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Sean's Office

The office of Dr. Sean Watson is almost stereotypical of what one would find in the office of an active archaeologist. Bookshelves line the walls of the office where there is no window, and where there is the one view outside, there are low-slung shelves. Not only books adorn the shelving, however. With each sectional, it can be discerned what specialty the shelves contain. There are small statuettes of random Egyptian figures of history, a couple of skulls that look very much like the mummified remains of some poor soul who lived a couple of thousand years ago filling the shelves behind his desk and chair, pottery, examples of textiles of the Middle East on the 'far shelving', and the nod to MezoAmerica under the window.

A desk sits on the side, papers piled along the front and on top of the blotter that also acts as a calendar. Pictures are hung on the walls in the spare spots, devoid of shelving, which is only on the wall nearest the door. There, Dr. Watson's degrees are hung, as well as a couple commendations from the archaeological community at large.

Just beside the door, a tall, cherrywood hatrack stands with a jacket draped upon it.


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Sean Aidan Elspeth

The university office is a great deal more quiet than Charlie's. It also affords a great deal more privacy, though the attention at Charlie's tends to lean towards 'The Department'. Sean will hear about his leaving relative safety for parts unknown from Alex, at the least…

Unlocking his office door, Sean reaches in and turns the lights on with a blind hand.. the flourescent lights giving the interior office a bright glow. The necromancer has to blink to refocus, but it's quick and he steps in.

Shrugging his light jacket off, Sean hangs it up on the corner rack and rolls up his sleeves. A step is taken towards his desk before he finishes an earlier thought,

"Home sweet home.. and this is the a much better place to chat." He smiles tightly, his lips forming a thin line, "I spend more time here than at my flat."


Aidan follows the necromancer into his office, though he keeps a comfortable distance so as not to crowd the 'older' man as Sean makes his way to his desk. Aidan takes a look around, his gaze briefly lighting on the skulls and lifts a brow. "Again. You need a girlfriend. Or just to get shagged."

The vampire makes his way to an available chair and eases gracefully down into it. Leaning back, he manages to make his slouch look boneless. Instead of focusing on the translation that Aidan asked him to do, his mind flickers back to the pub and the conversation there. "Gwendolyn Bishop should have a head stone in Herfordshire. It won't be in the family plot … she was … disowned. There's a small, overgrown plot there, or there was. A farm family who liked her well enough to do the small service that her family wouldn't."

The vampire doesn't look at Sean as he gives the information, blue eyes instead tracking around the professor's office. Only when he's done does he finally meet the other man's eyes. "I don't think our red head friend will accept the information coming from me."


Sean's brows rise at the pronouncement and chuckles softly, shaking his head. "I'm good, thanks." Work seems to find him, more often than not, and demands on his time usually means that there is less and less time available for leisure. Much to his disappointment at times.

Still, it's his life and it's something that he's accepted many, many years ago. (Of course, it makes it a little difficult to have a male heir in which to pass down his .. particular abilities.)

The reason Sean's invited Aidan to his office, however, is not to discuss his love life, or lack thereof, and he lets that particular topic drop. It wasn't meant as a conversation starter, however, or at least he doesn't rise to the bait.

It's to the next that Sean turns, and stepping around to the back of the desk, he pulls the chair out and settles into it— nowhere near as gracefully as the vampire. "In consecrated ground?" His brows rise in the question, not yet able to guess at the answer. "Why did the farm family do that? It wasn't cheap, burying someone.. and to do that for someone who isn't a member of the family?"

Another tight smile pulls at his lips and Sean shakes his head. "I don't know what to think of Corrie. She's.. a bundle of contradictions. She may actually accept it." Or she may not.


The smile that Aidan gives Sean is wry. "Because someone cared enough to pay them and see that it was done properly." Particularly since it was only for show, and all that was buried was a box filled with dirt. The payment portion was necessary as there were too many people to glamour into doing what Aidan felt needed to be done. "And yes, it was consecrated ground." Which means that had Gwen actually died and been buried there, Aidan couldn't set foot there. Fortunately, he had no need to do so.

"Corrie is … challenging." Aidan makes the words sound like a compliment as his smile shifts from wry to highly amused. "I've always been fond of challenges."

He shifts in his seat, turning more somber and serious now though, knowing that they didn't come here to to talk about the research on Corrie's answer or the vampire's interest in the red-headed witch. "You have questions about the context of the translation?"


"Uh huh.." Sean gives the vampire a long, studied look before he exhales softly. "Got it." The necromancer is good enough to read between lines, and rightly or wrongly, he's guessing that Aidan had a hand in it somewhere.

Big surprise, that.

Perhaps, during his copious free time, he'll see if he can't track Aidan's movements. Vampires rarely leave no trail; they're too cock-sure of themselves. It's a disadvantage, really, and Sean has to wonder if it's the demon, or simply an underlying personality trait. Who's ever heard of an unsure vampire?

