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Announcement: Game Status Update -- June 2011

Date: 20 Jul 2011 17:49
Author: ElectricMayhemElectricMayhem

June was a fairly quiet month, over all. There was, as always, some play worth investigating, and I was able to add a little more on the subject of Vampires, though there's lots more to do.

Of course, there was the hiccup of the server meltdown at the end of May. As I mentioned before, we have Confusion to thank for our temporary home. I don't expect that address to change anytime too soon, so I'll be updating the connect links throughout the site to reflect that. Eventually, we'll go back to the original site, but for the foreseeable future continue to connect to the game at lmux.dyndns.org 4225.


Announcement: Temporary Refuge Available

01 Jun 2011 18:41

Confusion has graciously set up a temporary server for us to play on. It doesn't have everything the last one did, but it'll do the trick. You'll have to recreate your character there1. Once the original server has cooled down to a more reasonable temperature, rather than threatening to melt everything in a 10m radius around it, I'll work on getting it up and running.

Meantime, three cheers for Con!

You can connect to the game at lmux.dyndns.org 4225.

Stay tuned for further updates as they happen.

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Announcement: Game Status Update -- May 2011

01 Jun 2011 15:34

We're in the middle of a server crash due to overheating, thanks to a Spring heatwave in my part of the world. So, the game is temporarily down. Not sure exactly when it'll get back up. Likely not until I've got the A/C unit installed and working, nor until I've had a chance to see what the damage is to the hardware.

Updates to that situation will be made in this space, so keep your eye on this site.

Other than that, it's been an interesting month. Hints of the larger story arc are starting to rear their heads in various logs and a little more information on Vampires (by no means yet complete) is available, too. Very little work has happened on the grid, however, but that might end up being a blessing, if the server hard drive ends up needing to be replaced. (Less to restore, that way.) Read full article ⇒

Announcement: Happy Birthday Mayhem!

04 May 2011 12:56

Happy. Birthday. Mayhem. Read full article ⇒

Announcement: Game Status Update -- April 2011

02 May 2011 20:21

So, it's been a slow month for site and game development, but a busy month, otherwise.

The server move is now complete and, barring software updates to the host machine, shouldn't suffer too much more in the way of downtime any time soon.

Really, that's about all I can say about April. It seemed like the month that would never end. But, now May is upon us, things should return to normal — or, rather, what passes for normal in this place. Read full article ⇒

Announcement: Game ON!

25 Apr 2011 04:01

So, it took a helluva lot longer than I expected, but the server is now up and running. The game should be good to go.

If you have any problems connecting, email me and let me know. Read full article ⇒

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