Morning After

Aidan's Flat

The two-story flat takes up residence on the top space of its building. The building is an old hotel that was reconstructed into flats in the 1950s, and has been updated sporadically every twenty or thirty years.

The flat is very open and inviting, with rooms flowing into each other seamlessly, marked only by the complimentary changes in decor - tile and flooring, color of the walls. It’s decorated in a contemporary modern style with light colored wood and chrome, and highlights of dark marble or granite, ceramic tiles and hardwood floors covered over with tasteful area rugs. An open staircase leads up to the three bedrooms on the second floor.

The living/sitting/lounge area has a large picture window that peers over the city. There is an electric fireplace in one corner of the room, over which hangs a large flat screen television. A Fazioli baby grand piano stands in one corner, and the question lurks of whether is it ever used or is there purely for decoration.


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Kim (npc) Corrie

Aidan doesn't expect her to drop by this morning, but Kim doesn't always due what Aidan expects. He's been a bit of a mood since coming back from … wherever … and though he's been at work, she recognizes the distraction and knows he hasn't been at work. A distracted Aidan is not always a good thing, depending on the source of the distraction and Kim likes to know what's going on in the vampire's head sooner rather than later.

Not only that, but the way he's been allowing Celeste to lead him around by the nose? That's not like Aidan at all. Kim understand that the vampiress is an old, old, old friend of Aidan, but the American woman seems to have a scary hold on Aidan. Maybe she's just reading too much into it, after all she's not truly had the opportunity to see Aidan interact with other vampires, but it at least means Kim's going to do her due diligence and make certain the hard headed vampire is still in existence.

Especially since he thinks answering his phone or texts is now completely optional.

Upon entering the flat, there's no sign of blood shed, and Kim counts that as a good thing. She does not count the gold pumps, the gold dress or the lacy gold and black bra on the staircase as a good thing.

"God, Aidan. You're supposed to tell me when I have to worry about a clean up and toss out." The words are grumbled as Kim picks up the articles of clothing, searching for signs of rents or tears. "We are really going to have words you and I, Mr. Boyle."


Corrie doesn't know when she fell asleep. It was probably sometime before dawn, but not all that long before. She's not been sleeping but a few hours at any rate. She's curled up in the bed where she was left, blanket covering her completely. Stretching out when she hears noises below, she intrinsically knows that it's not Aidan.

Just like she's not at all certain as to who it is.

Burying herself in the blanket a little more, she holds up one edge of it to peek around the room and see if a robe is handy. Something to cover up until she can relocate her garments and do the walk of shame.

There are no rents or tears in the clothing, each piece was removed by Corrie herself. As such, every piece is pristine — this time. She's got it in her mind that despite her embarrassment, there will be more times in the future. Why not? He's just as good as a friend with benefits, and he's got a HELL of a lot more stamina than anyone she's ever met before…


Abandoned (discarded?) clothing in hand, Kim makes her usual circuit up the stairs. Her heels click loudly on the wooden staircase, echoing in the silence of the flat. It's probably not a good thing that there's a part of her that likes this part. Watching whatever silly little chit Aidan picked up come to the realization that the man she spent the night with isn't her prince charming, and that she was just another belt notch.

You'd think that young girls would get wiser. They don't, however, so Kim truly hopes that they take their time with Aidan as a life lesson. Truly, a life lesson.

There's no knock, no preamble as Kim pushes open the playroom door and marches in. She flips on the light, not truly looking at the pretty young thing in the bed, tossing the clothes onto the mattress. "Wake up, luv. It's time to get a move on."


Deep down, Corrie recognizes that voice. That's the voice she left voicemail to about her being 'ill'.

Bloody hell.

Corrie just curls into the blankets all the more, not really wanting to put on last night's clothing without another shower — oh yeah, there was at least one shower last evening. Hair matted against the pillow she slowly moves out from under the blankets.

"What? Are you a bloody voyeur or something? What the hell are you doing here so early?"

Yawning, she stretches and then stares at Kim.

"I'd rather a robe, if there's one available."


The voice and the head that peeks out from beneath the blankets takes Kim completely by surprise. That's saying a great deal, because after more than a decade there is very little that Aidan can do to surprise her. Horrify her and scare her, yes, but not surprise her. Having Kavanaugh here in his flat? In the playroom? After insisting that he wasn't going to glamour her and was simply biding his time?