"Yes.. she's certainly.. something." A challenge? That implies there's something at the end— or rather, Aidan is simply showing his preferences? Perhaps he's a vampire that prefers witches.. for whatever reason (though he can think of several reasons right off the bat..).

Sean easily turns towards the professional at the cue, and his manner and mien shifts almost as abruptly as the vampire's. "Yes," he begins, his brow beetles, giving him almost a scowl, "there were a couple of times when I had a choice of translations of phrases.. and frankly, some of them didn't make much sense— either way." The necromancer leans forward, his hands upon the desk before him, and his fingers knit, "Taking into account his time period, some things simply donn't.. mesh. Not with the latest archaeological evidence of the migrations."


It will likely not be very difficult at all for Sean to track Aidan's movements. While he didn't leave his mark on history as a blood thirsty killer - he's always been somewhat discrete, at least once he parted ways with Catalina and Seamus - Aidan is the sort who stands out. There was a time when he attached himself to power and politics, to the inner echelons of whatever vampire court he happened to be near.

"What exactly do you need to know?" Aidan asks. He leans forward, elbows on his knees and all traces of the sardonic, smart arse are gone. The vampire is professional and polite, and there's a flicker in his eyes that suggests he hasn't survived this long by sheer luck and his good lucks. There's the light of intelligence; he understands what Sean is saying.

"I took that from a journal that I received. It seems to be the observations and recordings following the movements of a particular vampire, but there are parts of it, like that section, that I couldn't read."


"Well, for a start, it gives the migration towards the islands earlier than previously documented. Granted, the author isn't part of the great migration, but he's got the tell-tale language remnants." Sean takes the copies out and opens it upon his desk. A pencil is pulled from the top drawer, and the point lands on a spot in the middle of the page. "It's not what he says, actually.. it's more.. how he says it, if you get what I mean. His language is something of a mixture of what Caesar called the Belgae tribes and the later Brythonic.. which is more Welsh.. and such. It is still Celtic, or sort of." He grimaces, "But it's not what the Irish Celts eventually spoke."

Sean shakes his head. "I'm afraid I'm actually more interested in how he said things rather than what it is he'd actually done, though that is.." The archaeologist sucks a breath in between closed teeth, ".. historically interesting, if not a little.. bloody. Even by the time period's standards."

He smiles tightly, "It's probably the most violent of.. narratives I've read in some time."


Aidan listens and considers. He's careful and protective by nature, and doesn't like to show his cards unless he has a chance of winning the hand. By the same token, however, he needs to know who has been watching he and his brother for centuries. Who is making such detailed notes and why they felt the need to suddenly dump the information in Aidan's lap.

Shfiting in his seat, Aidan rakes his hands through his hair and seems to wrestles with himself for a moment or two. Finally, there is a sigh and an explanation. "The journal is about my brother. I'm … a little uncomfortable with the thought that someone's been tracking him for centuries, probably more than one someone. I don't know where it came from, it was delivered anonymously. But I'd like to find out everything I can about. Every move my brother made that was recorded in there because it might give me a hint." Beat. "If you're willing, I can bring the full journal."


"Your.. brother." Sean doesn't hide his surpise, though if it's for the fact that Aidan has a brother or it's because the boys are vampires, or.. what, he's not saying. Not yet, at least.

"Well.. that puts an interesting spin on things." An anonymous tracker.. and one that is a great deal older than the vampire before him… "And not in a good way." The last bit is said a bit wryly.

He shakes his head slowly and looks at the xeroxed papers once again. "I'm willing to look at the journal. It might offer up a clue or two, at least in movements. You all always leave a mark somewhere. It's just that most don't care to actually see where all the threads come together; or believe it when they do see it." Thus, the survival of vampires is assured.

"Give me a little time to look at the newest research on Celtic migration patterns. I know I've seen some articles pass through my desk, but now I have to look them up again and study them. That should give me something to work from. Then, I'll look at your brother's movements, or perhaps you could help there. That way, I can look to see if I find any little tell-tale markings.. disappearances, family stories.." He offers something of a sympathetic smile, "..inheritances from father to son.."

The question has to be asked, however, and now Sean does so. "Why are you asking me?"



It's a head cock to the side, a look of almost bored disinterest on Aidan's face. "Yes, my brother. My darling baby brother, actually. The one whom everyone loved and whom could do no wrong." Beat. "It's quite the story, really. Filled with drama, romance, horror. Comedy." Aidan, however, does not elaborate. He'll wait for Sean to ask - if Sean asks.

