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Aidan Elspeth

It takes Aidan a few days to track down where Elspeth spends her time when she's not with von Richter. He has no intention of trying to slip into von Richter's personal domicile undetected to talk to the lady vampire; it's easier — and more rational — to find her on more neutral ground. Fortunately, though his tracking skills aren't as well honed as they were a decade ago, they are good enough for eventually finding out where Elsie likes to entertain.

The flat is elegant, though Aidan does have to smirk at the pure white theme of the place. White screams purity and innocence and he doesn't think that Elsie had a moment of purity or innocence after she turned twelve. He makes his way stealthily from one of the bedrooms — where he slipped into the flat — and to the living quarters. With a smirk, he leans against the wall, "Love what you've done to the place."


There is very little time that Elspeth does not spend with von Richter. After all, there is quite a bit to learn and accomplish in regards to being the right-hand girl of the most important vampire in the city. Business meetings, party attendances… and she's got appearances to keep up as well. It's rather hard to play a society girl with her new workload, but she's been managing well enough.

The scene Aidan will find when he enters the front room is one that would be almost salacious were it not for the fact that both parties are completely clothed.

Lifting her head from the young man's neck in a languid manner, Elspeth narrows her amber eyes upon the intruder. "Aidan. To what do I owe the pleasure of this surprise visit?" Her body shifts slightly and she strokes the cheek of the man beside her. "Care for a drink?"


Fully clothed or not, the scene before Aidan still has a pull, calling to that deeper primal and not at all human part of the vampire. There is something about feeding that is sensual and carnal in nature; those other vices that amuse and distract him — drinking, womanizing, gambling — have their place but at the end of the night, they really don't compare.

The man is good-looking, as to be expected, dark haired — also as expected — and clearly under Elsie's thrall. Which is always a good place for dinner to be, unless one is lucky enough to find dinner that actually likes a little pain.

"Can't I drop in on an old friend?" Aidan posits playfully. He tilts a winsome smile at the female vampire on the couch as he crosses the room, "Though I didn't mean to interrupt your dinner." A beat. "Aren't you worried about ruining the decor?" An instinctive sniff is given to the air, the sweet coppery tang of the blood stirring a faint hunger within him, even though he has previously eaten.

Elsie's words are taken as invitation and Aidan slides onto the couch with the young man between them. "Well, if you're offering, it would be rude of me to refuse." There's another beat before Aidan allows his fangs to descend and lowers his mouth to the young man's throat, holding Elsie's amber gaze the entire time.


Slipping her tongue out to catch a stray drop of blood, she watches Aidan's facial features as he crosses the room. A hint of wry amusement can be seen in her eyes when he takes a seat and joins her for a 'drink'.

"I am well aware that your preferred vintage runs more toward the nubile young women, but you do have to admit that he is a rather delicious specimen." Dipping her head, she licks at the two small puncture marks upon the young man's neck, cleaning the area of blood.

"When one does not eat like a barbarian, one does not make a mess on the delightfully white furniture." She keeps the furniture as a reminder to behave herself. Any killing (which is extremely rare from her these days) is done in places that are not somewhere she considers a 'home' of sorts.

For his part, the young man seems not to even notice Aidan until the mouth is to his neck. There is a faint wince, a closing of his eyes, and then a dream-like smile that appears upon his face.

"Is he not simply adorable?"


Blood is blood. It's simply more fun for Aidan when there is an attractive woman involved. Makes it much easier to sate his various different appetites. The young man's is rich and spicy, tinted with relaxation and the lethargy of the content. Aidan doesn't take much, a few swallows only before he pulls back, retracting his fangs. His tongue flickers out, licking away any remaining droplets. Done, he raises his head, the tip of his tongue peeking out to savor the last bits of blood left on his lips. "I've never questioned your tastes, luv."

Aidan shifts a bit on the couch, keeping his blue eyes fixed on Elspeth. "But you have to admit that sometimes being barbaric does have a charm all its own." Aidan isn't judging, merely teasing. He too, keeps things controlled in his home. When he wants to loose control, there are other places to do just that.


