Brimstone and Treacle?

Autopsy, The Department

What the name implies. A small room allocated for autopsies. It can only hold one table, with the requisite scales, weights and measures to do the job properly, so is thus a little crowded. A desk and chair sit off in the corner, set there so another office isn't needed for paperwork.
It's a sterile place, no surprise. Almost as lifeless as the things brought in, and unless one of those bodies happens to be lingering around the area is kept spotless clean. Neat rows of vials and folders line the far walls, labels and papers in ordered rows. About the only thing that implies a human hand are the rows of folders, the paper slips printed with pictures of exotic landmarks instead of their usual dull yellow color.


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Wade Emily

Wade is in today, as opposed to his regular office. They look the same, this one is just a bit neater, and with fewer but more interesting bodies. Today's subject has been wheeled off to a corner of the room, a crooked looking lump of flesh with a canvas thrown over it. Work, apparently, is done. The good part, now it's the boring part.

Wade sits at his desk, fingers striking keys, half-paying attention to the screen in front of him. Most of his attention is on the stack of books at his side, piles of thin texts that are laid open, pages all askew.


With the full moon fully over, the lab tech is back to work and while not fully caught up on her work, she's caught up enough that she can stretch her legs and go looking for answers to questions rather than being chained to her desk and 'forced' to use email. There is something of a draw to autopsy; nothing out of the ordinary, certainly. There are times when she can be found in the room, asking questions that pertain to her own work— blood, genetics, wound types, the like.

But, Wade is here.

A soft rap comes on the door, simply announcing her presence before she pushes upon the door. Taking a step in, she closes it behind her, and casts a glance around the room. Her nose wrinkles in the smell, but it's something that she's gotten reasonably used to; noxious fumes come from her lab too, on occasion. Who is she to cast a stone?

"Hallo." Emily sounds cheery. The tech is known for it, actually. A smile is in her tones, and she takes the first steps to cross the distance towards the desk. "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"


"It's too late if you are." The words are dry, but not particularly short, nor dismissive. There's a few more clicks and clacks, words falling into place and little boxes filled on the screen. The advantage to working with The Department is that, unlike his regular job, he doesn't have to pepper his reports with fiction. The disadvantage is that it makes it quite a bit longer than just lying about it.

At least he seems to be at the thing, though. A few more strikes and the man wheels backward, coasting away from the computer and out of the corner. He doesn't actually rise, just nudges himself around until he's a few inches closer to the approaching woman.

"Questions? Concerns?" Lips quirk into a drab little smile. "I don't have a box yet, sorry. You have to give them to me directly."


"No, nor suggestions," is given with a ready smile. "None of that actually.. well, okay.. questions."

Emily pauses in her cross, brown eyes flickering towards the screen before they return to the office's only other live occupant. "Remember some time back? That accident out front?" She pokes behind her with a distracted thumb, the gesture meant more general than directional. "Did you ever quite work out what had caused it? Those lines?"

She begins again, and walks towards the autopsy table. Finding a good spot to lean, she crosses her feet at the ankles. "I got bits and pieces of the physical evidence, sure.. but you were sure caught on those lines." Almost to his detriment. "I meant to ask Dr. Wainwright, but I gave it a bit of thought and decided to come to the source."

"Someone was probably casting a spell. Sending something down a line, so to speak. I never really got further into it, I had several minor distractions." The man pivots, wheels sending him facing his guest again. "Did something else like that come up?" There's a bit more interest in his tone, something a little livelier at the prospect."

"Watch the bugs." He chimes that after a second more, meaningful glance cast toward the body. "I think I got them all out, but who knows. There are all sorts of little places you can hide things in there." Hands make a helpless shrug. "We're stuffed full of bags, basically." The body is, from what can be seen from the canvas, human. It's got some arms, legs, a head. A little bit crooked and twisted, but human.


At the warning of the bugs, Emily wrinkles her nose again, but the perpetual, genuine smile hardly falters. "I'll make sure the specimens sent over are done immediately— so you don't have to hang on to Neville there for long." Whether that's the poor dead bloke's name or not, the little shifter gives him one.

She shakes her head slowly, though her expression turns into something a little more considering. "I've got something that Al— Dr. Wainwright walked through a couple of days ago. Accident near the Tower. No fatalities, though." Emily cants her head, and something of a conspiratorial gleam comes to her eyes. "I could pull the file, see if it has everything else in common? I have a copy in my lab.. and I could send it to you. But, you'd have to promise you won't tell. Though," she turns around to look at the table, just checking to see if there are any residual bugs that may have escaped the cleaning of the table, "it's not as if you don't have the clearance anyway.." Twisting back around, her smile brightens, "I only ask that whatever you find, you must take me along."


"As long as he's here it makes it look like I'm doing something." A quick grin cuts across the man's face, feet lifting, a few steps taken to join the woman at the slab. He bends, pinches at hand at the corner of the blanket and draws it back a few inches. The forehead is a mess, lots of little holes, cuts, scrapes. He doesn't go much farther. "Here I can act like I'm the qualified professional, not a secretary."

