Myths, Legends, or Reality?

Sean's Office

The office of Dr. Sean Watson is almost stereotypical of what one would find in the office of an active archaeologist. Bookshelves line the walls of the office where there is no window, and where there is the one view outside, there are low-slung shelves. Not only books adorn the shelving, however. With each sectional, it can be discerned what specialty the shelves contain. There are small statuettes of random Egyptian figures of history, a couple of skulls that look very much like the mummified remains of some poor soul who lived a couple of thousand years ago filling the shelves behind his desk and chair, pottery, examples of textiles of the Middle East on the 'far shelving', and the nod to MezoAmerica under the window.
A desk sits on the side, papers piled along the front and on top of the blotter that also acts as a calendar. Pictures are hung on the walls in the spare spots, devoid of shelving, which is only on the wall nearest the door. There, Dr. Watson's degrees are hung, as well as a couple commendations from the archaeological community at large.
Just beside the door, a tall, cherrywood hatrack stands with a jacket draped upon it.


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Sean Corrie

As much as students complain about early classes, it's not as if the professors like it any more than they do. Particularly after long nights, which, sadly, he didn't spend out drinking with friends. Dr. Sean Watson takes the stairs up to the second floor of the Arts and Sciences Building on campus, his steps slow and deliberate, his hand on the handrail, though it does rest lightly. It's not so bad that he has to pull his way up.

Once on the landing, Sean's on autopilot. With briefcase in hand, and attired for lectures for the morning (suit, tie), he lets his feet guide him to his office—


Approaching his office, he catches the form and figure of a young woman waiting outside, presumably for him? "I'm sorry," is offered as he gets closer, "Office hours aren't until 9:30.."


"Well aware," Corrie replies, holding out one of the paper cups she's had in her hands for the last ten minutes. "Were I a student, I'd likely actually care about office hours." Taking a rather long look at him to ensure he's in one piece, she nods.

"Glad to see you made it back in one piece. Have fun with the vampire then?" It's a guess. An assumption. One that she's vocalizing in order to gain a reaction from the man.

"Either way, the coffee will help. It's black, but I've got cream and sugar if you'd like."


While Sean doesn't recognize the woman on the onset, the stirrings of conversation bring to mind one of the two younger women from last night. Brows rise at the words, and he nods once, slowly. "Okay.." The word is drawn out, but followed by, "Last night." Just making sure.

Taking out his key, he concentrates on fitting the key into the lock, turning it, and opening the door to his office. "You know there's no such things as vampires." He smiles ever so slightly to take any perceived sting from the words. He gestures with a hand into his home away from his secondary home (as opposed to his 'real' home, which is tertiary..). "Myths and legends."

Changing tack briefly, Sean glances at the coffee, his brows rising again in askance, "For me?"


"You see anyone else going into that office," Corrie asks with a grin. "I would have gotten tea, but coffee was easier to come by on campus."

There is a grim look upon her face as she contemplates him. "There's also no one named Imef, right? No access to the Undercity near the tube station?" People walk by, but not a one is stopping to raise their eyes at the conversation. "They can't hear us, Dr. Watson. I took care of that when I noticed your arrival."


Sean twists around, looking at the few passers-by on the floor and not one of them, come to notice, are actually acknowledging either of them. He's puzzled, and with a look back to the woman, invites her into the office. Magic isn't the first place the necromancer's mind turnss to when something happens, though. Even acknowledging the supernatural doesn't mean it's seen at every trick and turn.

"Okay.." once he's in his office, and should she follow, the door is closed behind them, "first.. you said your sister is taking one of my classes. Who are you?"

Taking a deep breath, he turns to shrug his jacket off and hang it up on his hatrack, and turns back seconds later to ask the follow-up question, formed in a statement, "You never did answer my question as to how you knew about the Undercity."


Once she enters the office, the coffee is held out to him once more while a playful grin touches upon her lips. "Don't worry, it's not been poisoned."

Rather than moving to sit in a chair across from the desk, she waits until he takes the paper cup and then starts to peruse the shelves. "She is. Actually I believe she may be taking several of your classes though I've not bothered memorizing her schedule." Taking a small sip from her own cup, she turns to look at him once more. "I'd have thought the family resemblance was enough. Corrie Kavanaugh. It's a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance. I've heard enough about you."

She still doesn't answer the question about the Undercity as of yet, instead posing one of her own. "The better question is how you knew about the Undercity. You're not a bloodsucker, and you're not one of them, so what are you?"


Sean finally takes the proffered paper cup by the top, and sniffing it first, takes a tentative sip. Black is fine, apparently.

"Kavanaugh.. Ah.." It takes him a moment, which he uses to study Corrie's face before he nods, "Jean. Got it." Walking slowly towards his desk, he tucks behind it and takes a seat, watching her movements now as she peruses his books and knick-knacks. "There is a family resemblance. I have so many students coming in during the year.." Politely apologetic.