Once Aidan is complete, she leans in toward the young man and whispers something in his ear. He gives a nod and removes himself from the couch. "I'll be in shortly. I didn't forget my promise!" Suddenly her persona is completely different. Elspeth not only looks like a nineteen year old socialite, she sounds like one too.

When the human has relocated himself upstairs, she lounges back on the couch and smiles at Aidan. "Bryce is fairly pleasing. I would hate to accidentally tear him apart."


"Of course not," Aidan agrees, "It's so hard to find the good ones."

He angles his body more toward Elspeth's, though he doesn't move to breach the distance left by Bryce's departure. This really isn't a social call, after all. Though he wouldn't have minded, it does seem that Elspeth is already otherwise occupied. Still there is a bit of mischief and suggestive invitation in his next words, "I'm thinking though, that we really will have to find a way to enjoy a true shared hunt someday. We were always so good at that." It really has been far too long, too. Aidan lifts his brow in inquiry, "Unless you've forgotten?"


Elspeth has no qualms closing the distance between them, and while she may have someone waiting upstairs, the night is still young enough that he can continue to wait for a while.

"I do so miss a good hunt. Playing the games is fun, but rather boring." The games being to act as human as possible to lure someone out. It used to hold a great deal of excitement. These days it's much like going through the drive thru. It's food, but it's hardly as satisfying as sitting down to enjoy a meal.

"I have hardly forgotten how to hunt, or the pleasure we took from it."

Running her fingers up into his hair, she smirks. "Enough of that. I presume you are here for a reason other than a quick nip and a social call. Have you news of Watson then?"


Unlike Elspeth, Aidan does still enjoy the game, but it's an odd sort of enjoyment. He enjoys reinventing himself, and he enjoys being among humans and knowing that they have no idea how much of a deadly creature he is to them. It's not simply about the hunt and the feeding, there's the drawing them in, earning the trust and then taking advantage of it.

Also? He really does find some humans vastly amusing on so many levels. But hunting, truly hunting and capturing prey, that is something that is in a class all its own.

Reaching up, Aidan lifts her hand gently from his hair, and brings her fingertips to his lips, first kissing them, then nipping at her pads of her index and middle fingers. "Not as of yet, no. Dr. Watson is a hard one to pin down." He means that figuratively, not literally, though he hasn't tried the latter. "You should know though, I'm nothing if not persistent." Aidan's attention shifts to her thumb, sucking it delicately between his lips. From there he trails a kiss to the palm of her hand before continuing. "This is something of a more personal nature." His jaw twinges as he says the words, because Aidan really doesn't like asking for favors.


"Is he?" Elspeth quirks her right eyebrow upward and allows herself a soft, sultry laugh. "Perhaps I should attempt the pinning then. I do have a certain fondness for that particular family line."

Never allowing her eyes to stray far from his face, she watches as he works his lips over her fingers and palm. "Keep that up and I may feel so inclined as to invite you to join us later."

The mention of a personal nature has her curiosity piqued. "Do tell."


"You know, I might just have to meet this particular child of yours someday. You just keeping making me more and more curious."

As though issuing a challenge, Aidan pins Elspeth beneath a salacious blue eyed gaze and raises her wrist to his lips. He scrapes his teeth and fangs there, but doesn't break the skin. His antics don't distract him from the conversation that they're having.

He does have to take a break from his flirtatious attentions to ponder how to answer the question. Elspeth is going to find far too much pleasure in the predicament that Aidan finds himself in currently. Though, he has neither seen nor heard hide nor hair from Gideon Reese, or whomever it was that Corrie 'spoke' to in the Undercity. "I have a new pet, but she might have gotten herself tangled in with a sorceror. I need to find her and clear up a few things."

Which means he's admitting that she's fallen off his radar. A simple internet search turned up her name and address, but his brief search for her there didn't yield any promising results.


"You may just have the opportunity, as I may invite him to the city when he is completed with his current line of work." Which just happens to be locating a certain something in Egypt for her.

When the flirtations pause, there is a feigned frustrated sigh as she draws away. "Business first then, as usual." Though upon listening to what it is he has to say, she frowns slightly.

