The Great Rescue

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Aidan Corrie

Following the witch's stupid attack on the sorceror, Aidan leaves the spellcasting area of the Undercity as quickly as inhumanly possible. While he might not know that area well, he was only there seeking a contact after all, there are other areas that he does know better. Areas that are necessarily safe for an unprotected human, even if she is something of a hot tempered witch. Corrie won't like it, but that's her problem to deal with.

Aidan comes to a halt in one of the off corridors, something of a cross between a shallow cave and alley. He's sorely tempted to drop her right on her cute little bum, but again inexplicably restrains himself, settling her gently on her feet. Aidan waits to make sure she can stand of her own accord, though once she is standing, he makes no effort to leave her personal space. In fact, he levels his body between hers and the exit, and grasping her gently by the waist, backs her into the rear wall. Crystal blue eyes bore into hers, serious and frustrated, the same emotions that play in his voice when he speaks, "Honestly? You picked a fight with a sorceror?"


There has been no argument from her. No outburst of protest about him carrying her off like that. When she's on her feet, there's not even a bothering of pushing him away from her. After all, his movements likely saved her arse because she eventually would've broken out of the binding spell, and eventually shot off another in Gideon's direction.

"The bloody man called me a prostitute, Aidan. Implying that I'm nothing but a cheap rut."

Taking a deep breath, she fights against what she wants to say about him simply picking her up, and instead says, "Thank you." There is a beat, and she leans in with the intent of placing a quick, friendly kiss upon his cheek. Much like she would with Tristan had he saved her arse.

"This one is my fight though. Not only did he attack me personally back there, but he's threatened my livelihood in the past." She really should call Rhys about this.

"Look, I'd really just like to go home now."


Aidan looses a mirthless chuckle and shakes his head. "Do you really care what he thinks of you? From where I was sitting, it didn't seem like you two were best friends." He's debating what to do with her, and with the whole situation at the moment. He's outed himself as a Vampire to a sorceror, and that could be messy. Of course it's just as likely that Reese thinks Aidan was simply interested in making off with dinner … And really she'd be a lot less trouble if she were dinner.

Yet, there's a part of him that is really secretly amused by her bravado and her willingness to throw herself in danger no matter how big and menacing the wolf bearing down on her happens to be. And there is so little true amusement of this sort in his life these days …

"If it makes a difference at all, I don't think that you're a cheap -" Aidan stops, his brows rising as she kisses his cheek. It's completely unexpected, though it's a good sign that his glamour is holding. Given her penchant for unexpectedly throwing spells that's a check in the positive column. "You're welcome, but you should know that I really don't make a habit of this sort of thing." Which means he won't get in her way if she wants to pick a fight when he's not caught in the crossfire.

He still hasn't moved, offering little space or leeway between their bodies though Corrie isn't actively trying to get away from him either. Aidan lifts one hand and pushes a lock of hair behind her ear. "Invite me in." The vampire isn't using glamour at the moment, but it doesn't mean that he won't. He leans forward, lips brushing the shell of her ear. "Invite me into your home and I'll get you home safely."


"I honestly expected you to just leave me there," Corrie remarks. Thus, she's well aware that he's not the sort to make a habit of saving women in potentially dangerous situations.

"I can't do that. We both know I can't do that. Beyond which, I believe I've just started a war with London's largest Dynasty. Do you really want to get involved in that?" She's got a call to make, but she can't do it with Aidan being right there.


"It was so very tempting," Aidan admits, trailing a finger delicately along the side of her throat. His gaze follows his finger, and his words are surprisingly seductive despite the message that they are meant to impart. "Particularly when you chastised me like an errant child." He waits a beat, brushing the backs of his knuckles up her jaw and cheek. "But I figured that if I've decided to not kill you, it wouldn't be very sporting to allow someone else to do it."

He draws back to look in her eyes, and as much as he wants to push for an invitation into her home, she is right in that he doesn't want anything to do with whatever Corrie has set in motion. Aidan's grip on her waist tightens as he closes the scant distance between their bodies. He presses his forehead against hers, "I would really appreciate it though if you didn't get yourself killed either when we're just now starting to get on so well."


