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Lost Society

A dark womb of black and varying shades of blue encompass the Lost Society nightclub. The room is a fair sized club area, well lit with neon tubing, but arranged in such a way as to cast it's bright glow against the darkly colored walls giving off the illusion of being under water. Walls have a three dimensional facade, created to look like the fallen ruins of Atlantis. To further the effect, a thin, wispy fabric has been stretched across the large geodesic dome that makes up the ceiling, giving it a wave-like pattern. Hanging from interlocking chrome pentagons behind the fabric are small rubber fish and other aquatic life forms that seem to come alive as the lights within flash. A ring of black light surrounds the ceiling, causing the lighter colors in both the club and on the patrons to fluoresce.

Spreading over the dance floor are black iron rails holding state-of-the-art varilights and floods which reflect off of the large disco ball that dangles from the ceiling, splashing the LED dance floor with light. The dance floor itself flashes and pulses to the beat of the music, continually changing colors in a neonic frenzy.

Thick silver chains come down through the 'waves' and hold large, translucent 'bubbles' that are trimmed around the outer edges in complementary shades of silver and blue. These bubbles are actually globe-like chairs with thin, but very comfortable cushions inside of them. Set between each pair of bubbles is what appears to be a fallen column right out of Greek architecture, atop of which is a glass table top. The main attraction is at the back of the club, where both the stage and the bar stand out as full-sized crumbling ruins. Heavy blue curtains of varying shades with seaweed strips hang on either edge of the stage, while the bar has a high-tech, mirrored area behind it.

The music here is blisteringly loud, but startlingly clear. Heavy bass notes throb, speakers buzzing slightly when the volume reaches its peak.


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Aidan Elspeth

This isn't one of the haunts that Aidan is familiar with, but the club simply screams 'Elsie' the moment he's past the bouncers at the door and sliding between over heated, sweaty, and oft scantily clad human bodies. The smell of hormones and blood is intoxicating, and Aidan takes a deep breath of the air around him as he makes his way to the bar. The dark haired, blue eyed Vampire fits right in with the socialites, debutantes and spoiled rich boys who litter the bar, attempting to chat up and be chatted up, bodies grinding in a suggestion of something more intimate on the dance floor. His clothes are designer, dark pants, charcoal shirt, hair slightly mussed. His progress to the bar is only interrupted as he turns to admire the retreat of a pair of legs and hips in a skirt far too short to be legal. An appreciative smile turns up his mouth as he slides up to bar between a lovely brunette and her lovelier friend.

"Hello ladies," Aidan drawls, before signaling to the bar tender. He's here to find Elsie, but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy the scenery in all its forms.


Lost Society isn't exactly one of Elspeth's normal haunts, but it's fun. It's frivolous, and what socialite wouldn't be caught dead there? At the moment, she's even dressed the part of little lost society girl, in a part-dress, part toga that barely covers her body as she flits from man to man as though they're flowers and she's the Queen Bee (which she is).

Catching sight of Aidan when he approaches the bar, it's not long before she slips up behind him. Her arms drop over his shoulders and she grins. "Aidan! I can't believe you've actually made it!"

Due to appearances, perhaps only Aidan himself will catch the appreciative eye that's cast upon his new friends. "Care to join us," she asks of them, amber eyes trying to lock on the lovelier of the two to persuade them to sit at a table with them. "My friend here does enjoy the brunettes." Cue the socialite giggle, accompanied by a roll of the eyes for Aidan's benefit.


The press of Elsie's body from behind, and her laughing socialite greeting aren't entirely unexpected. Glass of amber liquid held carefully in one hand, Aidan turns an easy one hundred eighty degrees, sliding the arm with the free hand around Elsie's waist to rest at the small of her back. "Did you really think that I would turn down an invitation from you?" The greeting is followed with a playful kiss to the side of her neck.

If it is possible for Aidan's eyes to smirk, they do at Elsie's appreciation of the women and he gives her a grin that's broad and amused. There are so many reasons that he loves Elsie's company.