I suppose it paid off then, is Kim's first thought. Her second is, "That didn't take him nearly as long as I thought it would." It's said out loud and with a smugly sanctimonious laugh.

"Here I thought that you were the sort who would be too good to sleep with the boss." Beat, and Kim frowns as though suddenly recalling something. A lift of a perfectly arched eyebrow. "You did sleep with the boss?"

Because there's a good chance that Aidan might have glamoured it away from Corrie and replaced the memory with something else. He doesn't do that often, but he has been known to do it.

Without waiting for an answer, Kim walks to the closet and finds a robe which she walks to the bed and hands to Corrie, with an all knowing smile still firmly in place.



"Didn't take who that long?" Beat. "Aidan?" Stretching, she blinks at the woman. Realization finally dawns on her face.



Corrie debates what to say. At first she just shrugs. "I slept here. No clue where Mr. Boyle is." It's the embarrassment sinking in. Her face is hidden beneath the blanket. She takes a few breaths and then reaches out for the robe. Slipping it on, she shrugs. "Not really any of your business if I did or didn't, is it? Personal assistant you may be but my personal life really doesn't fall under that."


Oh, Kim thinks, This is just too rich. Aidan really did it; he got his little witch into bed and didn't touch her mind or memories. Kim knows because she's been around long enough to have a glimmer of it. Also, that blanket 'none of your business' response raises about ten red flags.

Kim circles around and sits, univited - but it's Aidan's flat and she considers herself invited everywhere within its walls - at the foot of the bed. Crossing her legs, she folds her hands demurely over her knees. "You asked me what I was doing here so early." Beat. "I'm the one that comes by in the mornings to see if Aidan needs the trash taken out or his leftovers cleaned up." Another beat. "Which do you think you are, Kavanaugh?"


"Neither," Corrie replies with a smirk. "If he wanted trash taken out, he'd've called you, and I know for a fact he didn't have time for that."

Stretching again, she slips the robe on under the blankets and grins. "As for leftovers, if that's what I am, then he'll be wanting more of that in the future." She seems so cocky. So certain that this is the case.

Then she blushes.

"You weren't supposed to find me here, Miss Dae. I was intending to leave before you got here. Which means you're far too early in the day for me to slip out…"


"Quite obviously, you weren't supposed to be here either," Kim points out needlessly. She smiles a bit, but there's nothing truly warm in it. It's her professional, polite facade, the one Kim saves for customers and clients. However, it puts Corrie at least a level above Aidan's usual … companions. They don't get a smile at all.

"You shouldn't be cocky, Miss Kavanaugh. Whatever you think happened … or given your attempted denial didn't happen between you and Aidan, you're really nothing more than the current flavor. Aidan gets bored very quickly." Kim's watched the pattern for years, and knows that there's yet to be a female who can hold Aidan's attention long term. Granted, he's been preoccupied with the witch, but Aidan is a predator. He's a hunter and he's caught his prey. It won't be long before he moves on.

"Whatever the case, I am sorry to have interrupted your … walk of shame?" Kim pauses, lifting a brow. She pushes elegantly from the bed and marches over to the closet, "If you'd rather not, there is clothing in here in a variety of sizes. The dresser as well. I'm sure that there is something that fits you." A subtle reminder that the red head is not the first woman to have taken a tumble with the handsome vampire.

Kim starts toward the door, and then stops, turning back around. She does have to ask after all. "Did he bite you?"


"Quite obviously," Corrie mutters. She slips out of the bed, stretching as she does so. The robe isn't tied but she does hold it in place.

"Whatever happened or didn't happen is, as I said, none of your business." She turns her head to watch Kim as she moves off the bed and to the closet once again. "You're also assuming that my spending time here will become a common occurrence, or that I'm interested in it becoming so." Slipping the robe down over her shoulders, she cocks her head to the side to view her neck.

"Not that I've noticed, and he did promise not to." Beat. "Though I really can't see my backside to tell you if he has or not." Moving toward the mirror, Corrie just drops the robe — it's not as though Kim's not expecting her to be naked, and she grew up with six sisters, there's not a lot of shame there.

"Care to tell me if there's a bite mark anywhere there?" Then the examination in the mirror begins, her body shifting every so often to gain another angle.