Wrapping his two hands loosely around the cup, now, he leans forward in his chair, blue eyes still fully on the young woman in his office. "Ah.." He smiles; it's genuine. Not that he's lying, it's more.. extending the truth a bit. "Research. I'm a good archaeologist, remember? Student of history, ready and willing to hear what it'll tell me, if I listen hard enough." Sean shakes his head, granting her some of her assumptions in his response. "I'm not a bloodsucker, no.. and I've never been called one, thankfully. I can't answer to "them", however," here, his words come slower, more weighted, "because I don't know what them is." to you. "'Them' could be anything."


"No need to apologize," she says, making her way toward the desk to take a seat across from him finally. "I didn't actually expect you to figure it out when you've had little sleep, and look barely awake this morning."

Her free hand wafts in the air as though to brush away the reference to 'them'. "It's really not important. While I can accept that an archaeologist would want to go down there to study living history, the fact remains that you'd have to either have some supernatural ability, or be extremely stupid to go down there alone." Beat. "Unless you've got a little bit of firepower with you, and as much of a knight as you are, you don't strike me as the Indiana Jones type, carrying around guns and whips in the city."


Sean raises the coffee to his lips and sips again before lowering it. He is beat, that's for certain. Only a couple of hours, once he was sure that the poor brunette was somewhere safe. Thing won't remember much of anything, thankfully.

"I'm willing to bet that you won't accept extremely stupid." The smile creeps in again, and he headcants in question, "I'm going to come back to my question, though. How do you know about the Undercity?" He pauses a beat before, "You don't strike me as stupid, and your sister would have mentioned if there was another archaeologist in the family."


"I've no doubt that you going there on your own without any sort of backup was extremely stupid," comes the quick reply. Corrie leans forward, resting her elbows on her knees as she watches him.

"I'm willing to bet that you wouldn't accept that I stumbled upon it one day accidentally, hmm?" Pausing for the reaction, she sighs. "Let's just say that I find certain areas useful for gaining information that would otherwise be difficult to obtain through the usual means. I've never seen that entrance though. I'm guessing your 'friend'…" Lover? "… is a vampire or knew how to get you to see one named Erik?"


Sean chuckles softly at the intimation, but doesn't disabuse her of the sentiment. Of course it would be extremely stupid to go in without any sort of backup. If he doesn't argue it, perhaps she'll come back to the 'having some sort of backup', only she didn't see it, or rather, know about it.

And no reason why she should.

Shaking his head, the hint of a smile remains from his gentle laugh. "Nope. Probably not. Just like you're not buying the fact there is no such things as vampires." He reaches for his cup, but before another swallow is taken, he does respond to the question. Thankfully, there isn't any liquid in his mouth for his reaction. The word friend is enunciated such that it's..

Oh, no..

"Nope. That gentleman I was with? Never met him in my life before last night. Guess he sort of took pity." As much pity as a vampire could take?


"I was unaware that vampires were capable of pity." From all her research they generally treat the majority of the population like cattle — food, and that's about all they're good for.

Corrie winks at him over her coffee cup as she takes a sip. "Good to know. I'll bear that in mind that you have never met this 'Aidan' before in your life." Beat. "And that he's not a 'friend'."

Setting the cup on the edge of the desk, she realizes that they're at an impasse. Neither is going to budge on how they know what they know — not uncommon in the supernatural world, with the exception of Sorcerers who tend to give themselves away via eye contact.

"I can see that we're going to get nowhere this way." Several words in Latin are muttered under her breath, and the coffee cup seems to disappear.

"Tada," she offers dryly.


"Yeah.. they're not." Sean presses his lips together in a tight-lipped smile, and shakes his head. "Like everything else with them, it's pretty much a facade." Okay, so he's no longer disavowing any knowledge of the existance of vampires, though he puts a caveat in quickly, "Assuming, of course, vampires are real."

The necromancer can tell that the territory in which they're treading is getting a bit.. precarious.

"And no, never met this Aidan before last night, and I don't think I could ever refer to him as a 'friend', even in good circumstances. Of which last night wasn't on the top of his list for 'good', though Aidan was, inarguably, helpful.

Pushing the coffee up forward, Sean interlocks his fingers and leans on his elbows on the top of the desk. As the coffee cup disappears from view, his brows rise and blue eyes study the woman before him a little more closely. "That's a neat trick."

While Sean has a few 'tricks', there's nothing he's got that is anywhere near immediate. Everything requires rituals, spells.. and he exhales in a sigh. "Like that? Nope." If it's a tit-for-tat, the necromancer loses. "No fancy tricks here, sadly. You have no idea how many times it'd have come in handy, though."


"I'm quite certain a light ball spell would be a wonderful thing to have on hand on an excavation." As she stops concentrating on the cup, it reappears and she lifts it up to take another sip from the cooling liquid.