"I most certainly do, but we wouldn't want to interrupt their evening. I'm sure that they have dates somewhere around?" The question is offered casually to the women, as though Aidan isn't trying to chat them both up while being wrapped around a 'perky blonde' socialite. It's a game, and the ladies don't even know that they're playing.


"Tosh. They're coming with us. If their dates are worth a grain of salt, they'll find them, won't they? Besides, it's not every day that they get to bask in the company of Finola." Ensuring that she presses herself against him in order to gain the jealousy of the brunettes, she points to the VIP section. "They're more than welcome as my guests if they are in your entourage, Aidan. I promise I won't bite." At least with them knowing about it anyhow.

There's a playful giggle, forced for the sake of the humans.

Then comes a non-sequitur in, "I've not found her. Even pooling my resources. I have no idea where she might have gotten to, though I can send you toward the family. There are six sisters you might enjoy…"


"Ladies, won't you?" Aidan doesn't even think to get names, because he doesn't care about that. He manages to catch the gaze of the taller of the pair, legs that go on forever, and slides her a smile and a glamour. "C'mon, we're where the real party is at." There's a moment before she nods, and whispers to her friend; it's no surprise when the ladies giggle and turn in the direction Elsie indicated.

A low, appreciative growl is given at Elsie's oh-so-obvious gyration, and his fingers skim beneath the too short hem of her dress to touch cool flesh. Really, she should know that two can play. Of course her next words are nearly an effective dousing with cold water.

A soft curse is given in birth tongue and Aidan frowns into Elsie's hair, "Well that's pretty much bollucks." A beat. "You'll have to tell me about the sisters."


When the meal decides to join them, Elspeth claps excitedly, much like any good socialite would at getting her way. "Oh! Shall I get you samples? Photoshoots? I do so love making new friends! I can't believe my luck!" Especially if they do have boyfriends that are even half as good looking as the women are.

Noting Aidan's look to the taller of the two, she focuses on the shorter. Her arm looping through the other woman's as she drags them toward the VIP section. "Oh, you'll just die when you get there. The club will be yours to play with and I'll take care of the drinks. I'm so happy you could join us. We'll make an evening of it?"

Her voice drops so only Aidan can hear, "Three older, three younger, only one in London, who just so happens to be taking a class with Watson."


With both of the women now snared and 'befriended' by 'Finola,' Aidan follows behind admiring the view, though he's truly on half in the club anymore. His thoughts have gone to Corrie, trying to figure out where she could possibly that Elsie's resources couldn't find her. He thinks about the 'call' she made and wonders whom it was she called — and where they put her once they rescued her.

Before Elsie can call him on the carpet for his distraction, he speeds up, sliding an arm around the taller of the women, as they walk towards the VIP area. "Finola loves to party, and she does know how to party. I don't think I got your name?" His smile is full of smokey charm and seduction, and he barely catches her name — Melissa — because he knows he'll likely forget in a few hours when he's gotten bored.

The information about Corrie having a sister who has the good professor as her instructor? That might just give him something to work with.

"Small world. Infinitely workable, however." Aidan intones in a sotto voice; Melissa hears nothing, but he knows that Elsie can pick up the low murmur of words. He hugs Melissa close, "Is there a boyfriend, or is this my lucky night?"


"Melissa," the taller of the two responds with a laugh. "Was wondering when you were gonna ask that, mate."

The shorter of the two remains silent, under Elspeth's thrall as it were. She settles at the table and orders her drink as told to, then seems to just bounce at the thrum of the music.

"Flirt," Elsie says with a laugh when she catches what Aidan is doing.

"Definitely a small world so far as you're concerned. You'd best be making sure that she's not told that little sister everything about you. Watson's aren't known for keeping that information so close to their chest."

Melissa giggles again and says, "If I did, he's not around. You're cute!"

Elspeth rolls her eyes, motioning for the waitress to bring them a tray of shots to keep the other girl occupied.


"I have no idea \what\ you're talking about," Aidan gives Elsie a very patented blink of his blue eyes, feigning an innocence that he hasn't had since he was thirteen. Maybe younger. He takes Melissa by the arm, gently twirling her in a circle before they sit, and then catching her gaze again as the circle completes, "We are going to have such fun together, aren't we?"