"Because you know already." Aidan shifts again, leaning forward in his seat. "You know about the supernatural world and how very real it is. You aren't going to question the authenticity of what you're reading or what's been recorded." Beat. "I read your biography on the uni website, and I did a few internet searches. You're the best there is, at least here in London, and it's what you do. "

Aidan folds his arms across his chest. "You said it yourself, this isn't necessarily a good thing. Least not for Seamus. Not that I care that much about him, but I care about me. If someone is tracking him, then I have to wonder, if someone's tracking me too."

It's partly the truth. The difference being that Aidan knows someone is tracking him as well. He's just not willing to share that journal with Sean. Aidan actually likes the necromancer and has some respect for the man, but that doesn't mean he trusts him enough to make his entire past an open book.


Sean looks at the vampire sitting across from him for a few long seconds; vampires are an inscrutible bunch.. but he's at least got a leg up on that. He can't be glamoured to be more.. open to one idea or another. He gets it all. When all is said and done, that's pretty remarkable, and unique.

"The darling of the family, hmm?" Every family has one. It's almost a stereotype that they turn out to be the cruelest of the bunch, thanks to lax rules that governed the others' lives.

As for the reason why he's been chosen with this particular task (honour), all Sean can do is nod slowly, his expression considering. Apparently he's left something of a mark behind for others to follow too, should they be savvy enough to know where to look and to recognize it. The irony isn't lost on him, and he lets out a soft chuckle. "Got it."

His expression changes immediately back to the professional, and there's a hint of concern there; not necessarily for Aidan in particular, but in the very idea there's someone out there watching.. and taking everything down. A self-proclaimed biographer. Sean shakes his head, agreeing with the vampire. "No, it's not necessarily a good thing. In fact, it could be a very bad thing. Now, I've got a couple of things to look for in this study of your brother, and it's not going to be easy- or immediate." He exhales in a sigh and leans back in his seat, a hand coming up to dig into his eyes, thumb in one, forefinger in the other. "They know about you, if I read a passage correctly. So, the question is, once you crossed paths, did they look for you later, or dropped the matter, instead simply focusing on your brother." Until they got bored. "I won't know until I read what you have."

That, of course, begs the question now— if Aidan is being watched… and this way lies paranoia. But, as Charlie says, 'It's not paranoia when they all are actually out to get you.'. "I'd like to see that journal."


"That can be arranged," Aidan says simply enough. "I'll get it dropped off to you tomorrow morning or afternoon." Yes, it's a Saturday, but Aidan doesn't care. That's what he pays people to do - well, that's what he has Kim pay people to do - run errands for him when he can't.

The conversation replays in Aidan's head and leans forward to ask, "You said that you found me in that passage section?"


"Great." Sean doesn't sound particularly enthused; it's another mystery to unravel, and he's got lots of those at the moment which ensures that he'll never have a date. "I'll look for it here tomorrow." On a Saturday. At the Uni office. When there are no classes.

No life.

Changing gears, Sean has to backtrack a couple of minutes, and it causes him to start. A soft noise is uttered as he thinks back, and then nods as he hits that 'forward' gear once more. "Yes. It was a short entry. Or, sorry.. not really an entry. Just a physical observation as to presence. Not by name, mind.. but the description and placement in context is rather clear." He turns the paper around to where Aidan can read it and points to it with a pencil. Lot of good that does, however.. as Sean momentarily forgets that it is this particularly dialect the vampire can't read. "Oh.. sorry.. It.. ah.. goes on to say you and your brother had an altercation.. the biographer just mentioned it, and his reaction once you'd left."


Elspeth is in a mood.

Bad news, it seems, travels rather quickly these days. Top that off with the full moon just around the corner, and she's a rather agitated and irritable vampire. Were it not for years of practice keeping an icy cool mask of neutrality in place, she'd likely have killed someone by now. She's behaving herself, and quite frankly, it's damned near killing her. She wants to lash out at something. Someone.

To keep herself from wandering to a nightclub to pick up the cutest thing she can find to play with, she's on the prowl for the closest thing she has to a friend in these parts. Locating Aidan wasn't all that difficult, and she's had time to double back and change before approaching Dr. Watson's office.

When she approaches the door, she's dressed rather casually. A short white skirt, a snug, black Ramones tee, studded leather lace up sandals, studded bracelets, and her hair in a cutesy little ponytail. She's even gone so far as to wear good sized hoop earrings, and carry a black and white checkered messenger bag with her.

That's when she knocks at the door, looking all young, girlish, and smiles. Giving furtive glances around the area as though she might be 'caught' at any second.


Remembering to play dumb, Aidan simply lifts his eyes to the necromancer's, an amused smirk on his face, waiting until the other man remembers that he had to translate the passage. When he does, Aidan nods. "That happens when we have a family reunion. It's a good thing that we try to avoid having them." At least Aidan does.