"So in order to make things a tad easier let's drop the pretenses that the supernatural world doesn't exist." She takes a deep breath and goes for it. "That man you were trying to keep me away from last evening was a vampire. I myself am a witch. And you are…?" Not a sorcerer. Isn't that all that matters?


"Something else, sadly, that some would say goes *bump* in the night. Most people, once they find out, usually don't like to be around me again." Creepy. Sean takes the fact that the woman is a witch with a little more equinamity than most.. normal people. Could mean many things, really.

"I can survive amongst vampires because I'm something they are rightfully afraid of. They don't even like to be near me." Not that it hurts his feelings in the slightest. "They can't control my mind. And I know exactly what it is they are." His words are low, serious now.

"So far, I'm not very helpful, am I?" He's only got his own abilities at any given time, and Sean is more than aware that its by his wits that he survives in the circles he travels. Shaking his head, he waves his hand slightly in the distance between them to dispell any potential hard feelings, and follows it up with an apology. "I'm sorry. More than that, and my job is at stake."


"I've been around worse."

After all, Corrie is fraternizing with a sorcerer, and to her family there is absolutely nothing worse than that. Her own thoughts on the matter however…

"I fail to see how it would endanger your job with the university, as I've no intention of waltzing out of here screaming at the top of my lungs that you are some sort of supernatural." There is a bit of a scoff. "Trust me, I know all about the persecution that can come from such insanity." Can anyone say 'witch hunts'?

"On the other hand, I can understand your concern." She'll just have to do a little more research on the man is all. Bandy the name about in some other circles — like the Council.

"Regardless, I should like to invite you to lunch at a time when your schedule is clear. A token of appreciation for saving my stubborn neck last night." Beat. "Though I really could have taken care of myself had it come down to it."


Sean shakes his head in response to that last bit. "They're quick, strong, and they've got stronger minds than you can imagine. It's the demon inside that animates that body of theirs. If they wanted to hurt you, there's nothing you could have done to stop it. I had a little more of an advantage.. which I used. Maybe didn't seem like it, but.."

Whether the witch could or couldn't, he does know what works and doesn't work, at least with Alex. Depending upon the vampire, sometimes it really is hit or miss.

"But," Sean offers an apologetic smile to accompany his earlier apology. "You probably do.." He points to himself, "Researcher, remember?" He shakes his head, the smile remaining. "Some might say that I'm worse than a sorcerer." Nothing more personal than a person's soul.

Sean leans back now, his expression one of surprise at the invitation. He's genuinely.. appreciative, but the excuses begin. "I have to warn you that work takes hold of me and rarely lets go. And then I have the.. secondary research.. papers to grade, and to write.. symposiums.. unexpected trips out of the country.."


"Dr. Watson, it's not as though I'm asking you out on a formal date, and it's hardly anything more than I would ask of a potential business contact." Corrie does her best not to laugh at the excuses, but she does smile broadly at them. "Besides, everyone needs to eat. If you'd rather, I could pick something up and drop it by your office, but honestly it is the very least I could do. Believe me." If she mentioned the 'save' to her Mum, there'd be a family meal involved and she'd really rather not subject anyone to one of those.


Sean chuckles at the response to his rather poor attempt to make a thousand excuses as to why he can't go out with an attractive woman. He exhales audibly, the sound exiting in a breath, the smile remaining. Nodding, he gives in and checks his calendar blotter, shifting papers and the coffee cup, his shoulders slumping somewhat.

"Classes, meetings.. I'm only seeing noon next Friday." As bogus as the list of excuses sound, it seems it somewhat based in reality. His brows rise, blue eyes lift as well, "Rain check?"


Corrie holds up a finger in the age-old silent response of 'one second'. Pulling out her cell phone, she scrolls through it until she gets to the appropriate date, then nods.

"That'll work." She is supposed to be meeting Jean for lunch, but she can reschedule it to Saturday and offer a shopping trip as well. "Shall I bring by something, or would you prefer a break from the office?"



The top, center drawer is pulled open and a pencil is removed. Sean checks the date once more and pencils in the time spent for lunch. He'll be out of the office. "Out of the office is fine. There are a few places nearby that are good for a quick bite. Off the tourist path, that is."


"Lovely," she says with a purposefully charming smile directed at him. "I'll be looking forward to it." Typing the luncheon into her phone, she sets it and then drops it back into her pocket.

"I know you have classes to prepare for so I won't continue to take up your time." Corrie only stays as she is for a brief pause to catch his response. Then she's heading toward the door. "Be seeing you."

By the next time she sees him… she should hopefully have a better idea as to what he is.


Sean puts the pencil down and nods, "See you Friday, then." He pauses, then, "Thanks for the coffee again, by the way. Helped."

He does chuckle, his smile resembling more of a pained grimace at the thought of prepping for classses. "I should be fine," though he doesn't sound like he believes it. "First years. This is where they decide if my classes are worth paying for in order to catch up on their sleep." No matter how exciting Sean tries to make the material, there are times when things are just.. dry. Dry as bone.

"Take care."

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