The Vampire pulls the woman into his lap, as she giggles and nods her agreement, and there are sometimes when he just adores being able to mess with thier minds.

He gives her a quick kiss, tasting something fruity on her lips and tongue, and pulls back. "Of course, I am. I'm hot. And so are you. Now, have a drink while I have an ever so unimportant conversation with my friend, and then we'll really party."

He has managed to make it all the way here without spilling his drink, and Aidan takes a swallow before turning to Elsie. "I haven't said I'm actually going to do anything yet. Just … feeling out the territory." He frowns briefly, mind going elsewhere yet again. Aidan really wants this one, and not just to make sure she keeps her mouth shut.


There is another roll of her eyes. Elspeth knows the look in Aidan's eyes, and since no men are forthcoming, it looks as though she's going to have to make due with the 'friend'. She slides another drink toward the girl, waiting on that to sink in before she bothers to glamour. It's much more fun when they come of their own volition after all.

"She's not worth your efforts."

It's very difficult to tell wether she's meaning the redhead or the brunette at this point.

"I have left familial information at your flat. I figured it was safer there than lugging it around with me all night to see if you would appear."


Elspeth's words draw Aidan back into the here and now. He taps his fingers against the glass of Scotch, a murmured, "So I've been told." He doesn't elaborate however, tilting the glass up and back again for another drink. Aidan toys with Melissa's hair, coiling it around his hand, and arching her neck back for him to kiss. He meets Elspeth's gaze over the woman's shoulder, "But you know how I hate to lose."

"You wound me, Finola. I always enjoy partying with you, why wouldn't I be here?" Another kiss is given to the pretty brunette, and then Aidan stretches fingers to stroke Elspeth's shoulder, "Don't be like that, luv. You know that I'll share."


"I'm not worried about you sharing, I'm worried about you getting yourself in trouble unnecessarily. Glamour the wench and be done with it. She's really not worth your efforts, luv." Elsie rolls her eyes at him again. "In all seriousness, a witch?"

The girl she's sent the shots to looks thoroughly drunk, not having bothered to have paced herself. After four shots, she looks done for and that's when Elspeth whispers in her ear. There's a giggle, then a glance toward her friend Melissa.

"Now I really wasn't expecting that," Elsie exclaims peering between the two. "Oh you have chosen a pair, Aidan, really and truly!"


Aidan decides not to point out that he wasn't talking about sharing the witch, but more about the armful of leggy delectability in his arms. She's on her second drink, Aidan thinks, and he's sure the alcohol has more to do with the way she's nuzzling his throat than the light glamour he placed so that she'd ignore he and Elspeth's conversation.

"I plan on doing so, as soon as I can find her," Aidan pauses long enough to allow Melissa the semblance of thinking she's in control as she steals a kiss, and then continues as though uninterrupted. "I think she'll make a nice bit of arm candy." Because wiping her memory and being done with it would be too easy, and not nearly enough fun.

He empties his glass and leans over to ask against Elsie's ear, "Have you ever had a witch? I simply can't just walk away."

The declaration regarding the two women is easy enough to translate, and he gives Elspeth a salicious grin and brow lift, "Sometimes, I really do hit the jackpot, don't I?"


Elspeth rightly doesn't give a rat's ass as to who he was talking about, but leggy brunette isn't exactly her style no matter how appreciative of the look she can be. Another roll of her eyes is given to the nuzzling, and she slides her shot to the shorter friend again.

"I'll keep looking, but I still don't really think she's worth the trouble, Aidan." A frown, and she leans in to whisper, "Arm candy is well and fine, but a witch? Having a coven on your ass doesn't exactly sound like fun, luv. More to the point did you know that this one," she points to the shorter of the two, "Has quite the thing for your new date?"

Smirking, she draws the other to the conversation as it were. "Why don't you just tell Melissa how you feel, sweetie?"