"If tomorrow isn't convenient for you…" Aidan lifts his eyes toward the ceiling, a wry, knowing grin on his lips, "I can always arrange for it on Monday or later next week." Blue eyes drop from the ceiling to look around the office again, though Aidan doesn't remark again that the man needs to get out more.

The knock on the door causes Aidan to tense, his attention immediately swiveling toward the door. "Expecting someone?"


"No, tomorrow's fine." Not as if he has anything in particular planned. Sean's.. not a good one for relationships.

"Family reunions?" A couple of vampires meeting somewhere.. what sort of familial bonds would the bodies have, once they're imbued with the daemons? Are there any familial relationships there? That deep?%tAidan creates more questions than answers, and the necromancer knows that he could spend his entire life studying vampires and still not have all the answers to his questions.

The knock on the door brings Sean's head up as well, and he rises to his feet from behind the desk, blue eyes on the door. His voice is low, his expression curious.. puzzled, and a little concerned. "No.." The word is drawn out slowly. "I'm not." His gaze flickers around the room; necromancy requires time and ritual. There is nothing in his repetoire that could do anything, should things get bad. "One of your team, though.." He can feel the creepy-crawlie, pins and needles reaction anew.. "Were you expecting anyone?" By all rights, that should hold a touch of suspicion.. but for him, for now, it's simply a question.


Keeping Elspeth waiting when she's in a mood is a bad thing to do.

She can hear every word inside the office, but she doesn't bother to simply waltz in. Instead, she makes a big show of looking at at watch and then paces back and forth in front of the door a few times.

Then she knocks again.

Oh, she's tempted to play it up more than that. To play-act in a girly, sing-songy voice about how she's sorry she's a few minutes late but how study group went over, and she couldn't get her sooner.

But the pacing, and the lip-biting should be enough for any security on campus.


"One of mine," Aidan repeats, and it's dead, flat. It's a coolly neutral observation, devoid of emotion and those little quirks of humanity. There's a subtle shift in the vampire's demeanor, from relaxed calm to the deceptive readiness of a predatory easing into defensive strike mode.

In light of the conversation that he and Sean have been having, Aidan is suspicious and wary. The idea that he has been followed does not sit well with him, and that much flashes in his eyes as he focuses intently on the door. "No, I wasn't." Curt, but definitive.

His gaze swings back around to Sean briefly, communicating with a wave of his hand and lift of his brow that Sean should call out to the visitor. It settles back on the door just as quickly, the vampire rising to his feet in a smooth motion. Aidan's not often for defending humans that don't belong to him, but Sean is useful for now and Aidan hates to have useful things broken.


It doesn't escape Sean's notice, that shift from charmingly human to dangerous, unnatural predator. The necromancer has a difficult time drawing his eyes away from that .. un-human creature in his office. The conversation, the short bursts of words forming ideas (on both sides) is something that Sean is familiar with courtesy of Charlie Messner, and nodding his acknowledgment and understanding, calls out in response as he sits down once again. There's not a hope in hell that he's got any rituals, and so he might as well sit. (Not as if he can outrun a vampire either…)

"Come in.." is called out. And as the door opens, as he assumes it will, "..what can I—" begins.. and abruptly ends..


Honestly, if Elspeth was coming to kill the man, she really wouldn't have bothered knocking, much less with the getup.

Raise some questions about all of his office hours? Now that's something she can do without much effort, and at the moment it suits her purpose as a little part of the game.

"Oh, Dr. Watson! I was thinking you'd forgotten all about me!" There's a beat as she nudges the door closed with her foot, and takes notice of Aidan. Ignoring him for the moment, she wanders right over to Sean's desk and sits down on the corner of it.

"Miss me?" It's asked cutely, and with a playful fluttering of eyelashes as she leans back on her hands and shoots the necromancer a look, before nodding to Aidan.


As Sean trails off, recognition lights on Aidan's face. The mask of humanity falls back into place in the blinking of an eye; oddly the curiously coiled tension remains. He racks his brain for a reason for Elsie to make an appearance in the necromancer's office - especially in that outfit - and none of them play out very nicely at all.

Aidan returns to his seat, ironically the one closest to where Elsie has chosen to perch and settles back into the appearance of his comfortable graceless slouch. He peers at the necromancer over the blonde's shoulder, "I suppose you can disregard my comments earlier. Once the gossip starts, you shouldn't have any problems with that."


"I think I prefer the other school girl look though. Little plaid Catholic school skirt and white blouse. That one never gets old."


Surprised is certainly the expression of the moment. The clothing, the bit of a strut over towards his desk before perching on the corner. Sean's mouth is open, fully expecting a response to come forth, but nothing does. His brows crease in bewilderment, and the first noises made are little more than utterances of.. 'what the hell can I say?'.