Eyes flicker back toward Emily after the rest is digested, lips pressing into a small line of thought. A nod comes eventually, short and crisp. "I'll take a look. I like strange things." Back to the body, and then the shifter again. "Are you asking me to take you out?" There's a thread of amusement in the words, along with more in the eyes.


Emily can't help but look back when Wade crosses the short distance between them to pull the cover off, if only a little. She's not a field agent, so she doesn't get the pleasure of seeing them as they were, so to speak. By the time the body is in autopsy, things are a little cleaner, and, for Emily, it's easier to put a clinical eye to it all.

"I'll give you that, Master Secretary." She's teasing him, and raising her chin, her brows rise in amusement.

"Well, it's either that or you have to spring for a movie to ship me off to so you can be alone. They're not a quarter anymore either, I'll tell you." Her voice lowers, as does her head, "Actually, you'd given me quite a concern when we were at that other accident. You didn't really care there was a vampire around.. and they, I understand, can be rather funny.. and not in the 'ha-ha' sort of fashion. So, I wondered what it was that gave you a bit of that rush and not care what it was that was looking right at you.."

Emily flashes a smile and cants her head now, "It's a pretty sad date, though.. so I won't hold you to that."


"No," The man mentions, "Someone said that to me recently. There's no holding to it." Cloth is tossed back up after just a short glimpse over the wounds, a humored smile flashing across his face at the woman's reaction. "But, if you want to go, I'll take you. If I find anything worthwhile. Otherwise, it'll be a boring time out."

The slab is given a rap of knuckles, one final inspection before Wade pushes off and away. Toward less cluttered areas, head craning over his shoulder to speak to his guest as he moves. "Vampire?" A pause. "The man in the park?" It seems new to Wade, enough to elicit a sharp and puzzled arch of brows. "Really?"


"Good.." Emily resists the urge to continue the word with it's a date then, but that quirky smile remains as a testament to the unspoken.

She sobers a little, her expression offering the gravity that the topic does actually require. "Yes.. that accident outside.. when I took your arm and tried to shuffle you off before you were done." At least that's how she remembers it. "There was one there. In fact, I'm almost certain they probably come out with most accidents, truth be told. I'm not certain of it, however.." She chews on the inside of her mouth in consideration and takes a step away from the table as well, now looping fingers before her. "You really didn't know?" Her head shakes briefly, a quick gesture, "It had startled me.. just his presence, I suppose. But, if there's no fatality at this other one, when we go, we probably won't see one."


"How did you know that he was?" There's more attention on the woman now, Wade moving to perch against his discarded seat, one palm settling to the edge. Eyes are left on the woman for a few moments more, and then he comes to a decision. "Grab the file, and you can explain it to me later. But no, I didn't. If I had-" Lips press into a small line. "Well. It probably wouldn't have been any different."


Emily cants her head again, a quirked smile on her face. "I'll go get the file." Not very mysterious; perky usually can't pull it off well. Still, she nods and takes a step backwards towards the door. "And explain it later."

A soft chuckle sounds and she shakes her head. "I have the feeling that it probably wouldn't have been any different. You're like everyone else around here. How very sad." The shifter offers another laugh, "Or very good for your career here."

Thumbing over her shoulder with the next step backwards, she gestures towards the door. "I'll get that, and perhaps on the way back, we'll stop for tea and then I'll explain."

She turns then, and heads towards the door. Stopping to pull it open, she steps through without a glance back— on her way to the office for the file. There are simply some cases where new eyes are good eyes.


All Emily needed to do was to head back to her office and grab the paperwork; the file that Dr. Alexandra Wainwright marked to keep separate made it all the easier for the tech to find. A hard copy is made, mainly for the map of the affected area, and in hand, Emily is now in the somewhat heavily-pedestrian-trafficked area of the Tower of London.

Brown eyes flicker to the map, making it seem for all the world that she is yet one more visitor to the fair shores of England, and paces are set. She can't feel the magic of the lay-lines to save her life, but someone else can…


Wade has trouble with these things. Mostly because his talent isn't innate, stems from hours spent over books, experementation, and sources less wholesome. So, he has assistance. It comes in the form of a chain that dangles from his fingers, a lopsided blue stone suspended from it's end. It moves occasionally, fingers dangling it in one direction, and then another.

"Here?" It's a short aside, a glimpse over the area, back at the map. "Seems about right. How'd you learn about this again?"


"Dr. Wainwright," Emily looks from the map to the street and back. This part of town, she doesn't frequent.. though not for any other reason but because it is a huge tourist trap. It's the place where ghost-hunters go, where history buffs try to make their marks in their chosen fields, and school children march dutifully through to complete their coursework.