"Oh, I c-couldn't. She wouldn't be my f-friend then…"

"Bollocks, a true friend'll do whatever you ask of them…"

Elspeth glances at Aidan and then snorts. "I prefer sorcerers, and there's very few of those that would share freely. I'd be jealous, except I can't be bothered to. So tell me, Aidan, what were you discussing with Erik. Keeping secrets from me?"


"If I do it right, I won't have a coven on my ass, but I will have a cute little witch in my pocket. And my bed." There's a smug arrogance to the words, and in the slight upturn of his smile. He looks from one woman to the other and the smile lifts a bit more. Aidan pats Melissa's knee and whispers in her ear. Her eyes go wide, and there is a nonsensical "No, really," "Yes, really" conversation before she turns her attention to her friend.

As much fun as watching the fallout will be, whether good or bad, Aidan rolls his eyes at Elspeth's inquriy. "Finola, you are turning not fun." Aidan accepts the new glass of scotch from the server, and then claims a shot of whatever was on the tray as well. He throws back the shot, leaning in to rest his head against Elspeth's. "Don't do that. I've had a bitch of a week, so please don't go all school yard on me."

The question, however, has effective doused Aidan's good spirits again, at least temporarily. He really doesn't want to talk about Erik's visit, simply because he didn't like being caught unawares, particularly when he tries very hard to stay out of the politicking. "Did you know he was coming by with his new pet?" Can't forget that little item, can he?


"New pet?" Elspeth seems perturbed by that. "Oh the were-bitch."

There is very little love for Emily. To be certain, Elsie almost seems put out by it all.

"Had I known do you not think I would have been there? I found out afterward, needless to say if you are keeping something from me, I would rather know it now than have it held over me by her." There's a feral sort of growl to the vampiress' voice.

"Regardless, if you're interested in exploring their budding relationship before their men return there is a room behind the curtain. Just don't take too much blood, hmm?"


The reaction to the mention of Erik's shifter pet is wholly unexpected. Elspeth is sometimes shallow and petty, but the level of animosity and jealousy he hears from her is new and different. Aidan almost considers calling her on it, but puts the thought aside. He doesn't wish to start a row with Elspeth, though it can end in so many fun, bloody and aching ways, but this is hardly the locale or the time.

"I was caught unawares," Aidan admits. "However, he seemed mostly interested in my new found friends. Watson and the witch." He waves over the server, and takes four shots, passing two to the women and placing one in front of Elspeth. That shot goes quickly the way of the others. "He simply wanted to be kept in the loop about what Watson is researching and what progress he makes. Sound familiar?" Aidan tilts his head thoughtfully, "Do you two compare notes at all?"

Swiveling in his seat as much as he can with an armful of brunette, Aidan glances at the curtain then turns back to pick up his scotch. "Not really in the mood. All this seriousness is killing my appetite."


"I imagine so," Elspeth replies cautiously. "But not so much as I was that Erik was bringing her locales other than the house, or those necessary for business." Yes, there's no denying that she's a tad jealous. To have belonged to Erik, only to be called back to him when he has such an entourage is a slight slap in the face no matter what has been offered.

"That would be because I provided him with the information before following through with my promise to you. Still, I would have thought that he'd have invited me to that information session." It is perhaps the one time that she shows herself to be the nineteen year old she appears to others.

"Let them wander and explore then and we can find more suitable candidates as the night wears on… or we can re-establish this party at my flat. Your choice. We can suss out how best to manipulate your new pet at the same time, though again, Aidan… a witch?"


Elspeth has fangs and Aidan is not referring to her literal ones, either. As much fun as it might be to rile her up, again, Aidan laments that now is neither the time nor the place. Instead he finishes off the scotch in several swallows, and reaches out to stroke his knuckles along Elsie's jaw and down her shoulder and over her exposed collarbone. He leans in and tugs on her lip with his teeth, before closing his mouth over hers and stealing a kiss, nicking her lip with a fang and licking away the blood. "D'ya see what I mean? Gettin' a bit too serious here now," is whispered against the corner of her mouth. "Why don' we go back to your flat? You can tell me all about how much you dislike the were-bitch once we're done wit the ladies."

Aidan draws back a little with a smirk and a cant of his head, "I really 'ave to tell you about Gwen sometime."


