old were you when you, y'know…" Beat. "That's probably totally rude of me. Not wicked cool at all. I mean, sorry."


Hotty McCreepy Pants? Again?

Sean sighs, rolling his head on the back of the couch. "Well, she knows now."

"An' apparently she likes y'.. fer whatever reason.." The skull doesn't get out much, so 20th, 21st century vernacular isn't his strong suit. But, he can get the idea easily enough. "Y'fancy 'im den? Why don't y'get yerself bound den? Don't hurt none.. and he does ask if'n y'want out after." Pause. "Assumin', o'course dat yer not an evil bit.. and lookin' fer ill."

Tobias also rarely gets visited by other spirits; who'd want to enter a necromancer's house? And once the soul is identified, they'd run the risk of being bound, whether they liked it or not. Kicking and screaming, as it were.

"Won't frow y'out, if'n y'visit.." There's another moment of silence before he chortles softly, "I was fully into m'manhood. 19.. an' I committed a grievous wrong.. and was hanged by Her Majesty's guards. Sean, there, found me at the docs.. much later." What that wrong was goes unsaid. "An' not rude. Rude is assumin' t'ings which ain't true, and wit'out askin.'"

"Y'should consider gettin' it done.. bindin' that is. Y'd be surprised how different i't'is.. and y'may even enjoy it."


"Nineteen? Really?" Ronnie smiles and points to herself. "Me too." Beat. "What'd you do? I totally was in an accident, pretty gruesome. I think my 'rents took me back to Canada, but I don't know. I know I was there, and then POOF, I wasn't. Zoe keeps telling me that it's not 1985, but I mean, it so totally has to be." Nodnodnod.

Okay, so sometimes Ronnie can be normal, and sometimes she slips. She's trying. It's hard to have your whole world crash down on you again once you realize that you're… well not alive and just being ignored.

"I promise I'll come visit, Toby, s'long as he doesn't try to stick me in something." Beat. "Don't you like, ever wanna get outta there? I mean, y'could have friends. Not that you can't have friends as you are just, y'know, you could sit and have an actual chat, and Mr. Fluffers could come visit too."


Sean looks at his skull and scowls in thought. He hasn't heard Tobias this chatty in a very long time, if ever. "Ah.. Tobias..?" Inviting random ghosts in isn't the best of ideas…

"Yes, Seano?"

"If you don't mind…?"

"Ah.. roight.." and it's back to Ronnie. "Well, Veronica, 'e won't.. not 'lessen you try sumthin'. Then, 'e can pull y'back from near anywhere. Once he gets an idea o'who y'are."

Tobias sounds amused, and if he had a body, he'd gesture back towards the necromancer. "'e's n't'so bad, once y'get used t'im. Smart like.. but nah.. ne'er get t'wanderin' itch. Done 'nuf o'that." The en-skulled voice pauses, then, "Who's Mr. Fluffers?"

Sean mouths in echo, "Mr Fluffers?"


"The creepy bunny that's like, been totally haunting me."

Ronnie glances at Sean, then wrinkles her nose. "Dude, are you like, sure he won't just randomly jab me into a bone just to be mean?" She wants to go prod at Sean again but he seems way too adverse to having her close to do that. Well that and she's honestly a little terrified of him.

"I was chasing him around when I landed in Hottie McCreepy Pantses lap." Pause. "He's got a wickedly awesome lap for an old guy."

Pausing for a long while she takes a tip-toed step on her roller skate toward Sean, then flies back to the wall.

"So uhm, can ya maybe totally ask him to not stuff me in a skull or whatever. I like wandering. London's a pretty wicked place."


"Well, 'e put me in 'ere after askin'.. 'e wanted t'know sumfin or other.. but it's possible 'e'd put one in sumfin if 'e felt 'e 'ad t'. 'e's not like that, just takin' 'apless ghosties and stickin' 'em in skulls just t'talk t'em.." Tobias has spent enough time with Sean to know how the necromancer 'operates', and for the most part, the ghost in the skull has a reasonably good handle on it all.

Sean looks around the general area before he shakes his head and wanders into the kitchen for something to eat before he gets back to work. "If she doesn't stop poking me, I'll put her in a femur and use her to poke at other people," is given off-handedly— a casual threat, and one he's not about to go through with.

"Awww, Seano.. and jus' when she sayed she liked yer lap.."

"My.." Sean sighs, the sound audible.. "Great.. when she's gone, we can have that chat.. okay?" Now he wants to know what she's saying. Before.. no matter..

"She was chasin' a ghostie bunny when she landed in yer lap.."

"Okay.." the word is drawn out..

"An' I can ask, certainly.." Back to Ronnie, "an' I'm sure that 'e'll not do aught y'don't wan'im to."


"Awww, Toby, you're the best! I bet'cha you had girls swoonin' all over you back in the day." Ronnie giggles a bit, skating around the room when Sean vacates. Really, she's going to ignore the comment about poking people with a femur because she'll tell Zoe he said that and maybe Zoe'll get him not to.


"Y'know, if he wants to know stuff, he should like, totally get a ghost spy."


"Nah.. was off at sea a'fore'n any lasses laid eyes on me." In port, the ladies of .. leisure, however, were a completely different matter! "Any 'at swooned fer me was a'cause of the coin.." Tobias is honest.. and a dry chuckle sounds. "So, sure.. plenty o'.. ladies.." Uh huh..

Sean glances back at his chattering skull and shakes his head slowly. Even the one side of the conversation holds some curiousity, but he'll be filled in later, he's sure.

"Oh.. an' Seano.. she's offerin' up a idea of ghost spies.."

"Is she offering?" He's got a place she could go.. if she's serious. "And I'd have to have some way to talk with her.. other than through you." Which means the potential is there for binding… "Unless I find someone else who can talk to her.. not Zoe, not you.. no offense."



Ronnie sticks her tongue out at Sean and thpppts it, then skates around him in a circle.

"Tell'em to hold a seance or whatever." Pause. "Why not Zoe? Zoe's wicked cool. She'd do it!"

Stilling for a few minutes she gives her head a shake as though clearing it. "Huh. So you were totally fond'a the brothel girls? Cool. I bet'cha I would'a swooned. Though I'd've looked damned ridiculous in one of those fluffy dresses. Pink is so passe."


"'e don't do seances.. not his fing.."

Sean begins to dig in a cupboard, the snack bags cracking. "No, I don't.."

"See?" Tobias pauses, "Zoe.. dere's dat name agin. Zoe. Seano.. tell me who she is.. or I'll ask Veronica."

At the threat, the necromancer shakes his head as he pulls out a bag of crisps and pulls on the top. "None of your business.. you'll meet her eventually."

"Y'wouldn't look too bad.. cute figger there.. the stays'd bring yer waist in.."

"Okay, don't want to hear this.. if you need me, I'll be in my room…" Flirting ghosts..


"I think they like each other, but they're like, too stupid-shy to say anything." Ronnie wrinkles her nose, then, well if ghosts could blush, she would.

"I think death does that to a girl. Y'know? I mean, makes you look good." Beat. "Dude, that totally sounded creepy weird. Awesome though."

Giggling, she glances over at Sean and thpphts again. "Chill Creepy Dead Dude! It's not like we're mackin'!" Skating toward him, she considers.

"Hey, Toby? If he did it… would he let me come and go as I wanted? Could he like, do that? I mean, y'know, if I was thinking about it… to… help Zoe or whatever…"

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