"Tangled in which manner? Amorously?" Best to clarify that right away. Elspeth is not particularly fond of sorcerers herself, and if it's simply some sort of relationship entanglement she'd rather not delve too far into the mess.


A humorless chuckle makes it way past Aidan's lips. He shakes his head, "No, definitely not amorously." It's very clear from his attitude and demeanor that he's one hundred percent certain on that end of things. Corrie was definitely not romantically inclined toward Gideon Reese. Nor his brother, even, though her manner suggested that there might be a one-sided interest in that direction.

"More rather he inferred that she was a cheap rut and she thought it would be a bloody brilliant idea to start throwing spells at him in defense of her honor." Not the most intelligent of moves, rather a bit of knee jerk and impulsive reaction, really, and it reminds Aidan of someone he knows. Again, though he's neither human nor easily breakable.

"My little witch freaked a bit after that, rightfully so, and called in backup." Possibly her coven — Daughters upon daughters, Aidan knows that now because the internet really is a wonderful place — but he's not sure about that.

"I think she's gone to ground, but seeing as how I got to have a frontline seat for the show, I'd really like to find her and find out exactly how much trouble this might be for me."


"A witch?"

Elspeth cannot help the way her voice seems to arch upward in tone as she holds back a laugh. "You really have stepped into it this time, I think." She also cannot help asking, "Was she a cheap rut then? Was the comment founded?" Involvement with a Coven is really not something Elspeth wants to be doing at this point either — that will require intel that Erik might have.

"So what you would like from me is information on where she might be? Who she has told about you and this incident?"


"I like witches," Aidan defends himself, almost petulantly. Being close to a witch is ever so useful, but really he's 50/50 on his success rate on this sort of entanglement. He sighs and groans, twisting and dropping his head against the back of Elspeth's couch. He stares up at the ceiling, hands folded across his chest. "Honestly, had I known she might be this much of a problem, I would have just killed her when I had the chance. I thought she would be useful." Truth is that Corrie still might be useful to him, if he isn't going to have to deal with a Dynasty.

Slowly rolling his head to the side, Aidan meets Elspeth's gaze again. "I know that you have a few more, and better, contacts than I do. I just need to find her and get her out of London so that I can get answers from her." Aidan doesn't want Corrie hurt; not yet anyway. And if she is going to be hurt, or killed, he's going to do it himself.


"Names, Aidan. You hardly expect me to search for this woman based solely on the fact that she is a witch." Magic users are, in Elspeth's opinion, the worst. Hiding behind their spellcraft to protect themselves. Hardly fair in the fight for survival of the fittest — even though more often than not Elsie herself sides with the humans.

"I will see what I can do though I make no guarantees. In the meantime, would you care partake in the night's festivities?"


There's silence a moment before Aidan gives up the name. "Corrie Kavanaugh." It's not a need to protect Corrie, or even a distrust of Elspeth that freezes his tongue briefly. It's simply that possessiveness, that territorial streak that Aidan possesses with regard to those that he has marked as his and his alone. "I will be most appreciative, however you can help." Was that actual gratitude in Aidan's voice? Could be that he really really does not want to be caught in the middle of a spellcaster turf war?

In contrast to the somberness of the issue surrounding Corrie, Elspeth's invitation draws a licentiousness rumble from the back of Aidan's throat. After all, there really isn't anything to be done about Corrie right now. The vampire surges upwards, licking at the corner of Elsie's mouth. He speaks softly, voice slightly husky, "You have a decadently wicked one track mind."


Elspeth nips almost playfully at his lip when he gets close enough. "This evening," she murmurs sultrily, "I do." Have a decadently wicked one track mind, that is. Even so, it doesn't prevent her from still paying attention to the business at hand, to which she murmurs, "At the very least I can ensure you are protected." After all, it is hardly Aidan's fault that his prey decided to play with a dangerous predator.

"Now, come. I do hate to keep Bryce waiting. He has been such a wonderful sport." Pausing, she sets a lustful gaze upon Aidan. "And you need to relieve a bit of tension, I think."

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