"Don't patronize me, Aidan…" Placated for the moment, Elspeth sighs. "I have never liked playing second fiddle, mm?"

She sets her eyes upon the two women that have joined them and motions to both. "Ladies, do you care to join us for a more private soiree? I have a few friends coming in from France this evening. It could mean modeling contracts for you both…" A lie but neither really needs to know that at this juncture.

If they survive the night, she'll ensure that they get a call from someone.

"Tell me what Erik wished of you, and I'll tell you about my particular feelings. Otherwise, shut up and feed once we're there. I've no qualms with getting the white upholstery bloody for the likes of you, provided there is no killing…"


Aidan gives an exaggerated eye roll. He nudges Melissa off his lap with the suggestion that she talk to her friend for a few minutes and turns to Elsie, "I've told you what Erik wanted. Keep an eye on Sean, report back what he finds out and the progress he's making."

He swivels in his seat, cupping Elsie's face in his hands, "Now, I'm not patronizing you, so do stop sulking. You know I hate it when you sulk." He kisses her again, hard enough to bruise if she were human, and draws back with a suggestive lilt, "Shall we go now?"


The kiss, this time, is accepted with the full force of it. Elsie leans against him and sighs. "I'm only sulking because I know not what games he's intending and I hate being left out of the loop." She shifts her lips along his jaw, just enough so she can nip his ear. "Allow them to play when they get to my flat. I need more information before I launch a full investigation into your new little witch, then you can tell me about her blood while we feed from your new friends, hmm?"

Elspeth drops money upon the table — more than enough to carry the tab, then some.

"There are times, Aidan, when I wish I'd known you as a human. Consider the fun we would have had. Consider the parties…"

Elspeth's Flat


Aidan still doesn't understand Elspeth's choice in decor, but it's not the most immediate thing on his mind when they escort Melissa and her friend, Amy, out of his car and into the flat proper. Aidan very quickly finds the alcohol, and with Elsie's permission, whips up some strong drinks for the two brunettes, encouraging them to "Relax and enjoy," themselves. Between the drinks, the glamour and the intoxication the women have with one another, they don't take much encouragement.

Leaving them entwined together on the white couch, Aidan sidles up behind Elsie, wrapping his arms around her waist. He presses a kiss to the side of her neck and then rests his chin on her shoulder. "So, tell me, what else is going in that lovely little head of yours?"


"Aidan are you being absolutely honest with me about that witch chit?" Elspeth leans back against him, not enjoying the show so much as she might normally, her mind definitely focused on other things. Her hand snakes up to rest at the back of his neck and she smiles, "If not, you do know I will find out and then be upset."

She allows that to sink in for a moment or two.

"I have been thinking of other things, but I need to know whether I can trust you implicitly or not."


"What could I possibly be hiding?" Which really is a ridiculous question and Aidan knows it. Elspeth knows him well enough to know that he does play things close to the vest, and he always keeps something back when it's beneficial to him or might be used for leverage later. His eyes close briefly as a soft purr comes from his throat at the feeling of her fingers and nails against the back of his neck.

"I want her," Aidan allows, the emphasis on those words heated and hungry. "She's a liability to me at the moment, because she knows who and what I am, and I need to at least make certain that she's not sharing that information all over London. But beyond that, I really just want her. Her body, her blood. You know me." It's said with a casual shrug that is anything but casual. When Aidan wants something very badly, he can tend toward obsessive. "I think she'd be fun to play with for a little while." Until something else pretty and shiny comes along.


"Plenty," Elspeth replies dryly, void of any emotion. "I know you, Aidan. There is more to it than that. She is not Gwendolyn Bishop." That having been said, she digs her fingers in a little more roughly. "I am not remotely interested in your witchling, if that happens to be what you are worrying about. I have need of someone I can trust in the city, beyond Erik." Loyalty to Erik is one thing, but trusting him implicitly would likely mean her death. She's not that stupid.

"But I need to know that I can trust him. I need a swordarm." Pausing, she pushes back against him playfully. "Someone to handle those that prove to be a bit more… difficult. It will give you something to kill without fear of retribution, and it would help me a great deal."