"I.. have no idea—" Her gaze flickers towards the blue stone dangling upon the chain. She peers to see if she can't discern the metal; silver is just.. eeeeeeh…


At the proclamation, she stops and puts the map down to her side and twists to look at her companion, her brows rising, "Anything?" Then, "The report said.. treacle. Like walking through treacle."


Wade follows, shambles up to the aforementioned spot and stoops low. There's a glance down, at the ground, and then at himself. It's a curious motion, fingers lifting, wagging back and forth. Pockets are checked, a few things are rattled around inside of them, and then he bends to plant the chain to the ground. Not silver, it looks more like copper. Which is probably a relief, considering.

"Well," The man hedges, "There's something about it, I'd say." A somber nod. "Unfortunately, I imagine I'd get looks if I started trying to draw it up right here and now. But, it's not like mine from before. Interesting, though."

When he stands again his fingers brush together, dusting back and forth before his eyes move toward the tower. "Nobody's been investigating that yet?"


Emily watches the man carefully, her brows knitting on the round, friendly face. She bites the inside of her cheek, her lips twisting slightly in the action. It's not often that the little shifter gets to watch, while not a spellcaster, at least somewhat attuned to the inherent magic of the world. Emily shakes her head, her gaze still following his motions; "Not yet, no.." and it's a quick qualifier that follows, ".. not to my knowledge, anyway. I'm more physical sciences, and when things clash, I call in the bigger guns. Or they call me in?" She quirks her head now, an easy smile coming. "She only found this a couple of days ago. Since then, she's bit a bit .. distracted." Driven to distraction, perhaps? She's friends with Dr. Watson, and he's headed to Egypt, so the office rumours say— much to her chagrin.


"Maybe I'll get a chance to talk with her about it." Eyes flicker up again, inquisitive gaze turned to the tower, the buildings around. As the largest structure, though, the tower itself is obviously the most suspicious. Wade's fingers shake again, airing themselves the way a dog would shake off water.

"Maybe I'll take a look. It'll need to be later, I wouldn't want to alarm anyone." Fingers make a short flicker ahead, curve to make a motion to encomass the whole of the disturbance. "That, and if there's anyone around using this I might attract attention I don't want."

Lips press into a small frown. "Is this a widely known issue?"


Emily's head bobs in a nod, moving the shoulder-length brown hair forward and back. "That's true.. but I'm pretty sure you could get in with help." Having the right paperwork and ID goes a long way.

Now, however, the lab tech's shoulders sag a bit before she prefaces her response with a brief shake of her head, and fusses with the map before folding it and holding it out for her companion. "I don't know. I mean, I have no idea who knows what outside work." The Reese Dynasty would be affected, any number of covens.. all implied there.. "And within, well.. like every other well-staffed public agency, ours does have its share of administrators and bureaucrats; read: normals. She lowers her voice, and at the same time, dips her head, "Just because they'll employ.." supernaturals ".. the normally difficult to employ doesn't mean the entire department is made of them.."

"I haven't seen any movement on the report, if that's what you mean."


"I see." A nod from Wade, short and easy. He takes a few more steps, back toward Emily, toward the border of the leyline. Fingers are checked while he goes, the wooden rings gracing them turned and adjusted, as if simply being in the area had done something to the workings laid into them. "Of course I could get it," He chimes with a dull smile. "I'm just trying to decide what I want to do about it."

There's another glimpse at the woman, something longer that the others, more speculative. "You know," He mentions, "I just look at dead things. I'm not sure I'm the best person for this." There's a smile with the words, something crooked and not entirely sincere. "But, well, this is an interesting thing. I'm sure nobody'd mind a pre-emptive report or two."


"Oh.." Emily looks a little.. abashed, a touch on the self-conscious side as she takes a step back. "It was just that…" A hand comes up to gesture, "You were interested out by the Square.. and.."

She offers something of a grimace and offers something of an apologetic shrug, her tones softening, "I just thought you'd find it interesting.. and maybe tell me something that could help, if Dr. Wainwright came in with something from this area that she couldn't figure out." How magic affects the physical properties of things; something of a growing interest to the shifter. At least it's been showing up more and more at work, and getting a jump on something? Could make all the difference in the world.

"It's okay if you don't.." want to do anything with it, about it..

"I think we mentioned tea? Or.. should we be getting back?" Emily looks up at the sky, knowing full well that the night is still young, and the full moon is weeks away. It had just passed, recently.

"I'm sorry."


"I was just seeing if you'd object. I intend to something about it, yes." Another smile tugs at the corner of the man's lips. They're always small things, but this one conveys enough humor to make up for it. "I just thought I'd say it. So everyone knows I'm prefectly willing to follow the chain of command." He's not, of course, not when he can have a mystery to himself for a few days.

"I appreciate it." His fingers rise, sweeping in a smooth arc back in the direction the two had come. "Tea," He agrees, amusement flickering in his gaze. "I came prepared; I brought snacks." Most people who work with him end up going home with food, it seems.

"We'll talk more about what we can do." We.

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