He tries again, though not without a quizzical glance towards Aidan, and it's back to Elsie and the rather.. co-ed-style clothing. "Miss you.." is repeated. He's getting better at speech, even though he's still at the 'repeating' stage.

While he cannot be glamoured, surprise does just as good a job to get the edge. "What are you—"

Not helping, Aidan..


"I'd considered that, but I really didn't want to give Dr. Watson here a coronary." Elspeth winks at Aidan, sending him one of her patented 'maybe later' looks. Crossing one leg over the other, she sets her hands atop her knee and leans back a little to give Sean the most innocent of innocent looks.

"Come on. I have seen how your students dress." Beat. "It's not as though I wandered in here in lingerie." Beat. "Now there's an idea for next time…" A teasing grin, and then she's entirely focused on Aidan.

"I need a moment of your time when you are finished here." There is quite a bit Aidan will be able to pick up on in that one simple sentence.


"I'm not sure you didn't give him a coronary." Leaning forward in his seat, Aidan peers at the necromancer again, and then shifts his attention to Elsie. It's a very directed shift, crystal blue eyes crawling like hands from her feet and upwards at a very slow and deliberate pace. When his eyes meet hers, Aidan slowly licks his lower lip and gives her a wink. "Next time." The looks, the words, the tone of voice are so charged and suggestive that they should be banned. The question is whether it's meant entirely for Elsie, or simply to heighten Sean's surprise and top it with a bit of embarrassment as well. Aidan does, after all, get quite a bit of pleasure from messing with people.

Also, a distracted Elsie is a less dangerous Elsie.

"You may have as many moments as you would like, luv," Aidan tells the blonde vampire with a comfortable smile. "I am, apparently not getting any older."


Sean's perceptive, and that look that Aidan gives Elsie causes him to look away, followed by a throat-clearing. When he does look back at the pair, it's a few heartbeats later with the promise offered from Aidan.

"Right.. Now.. um.. What can I do for you?" He tries to blockade himself behind professionalism. He's not at all fooled by the play at humanity by either one of them. Aidan's is just.. easier to take at the moment, if only because of the vampire's attempt at .. well, conformity isn't the correct word. Civility? Courtesy? Correct behavior..

Elsie is an entirely different kettle of fish. He still has to work out exactly where she is in the pecking order.. assuming there is a pecking order under Erik.

"My students.." He can't argue that more than a few do dress provocatively. ".. don't get As unless they work for it." And any of Dr. Watson's students can attest to the fact that his class isn't easy. It may look it from the outside, but..


The look Aidan gives her would make any good college girl blush. Elspeth is neither 'good', nor a 'college girl', so the look she's given is returned quite easily and readily. The wink is met with a slow lick of her lips. "Oh, definitely."

She knows that Aidan is working to distract her, but this is partially what she wanted when she came looking for him. "A good thing. I happen to like you just the way you are."

Tossing the ponytail over her shoulder, she spins a little on the desk to face Sean. "Did you enjoy my gift?" Beat. "I asked Aidan to deliver it to you. I really need you to keep care of it, because I will want it back eventually." Being as it's one of the few things she has left of Seth.

There's a laugh and then a wink. "I would say that I am working for it, wouldn't you?"


"You say the sweetest things," Aidan purrs, walking his fingers up Elsie's leg. He gives her a sly smile and stops at the hem of the skirt, leaning back once again in his seat.

"I've not been here for that long, Elsie, so I haven't had the opportunity to make the delivery yet. One thing at a time." The sensual flirtatiousness is gone now, replaced by Aidan's typical collected cool and mock boredom and arrogance.


"It's been a long week, no thanks to certain information falling into my hands." Aidan doesn't go beyond that to extrapolate. Elsie will either put it together and flaunt herself smugly, or … she won't.

He pats his coat pocket with one hand. "But now that you're here, perhaps you'd like to do the honors yourself?"


Great.. two.. hedonistic vampires in the office at the same time. Does cold water work on them?

"Okay.. okay.." turns into "What gift?" Blue eyes shift from one to the other and back again. "What is it?" It's not that he's like a kid at Christmas, no. Vampires bearing gifts isn't necessarily a good thing as everything has a price. It's just a matter of what it is and how it is to be repaid.

Sean rises from his seat and takes a step closer to his shelving, though it's not far from the tableau of vampires. "Will one of you please explain?"


A playful swat at Aidan's hand, merely for Sean's benefit.

"Now, now. I honestly do not fancy putting on a show for Dr. Watson." At least not yet. Though she's honestly not really in the mood for toying with the man all that much at the moment. He looks far too much like Seth to torture him, and honestly that constant reminder is making it difficult for her not to pull Aidan outside and explain the situation to him.

A sly grin appears as she holds her hand out for the journal. "It is hardly my fault that your past is back to bite you in the arse. You didn't have to tell the chit."