She considers the rest of it, and then laughs. "Fine. I will help you with your new toy but if you double cross me, so help me I will be the one to drive a stake through your heart."


The name makes Aidan tense, if only momentarily. He doesn't like to talk about her if he can help it, and Elsie knows that. Her name doesn't fill him with the same sense of venom and raw hate that the name of his creator does, but Aidan still doesn't talk about it. Elsie wouldn't even know if she hadn't run into Seamus over the years and … there is a bloody brilliant way to put him in a bad mood is by stirring up the name and memories of his beloved baby brother as well. Fortunately, Elsie derails him before Aidan can begin descending somewhere dark, the roughness of her nails digging into the base of his skull sending a thrilling chill down his spine. He nips her throat in appreciative response.

"My interests in Corrie have nothing to do with crossing you or anyone else. It's purely personal." Aidan says, his hands moving now, seeking the hem of the too short dress and the cool skin beneath. "She's a witch, and having her under my control would be useful. That's all." Not to mention pleasureable.

His hands still at her next words, and Aidan lifts his head from where it nuzzles at her throat. Interesting, is his first thought. He doesn't know why, but he is surprised that Elsie doesn't trust Erik implicitly and without question. Of course, she's smart not to; the Master of London is the Master of London because he's powerful and a master at manipulaton and machinations. But blind loyalty is no one's friend.

His lips pinch into a line, and after another moment, he steps around to look into Elsie's eyes. "This is unexpected." A hand rises to trace her collarbone, "I do like killing things."

He hasn't said no, but he hasn't said yes either. Aidan is still processing.


Wrinkling her nose up, she leans back enough to smile at him.

"I do not have the penchant for killing as some do, and beyond which you know our society is very…" Elspeth considers the best word to describe it. "Patriarchal at best. While we do hold positions of power, no one expects us to kill or to have someone do it for us. You really would be doing me a service." Pause. "Granted, you would be paid well, not that you need the money. Should you name an additional price I will, of course, consider it." Not that she'll give it outright, but she will consider it.

"In the interim, I shall look into things for you. No promises beyond that which I have already given you, but should I find anything that may interest you…" Oh, she knows the response will be that only he knows what will interest him, and her response will be 'too damned bad'. Still, it's the game they play and one she quite enjoys.

"Consider it over your lovely brunette friend over there if you can pry her away from her partner long enough to." Smirk.


Aidan tilts his head to look down at her, something in his face shifting and dropping. It's a decidedly predatory and non-human behavior, not that he's preying on his fellow Vampire, but he is dropping the mask of humanity if only briefly. Elspeth isn't so wrong in her assertions; there is still a hierarchy in Vampire society, just as there is elsewhere. But more than that, he knows that it means that Elsie won't have to place herself in danger to take care of 'problems,' and she knows him well enough to know that Aidan gets quite a thrill from being on the edge.

The human mask returns as easily as it was cast away, one half of his mouth lifting in a smirk as she continues her offers of enticement. "Do you really think that you know me well enough to know what I'll find interesting?" Aidan knows that he's playing into her hands by asking the question, but she'd be disappointed if he didn't; also, he wouldn't be Aidan if he didn't point that out.

His attention flickers briefly to the brunettes and then back to the blonde Vampire. Aidan reaches out and drops his hands to her hips, tugging her toward him, "Aren't you going to join me for a bite?"


"Aidan, luv, I know you almost as well as I know myself. Trust me, I know the little nuances that will set you off. If I find anything remotely interesting, you will know." She has no reason to hide things from the life of the witch from him. As it is, she intends on playing it close to her chest, but she knows that even the slightest little thing will bring him interest for a while.

"The last time I joined you for a bite, Aidan, there were bodies to bury. Perhaps if you convince them to move to one of the back rooms where the blood will be easier to clean…" Elspeth tilts her head back to nip at his neck, and then smiles. "Unless, of course, you would rather they tire themselves out first, in which case we can find better things to occupy our time with."