The revelation that Aidan promised not to bite makes Kim's detached mask slip for a few seconds. That hardly makes sense, and doesn't fit particularly well with Aidan's typical actions when he brings home a shag-and-suck. If it weren't for the fact that Aidan doesn't do anything that he doesn't want to do, Kim might be worried. As it stands, she is confused.

What are you up to, Aidan?

Kim has seen enough bare and naked female - and when the rare mood strikes, male - flesh in this room that Corrie dropping the robe doesn't phase her at all. She moves her eyes with careful scrutiny over the woman's entire back, quite surprised when she doesn't find even the slightest hint of fang marks.

"There's nothing," Kim reveals, and she possibly sounds a bit disappointed. "You might want to check your inner thighs. He's particularly fond of the femoral artery." It's not just advice, it's a subtle reminder that Kim knows Aidan far better than anyone - sans Celeste.


A blush, and a slight (almost fond) grin appears on her lips. "Don't I know it," she mutters, recalling a little bit of the evening before. Her hand runs down her thigh, checking for any obvious signs of having been bitten.

Finding none, she pays attention to the mirror once again, twisting her right leg side to side. Then she blinks, and laughs. "Oh, you cheeky bastard. A hickie? I've not had one of those since I was fifteen."

Then she recalls that Kim is standing right there. "Bite free," Corrie replies with a smirk. "I told you that I'm not the norm."


At this point, Kim simply can't figure out what sort of game Aidan is playing, and she decides to stop trying until she's spoken with the vampire in question. He did say that he wanted the witch, but she's wondering about his methods. Letting the woman think that she might have some sort of sway or power over him …

She is a witch, Kim reminds herself, and confirms her plans to talk to Aidan as soon as possible.

"No apparently, you're not," Kim agrees, her voice and tone completely neutral. She straightens her shoulders and asks, "Are you still calling in … ill?"

There is a faint ring of annoyance at the end of her voice, but really it's not directed at Corrie as much as it is at Aidan. She really feels as though he's crossing a line, and leaving her out of the loop does not make her happy. Kim can't protect him if he's going to be difficult about things.


"I can work on the social media efforts as well from my flat as I can in Mr. Boyle's office," Corrie replies coolly.

Moving toward the closet, she finds a simple t-shirt which she throws on before looking for a pair of slacks or track suit pants. She's not fussy, she just needs to call for a cab, check on Connor, then head home, really, so it's not a big deal to her what she does.

"Though if you'd rather I work in the office, that's fine. I'll simply be late, as I need to retrieve my vehicle before driving in, and I would like to actually grab a shower," she calls from the closet as she dresses.

"There are things I need to check in on in regards to the book signing as well, but nothing is urgent."


"Whatever you would prefer, Miss Kavanaugh," Kim says, recovering some of her professional decorum. "My primary concern is that the flow of business isn't interrupted by any … outside pursuits." She wonders if the woman is trying to distance herself with the formality, or simply trying to firmly establish that she doesn't want Kim prying into what Corrie has already termed none of her business.

"We're all adults, I'm certain we can behave like such." No guarantees, naturally. Aidan usually hasn't had to face his morning-afters, at least not before he's been ready to do so, or hasn't glamoured them into fitting nicely into whatever role he wants. She truly hopes that he's not borrowing trouble - and Kim has a funny feeling that he is.

"I'll leave you to finish dressing."

Without waiting for a response, Kim exits the bedroom, pulling the door closed behind her. It's far too early in the morning for a drink, and it's going to be a long day waiting for Aidan to 'wake' and give her some sort of explanation.


"The flow of business won't be interrupted." Beat. "I am nothing if not professional in my business dealings, Miss Dae. Personal matters and feelings aside, I am capable of updating the social media outlets while nursing a hangover." Corrie would just honestly rather not bother with it at the office today is all, and she's no need to even check in there until later in the evening when Celia is available anyhow.


"Thank you," she offers to Kim. "For telling me about the wardrobe. I do appreciate that." Once she's dressed, she gathers her other pieces of clothing and quietly makes her way out into the apartment proper.

Out of the room, she clears her throat and murmurs, "It's not liable to happen again, if that's what you're concerned about." Then she heads toward the door, and presumably out to call a taxi.

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