Elspeth glances back at Sean and rolls her eyes. "Do have a seat, Dr. Watson. I assure you that you will like this gift. Consider it your own past coming back to… haunt you." Beat. "It is one of Seth's journals that he gave to me ages ago to hang onto. Lost family secrets and all that. I will want it back eventually as it does belong to me now." Being as how she considers Seth her 'child' and it's only right that it be returned to her.


"I had my reasons," Aidan says simply, a hint of coolness to the words. He's not going to explain himself and he's not going to discuss it with Elsie. Not now, possibly not ever.

Reaching into his pocket, he produces the journal and hands it over to Elsie. Of course, he took the opportunity to peruse it while it was in his possession and he's not quite sure why Elsie thinks it's a good idea to give this book to Sean. But, Aidan hasn't put himself on the necromancer's bad side (yet) so he doesn't see a reason to worry about himself.


Sean watches the interplay between the two vampires from his vantage point by his skulls. His arms rise to cross in front of his chest, and his brows form a crease as he studies them.. their interactions. Like two children at play.. two very dangerous teenagers.. young adults.

"If you don't mind," the necromancer smiles tightly, his lips forming a fine line.. but it's a smile all the same. "I'd rather—"

There's the name.. Seth. Sean has had absolutely no time to go digging into his own background, and is at the same point as he had been when the person had been mentioned before. "Seth's journals.."

Sean watches as the tome is placed back into Elsie's hands; there's no markings on it that would identify it immediately as anything, as far as he can tell. The presence of the book, however, is enough to bring him forward, his brows still creasing in consideration, in curiousity..

Didn't curiousity kill the cat?

"How did you get it?"


"I know." Elspeth may not know what those reasons are, and frankly, she really doesn't care. It was simply pointing out that he didn't have to tell her.

"Now, Dr. Watson, I know I cannot possibly be distracting you that much. I am still fully clothed." There is a wink given to the man as the leather bound journal is delicately offered out to him.

"Seth gave it to me approximately eighty years or so now. When he wandered back to Egypt." There is a flicker of something in her eyes, akin to a deep sadness, but a second later it passes and she's got the mask back in place. "I do have more, but this was one of his more… experimental journals, and he asked that I allow you peruse it if I felt you were worthy."


The older vampire gives a playful eye roll. "You are distracting even fully clothed, Elsie."

Aidan catches the emotion, that flash of something in the blonde vampire's eyes. It reverberates with the odd feeling he's been getting from her all evening. She's Elsie and not … something has her badly unsettled and it's apparently something to do with Seth.

Suddenly, this situation is not as amusing as it was , and Aidan is back on his guard. It doesn't show in his face, or even his behavior; his manner stays relaxed and effectively bored, but he has turned watchful and attentive now to every one of Elsie's nuances and mannerisms.

And Sean's. As the situation has the probability of becoming a powder keg.

For all intents and purposes though, he just an odd mix between curious and bored.


The flirting really doesn't go too noticed; Sean's got something else that's captured his eye and imagination.. and worse yet, his curiousity. He holds his hand out to receive the book, and once in his hands, he hefts it, feeling the weight of the years.. the pages that lie within.. and he whistles softly. He can't resist opening the first page, the spot right on the inside of the cover where he's certain he'll see.. something. A vanity plate, or at the least a signature.

Lifting his head, it takes a moment for Sean to register what it is that Elsie is saying. When he does, his brows fall.. and his tones turn quizzical. "Worthy.." A statement that becomes a question, "If he felt I was worthy?"

"Wait.. wait.. he asked that you allow me to look through it.. study it.. How does he know who I am?" Which comes back to the tomes. "One of his tomes.. he gave you this when he wandered back to Egypt." Beat. "You were in Egypt?"

Sean looks at Aidan, his expression one of a man lost in puzzles and conundrums, and is trying to make sense of everything that is being put forth before him. A starving man in the presence of a banquet.. and he means to find his way through every morsel. Saturday, Sunday.. however long it takes.

"Where is he?" Sean doesn't know Elsie's regular mannerisms to recognize when she strays, and the question, to him, is a valid one.


"If I felt you were worthy," Elspeth reiterates.

"Oh, now you believe me that he could potentially be a vampire, and I was not just making it up to toy with you?" Rolling her eyes, she moves over toward Aidan so that the temptation to tear Sean's throat out goes away.

"Luv, I've been everywhere. One of the perks of living forever. You go where you please, when you please. Where haven't I been?" Her brow is quirked as she runs a finger up Aidan's arm, purposefully ignoring Sean's last question.


Bloody powder keg, Aidan thinks as Elsie's demeanor does a rapid shift. Sean is merely curious and Aidan might fault him for the curiosity if the necromancer had any idea of with whom it is he is dealing. But then again, if not for Elsie's odd mood, the question wouldn't normally have produced such a response.