"Yes, but it's not as easy to get away with the killing anymore," Aidan laments, and he is genuinely regretful. "It's so much work, getting rid of the bodies, covering it up … I actually have to plan now when I truly want to enjoy myself. I miss the easier days before CCTV and the internet." There's a note of wistful longing and nostalgia as his ghost up her sides and around her back, drawing her into the circle of his arms. Of course he can't truly complain that much; he takes advantage of the technology as well.

Lowering his head, Aidan presses his lips to hers, though the kiss is short, brief and teasing - purposefully suggestive without delivering on it's promise. He flashes a playful and devious smile at her, showing a hint of fang, "We're grown ups, I think we can manage without too much trouble… but, then again it's always so much better when they're all sated and tired out, now isn't it?"


"No one would care if you did away with a few of our kind," Elspeth replies with a smirk. "After all, you do have a history of doing such, hmm?" It is then that she's reminded of why she adores Aidan so much. He's got that constant need for physical touch which borders on both playful and human. The kiss is met with a light bite of the lower lip and then when it's over she chuckles.

"I never did quite have the opportunity to 'grow up' but I suppose I have finally lived long enough to earn that title." Reaching for his hand, she nods to the couch. "Shall we have some fun, or do you wish for them to be sleepy? I do find the blood tastes better when they're quite sated, however… there is something to be said for a spot of fun."


Aidan lacks either shame or guilt over his past actions, and merely gives a bored shrug at Elspeth's question. "I do what I have to do." Also what he wants to do, but that's always a bit trickier.

Aidan follows the woman's gaze to the pair on the couch, and his mouth curls upward in consideration. He gives her hand a tug, leading her to the couch. "I'm always up for a spot of fun."

He can mull over Elspeth's offer while engaging in other … pleasant distractions.

A little hunt earlier, followed by a little mayhem, plenty of blood and debauchery on the couch.

Elspeth has been cleaning up since then, having left Aidan to his own devices after moving things to the bedroom. At the moment, she's in a white silk robe, several streaks of blood in her hair. Brushing it out, she tucks the hair behind her left ear and smiles.

A tap at the door of the guest room, and sweetly she calls, "Aidan? Are you finished in there, or do I need to clean up a few bodies?"


Aidan opens the door at a leisurely, sedate pace. His chest is bare, and nail marks run in long red welts from one shoulder diagonally to his hip. He's warm and flushed, and those blue eyes are sparkling with satiation. His tongue runs along his top lip and the corner of his mouth, licking away the lingering blood. A slow, far too smug and devious smile turns up the corners of his mouth, "Oh, Elsie, how you doubt me. I left them alive." He leans against the doorway, shoving it further open with his foot to allow her to see inside. "I really didn't want to worry about disposing of bodies tonight." A beat. "I didn't want you to have worry about it either."

With a roll of his shoulders, he smooths a hand through his unruly hair, not particularly surprised to feel the stickiness there. "I think I might need to take a shower before I leave." No getting blood on the leather interior of his car.


Elspeth raises her brow in a comical fashion, then laughs. "Splendid. Blood is rather hard to get out of the mattress. They can rest, and I shall have Gregory come by in the morning with breakfast to see them home."

A finger reaches up to stroke down his cheek and remove a drop of blood from it. Bringing the finger to her lips, she sucks on it briefly then nods. "Follow me. You're rather lucky I've got some clothing in your size. I'll set them out on the bed for you while you tidy yourself up." Turning to the hallway, she leads him through the flat to the master bath.


Aidan's gaze narrows briefly on her finger disappearing in her mouth, but that usual edge of need and craving is gone — sated for now — so it's only the idle watching of appreciation.

At her words, he pushes off the doorframe, and falls into step behind her. It's not because Aidan is the 'follow behind' sort, but more rather because he is taking the opportunity to enjoy the view. Even with the silk robe covering her, Aidan can appreciate the feminine form and the sway of her hips.

"What's that? No company?" Aidan teases. "Who's going to wash my back?"


Leaning against the frame of the door, she laughs. "If you need your back washed, just call. Otherwise, I need to find you those clothes."