Whatever Corrie has set into motion? She's not at all certain she wants to be part of it either.

Sighing, she figures if she allows the physicality instead of fighting it, she may actually get out of here sooner rather than later. "Yes, well, that is the plan. To not get myself killed. However, in order to ensure that is the case, I need to make a call and do a spot of damage control. Which is why I need to get home. Will you help me get out of here, at least insofar as you helped Dr. Watson? With Gideon still out there, I'd honestly feel safer with an escort for once."


She's telling the truth, Aidan can tell that much from her voice and body language. Honestly, she really did land in it with both feet tonight, I think. Aidan could push this, but he does want her alive for now. She's a cute little frisky mouse, and also there's nothing bad about having a witch in his pocket. As long as he can avoid tangling with sorcerors.

"A'right, yeah, I'll escort you out of here," Aidan declares, though he makes no move to distance himself from her. "But first …" The reason he doesn't move becomes readily clear as Aidan uses the arm still on her waist to draw her flush against him, his mouth slanting against hers. It's not a rough or forceful kiss, but it's not in anyway chaste either.



Then just like that, she's being kissed. Honestly, what woman wouldn't react to a kiss from a guy that looks like he does? So at first there is a response. Not so much reciprocation as surprise.

Shortly there after comes a shove (little good that will do, he's a vampire), and a slap as Corrie tries to pull away from him.

"Aidan, no. We're friends. Don't spoil that."

With that having been said, she dips her hand into her purse to pull out a small piece of mica. Then she's talking into it. "There is a situation. I'm in the Undercity. With the…" Vampire. "Aidan. I ran into Gideon. He knows." Her only hope is that the magic will work down here.


The brief response is almost encouraging, but naturally, it's too much to hope for that he'll get the response that he wants. Aidan is discouraged, but not overly so. He still has options, which he will exercise if not tonight, on another night, but it will be after he gets the witch with a death wish out of the Undercity.

"We could be special friends," Aidan quips, but doesn't press. There's no hurry really, all things considered. Now that he has a base to work with, he can build upon that.

He does take her hand after she talks into the stone, and though he is curious about the sort of magic that it is, Aidan doesn't ask. When he gets a chance, he's really going to have to see what he remembers about witches and their magic. "C'mon, let's get you out of here, Corrie."

He is going to have to find out what exactly is going on, if only to not be blindsided if his rescue of the witch somehow put him in the middle of it.

Also, there's that little bit where Aidan is going to have to make sure she knows that she's his.


"Headed to the surface now." Beat. Glancing at Aidan she clears her throat. "The situation is probably dire. I've no doubt that Gideon is sending someone to find me. I may have attacked him for insinuating I was a prostitute…" It really sounds like she's leaving herself a voice message, or writing some sort of Tweet or Facebook entry.

When she's done relaying the message she slips the mica back into her purse and takes a deep breath.

"Sure," Corrie says in a distracted manner. Though whether to the offer to be 'special' friends, or the 'let's get out of here' is unclear.


He's halfway out of the narrow space with the witch in tow when Aidan stops and looks down at her. The little witchling is most certainly distracted. Then again if I'd just pissed off a major player in the sorcery game, I'd probably want to watch my arse as well. Sadly, Aidan can't say that he hasn't ever pissed off anyone bigger and stronger than he happens to be. The difference being that he's not human.

Vowing that he is going to drink away the memory of this, the Vampire manages to heave a very heavy sigh. He turns to her, making certain that he has her full attention, "How quickly do you want to get to the surface? I can move a lot faster if I'm carrying you."

At some point in time, Aidan is going to have to let the witch know she owes him. Big.


Corrie owes a lot of people now. Glynis, Rhys, Aidan…

"Quickly as possible, but don't strain yourself over my foolishness. Point me in the right direction and I'll be fine…" Beat. "Then again, I won't stop you if you want to run like the wind or whatever it is your kind does."

Note: Once out of the Undercity, Aidan leaves Corrie to her own devices where-in she runs into a merc that was sent by Rhys to extract her from the situation.

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