Aidan gives Sean a faint shrug at his puzzled look. "You talk to enough of us, Sean, and you're going to find out that we've all been in the same places, though not at the same time. Egypt is … attractive. Or was. Once upon a time."

As Elsie's hand moves up his arm, Aidan leans toward the pretty blonde vampire, catching her hand in his. He waits until he catches her eyes before lifting her hand, turning her arm and pressing his lips to the inside of her wrist, then applying just the hint of fang. Yes, it might make Sean uncomfortable, but it's meant to soothe Elsie and keep the situation from exploding.


Sean gives Elsie a long look, trying to see if he can see anything that might give him a clue written upon her face. There's nothing, however, that he can see and he goes back to the tome in hand. A page is turned, and he frowns as he looks at the lines on the page. "This is heiratic.." Shaking his head slowly, he brings his regard back up to the vampires.

He'd caught the words regarding how well-heeled vampires could be.. he knew that in the back of his head, really. It's specifically Egypt in a specific time, and whether she knew of a specific vampire is all he wants to know. That, however, can wait for the moment now that he's got this in his hands.

He even ignores (mostly) the.. pair of vampires, or rather, what it is they're doing. Third wheel in his own office? "Ah.. it's not that I didn't believe you, it's just.." Sean didn't believe her, and still isn't all that sure. Why would she give.. lend.. him a book written by another necromancer? Out of duty to Seth?

"I would like to look this over.. I mean.. it's fascinating, if only for the fact that it's written all in heiratic.. with some later— ah, there.." Sean is sifting through the book's pages. "Hieroglyphs.. Ptah.. 'I call to the north..'.. pretty standard there.."


Sharing a look with Aidan, Elspeth doesn't draw away from the attention to her wrist. She keeps her eyes on Aidan all the while, telling herself over and over that despite the similarities, Sean is not Seth, and is not responsible for his death. The feigned bite works to calm her mind, and the mask is snapped back into place once again.

"Incorrigible," she whispers to Aidan, play-slapping at him again, as she mouths the words 'thank you'.

Turning back to face Sean, she bears an amused expression. "Do you think I had Aidan bring it just to taunt you with it? I know what that one contains. Very… shall we say… interesting musings within those pages." Beat. "You may keep it for as long as you roam the earth. After such a time, I should like it back. It has particular… meaning to me."


There's a lot to be read and seen in Elsie's eyes when one knows how to read her. Following the mock bite, Aidan rubs small circles in her wrist until he can see the anger and frustration fade a bit from her eyes. Even then he holds on until she initiates the disengage, and it's not to attack the necromancer.

'You're welcome,' Aidan mouths in reply.

Sean is the happily babbling academic, though Aidan hasn't a clue what the man is going on about. He supposes that if he wanted to rack his brain, he could figure it out but really … Aidan doesn't.

He stays quiet, a rarity for him really in this sort of situation, and continues to merely observe the interaction between Sean and Elsie.


Eyes of blue still move through the pages, his eyes narrowed as he works to decipher the writings on the page. Hieratic, and it's in a flowing hand, which makes the reading of it a little more difficult. Words are caught here and there, and he gets the basic idea of a paragraph here, a sentence there. A couple of things catch his attention, and he pulls the book a little closer, just to see if the angle and the light aid him in the reading. "Huh…"

When Elsie speaks to him again, Sean has to pull himself from the tome and refocus on the human forms, and dig for what he may have heard her say. "Ah.. taunt me with it? Actually.." The necromancer smiles a little, and gives a lopsided shrug, "Not like it's never happened before.. vampires taunting people with possessions the other can never hope to possess…" There's no animosity, no.. anger. As far as Sean's concerned, it's a statement of fact.

"I have to say, there are some.. interesting things in here, yes." However, the fact that she knows what's inside? "Did you read this? Can you read this?" That moves forward, however, to the, "I'd.. like that. Probably make a copy, should I ever.." have someone to pass it along to? Doubtful at the moment. "..need the information and I gave it back.."


"I've read it." Elspeth doesn't say how much she read, or lend to the fact that she worked with Seth on these particular journal pages. "I would like to base that on the merit of any of your potential offspring."


"That is to say, I would prefer that you not share the pages with anyone that is outside of your family, and that you not share it with anyone until I determine that they are worthy as per Seth's request."

Suddenly, she turns to Aidan. "Remind me when we leave here that I have something for you as well."


"A gift for me?" Aidan asks with a lazy drawl. "You shouldn't have."


Assuming, once again, Sean ever has a life enough to actually have offspring. It could be that he'll be the end of the Watson line— this portion of it anyway.