Elspeth pauses, then smiles salaciously. "Unless you'd rather return home in nothing. I'm quite sure your… woman… would be quite amused by that." For the life of her she can't recall Kim's name, nor does it really matter if she does.


"You are wicked," Aidan tells her, but the words lack any heat or annoyance. He's in far too good of a mood fot that. Aidan hasn't had a night like this in … far too long, and he really needed it. Rolling his shoulders again, this time just to confirm that there's little, if any, tension left in his body.

Aidan is already stripping out of the remainder of his clothes again and walking towards the shower stall. "Not my particular kink, thanks." He glances back over his shoulder at Elspeth. "For the clothes too."


"Absolutely and purely," Elspeth replies to his accusation. "Come now, you really would not like me any other way." Winking at him as he steps into the stall, she gathers the discarded clothing and sets them in a bag to have Gregory send them to the cleaners in the morning.

Large, fluffy white towels are set to the side of the shower stall, and she lets herself out of the room. First to see to cleaning the blood off the girls and setting them more comfortably together in the bed, then to locate the clothing to set out for him.

It's not often that Elspeth bothers with duties such as this, but it only suits her to play good hostess while she's a guest, and to ensure that poor Gregory isn't going to have to deal with all the mess come morning.


Aidan's laughter follows Elspeth out of the bath as he steps into the shower. He's quick but thorough. He takes extra time with his hair, just to make certain that all the blood is gone, adn then scrubs his body down quickly and efficiently. One of the towels is wrapped around his waist as he inspects the scratches going across his chest, and twists to see the ones on his back as well. Already healing, all of them are.

Aidan finds the clothes that Elsie left for him: jeans, a long-sleeve gray t-shirt, undergarments, brown leather jacket. He doesn't bother to question how or why she has them, given that he has a women's wardrobe of varying sizes in his flat. Once dressed, and after fussing with his hair a bit, Aidan makes his way around the flat to locate Elspeth.

Finding her, he watches her for a long moment, saying nothing. It's a study that includes no leering, lewdness or flirtation, just a studious contemplation before he finally says, "Yes."


Where he finds her will be quite comical in and of itself. She's honestly not all that difficult to find. She's laying back on the chesterfield in the main room, knees bent to prop up a fashion magazine that she's boredly flipping through.

Elspeth doesn't move, though she's well aware that he's behind her. Watching her. It's a sign of trust, one that she rarely gives. Tilting her head back, her blonde hair spills about her shoulders.

"You cannot tell Kim, though I will inform Erik." Since in all technicality, he'll be working for Erik far more than he'll be working for her. Reaching down beside her she pulls up another ancient looking tome. "This will be for the necromancer should you chance upon him again. An old diary from a dear friend. I'm quite certain he'll not believe that it's real, but that is hardly my concern."


"You knew my answer before you asked the question, but you still went through the motions of making it look like I might say no." It's one of the things that Aidan likes about Elspeth, is that she's so much like him in that fashion.

He strolls across the room and takes the book that she hands him. Aidan doesn't even bother to flip through it, and instead answers her previous comment. His eyes narrow, and his lips pull in a thin line. "There's plenty I don't tell Kim, so there's no need to worry about that." It's true, Kim knows what she needs to know. There's so much more that she doesn't, and the politics and manueverings within the Vampire community are high up on that list.

Now, he indicates the book, hefting it a bit. "Right, another bit of bait for the geeky necromancer." Though really, Aidan can see why Elsie might have been intrigued by one of Sean's ancestors if the man was anything like Sean. The necromancer is interesting. And gets bonus points for understanding exactly what Aidan is and taking it in an odd stride.


"Ah, no. Actually that little book may just set him off. Don't let him read it in your presence, I would honestly hate to have him attempt to use you as a guinea pig." Elspeth pats the couch beside her, inviting him to sit though not really expecting that he will considering the hour.

"I knew that you would more than likely lean toward yes, though I cannot say as though I knew definitively that you would agree to it." A smirk lights upon her lips. "Though it should keep things interesting for you, especially when you need to take out frustrations due to your toys not complying as you'd like them to."


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