He nods his head slowly, a tight smile gracing his features. "I don't share anything that has to do with my particular.. calling with anyone." It's not like witches' grimoires, or sorcery books, or anything of the sort. His metier is steeped in ritual and tradition, and a calling by gods older than most vampires. It's not a religious calling, however.. it's a matter-of-fact, this is simply how it's done sort of calling. Just because another reads the words doesn't mean Ptah will grace them with his presence, or ability.

"I'm pretty sure there are secrets all around, though." Sean doesn't doubt for a second that Seth may have hidden things from Elspeth, even. Necromancers have to keep their cards close to their vest; like vampires, weaknesses can be exploited.

"But, promise. Cross my heart." With the words, Sean runs a finger in that 'x' pattern in front of his chest. He doesn't continue the saying, however. Hope to die.. no way..


"Remember, Dr. Watson, no copies." Elspeth seems icily adamant about that.

"Not exactly a gift per se," she directs to Aidan, though she really doesn't bother elaborating on it all that much. She looks abjectly bored now, wanting to get onto matters with Aidan.


Aidan casts a glance at Elsie, recognizing the bored attitude. When she doesn't remove herself from the corner of Sean's desk, he realizes that she isn't going to move or leave. Fortunately, Aidan knows that his business with Sean is done. He'll deliver the full journal in a few days.

Rising, Aidan gives a nod to the necromancer. "I think we're good then." He cants his head toward Elsie, "Shall we leave Dr. Watson to his evening?"


Sean nods and closes the journal, putting it down on the desktop right in front of him, protectively. "Right.. Oh.. before you go. Just a warning?"

He looks at the pair, his expression one of genuine concern. "The.. ah.. creepy Russian woman? She's not dead." He waves a hand lightly, dismissively, "I don't know how, I don't know why.. but she's not dead.." A smile comes, a tight, thinly-lined expression. "She wanted her journal back. I don't know why.. it didn't have anything of note that I know of.. but.." he shrugs. "Just be careful."


"If we must. I am certain a man like Dr. Watson must have some sort of life." Hopping off the desk, she looks much like the teenaged college co-ed again. She takes a moment to muss her hair and shifts to toussle the clothing a tad.

She's about to tease about a tutoring session when Sean speaks. Her shoulders go absolutely straight and she spins around. "Find out how. Find out why. Then tell your findings to Aidan, because let me be perfectly clear, Dr. Watson, you are no more safe than anyone." And Erik would kill her, more likely than not, if she offered to protect Sean just because of his deceased ancestor.


Sean's words pique Aidan's curiosity. He thinks that he should probably be alarmed, possibly very, very alarmed, but all he can do is tilt his head in consideration. "Alive?" Aidan echoes. "That's … interesting." All right it's a little more than interesting and deserves some investigation, though Aidan isn't sure why he should be careful. He was only the middleman … but Sean doesn't know that does he?

His blue eyes flicker over to Elsie who is definitely on guard and bothered by the information, and then back to the necromancer. "I'd definitely be interested in hearing more, if you should find out anything." Because really, Sean doesn't owe them anything, and ordering him around is not going to get Aidan into his pseudo-good graces. "But you should probably be careful too." Shrug. "Just a thought. Since you got the message."


"Alive.." Sean nods. Oh, he's taking precautions.

He gives Elsie a long look; for a moment, it had almost sounded as if he was going to pick up a patron, thanks to Seth.. Now, he's not all that certain, and he's not all sure he really wants to ask at this moment. Maybe later.

"I'll.. I know I'm in the line of fire as much as anyone else." Finally, he exhales the breath that he had been holding, and a tired smile rises, "Story of my life?"

He nods, though, a gesture towards the door. "Good night.. and thank you."


Elspeth glances at Sean with an odd smile, then she quickly rubs her lipstick askew and winks at him.

"Oh, no, Dr. Watson, thank you." She adds the schoolgirl giggle to it and then turns to the door.

"That little bit of information will certainly come in handy. I do appreciate it."

Opening it, she waltzes out of the room looking a little tired, with the backpack slung lazily over her shoulder.


As Elsie brushes past him out of the door, Aidan can't help but smirk. He gives Sean a shrug of mock helplessness, "You do realize that it's going to look even worse when I walk out behind her, right?" The grin on Aidan's face speaks volumes to how amusing he finds the idea.


"Don't worry, I'm a gentleman. I don't kiss and tell."

With that Aidan turns and follows Elsie into the hallway outside of Sean's office.


Sean's eyes widen a little, his brows rising at Elsie's shift of .. 'togetherness'. He glances up, though there's no camera in his office, he's very much aware there are cameras in the corridors, all the way out to street levels.

"Nice.." his voice is low, and he hangs his head, shaking it.

"Great.. thanks, Aidan.. appreciate it."

Taking up the journal, he turns around to pack it away to bring it home. He's got some reading to do; the midnight oil is going to be burned..

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