by Corrie Kavanaugh
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IC Date: April 29th, 2011

Things are a tad complex these days.

Working for Amber Bardot is generally just tiring, and at times it's difficult to play the balance between getting articles written about her charity work, and keeping her out of the news for her exploits. I honestly don't think I've slept a decent night since the before the 9th.

I've been working with her both day and night, going on a small tour around the UK to promote the bit part she's got in a coming movie. She's only got a line or two, and she's the worlds most horrible actress, but it's good publicity and PR for her — something she needs after the bad press of firing her new manager after sleeping with him. That was a piss poor thing of Randall to do, really, as it could have been settled quietly, but I suppose it did bring press attention to his firm.

It's surprising how much has happened since that night — I've gotten one of Gwendolyn Bishop's journals and read it front to back about twenty times. I still think Aidan is playing some sort of game, and I'll never trust him, but I am partially grateful to him for sharing a portion of my ancestry with me. It would seem I'm not the only witch in the line to favor gardenias and sapphires, or get embroiled in affairs I really shouldn't be.

The frightening thing is that I can understand the point of view she had on Aidan. I can see where she was coming from on it all, and how much she actually wound up caring for the soulless demon. It's understandable. When he's not being a complete and utter arse, he can lean toward being quite charming, gentlemanly, and friendly. It's almost romantically tragic, actually. How much she cared, how she tried to keep her family from harm, and how her life was cut short.

It honestly makes me think of Rhys. Granted, that's hardly to be considered 'romantically tragic'. Just well played. Still, I do miss talking with him. I call the Reese Entertainment Media offices every so often to check up on Dumnonia, but I generally get through only as far as the secretary, or get redirected to their new manager. I can't say as how I actually like the man, but he's been doing a wonderful job in so far as the record goes (according to Connor — I've not spoken to Tristan in a while, I should call him really).

Amber has been pushing me to actually do something about it. As she puts it, if I'm not going to shag the restaurateur, I should at least boff the 'gorgeous old corporate flunky'. I've not been going out of my way to really make contact beyond that call once a week. If he really wanted to talk with me, he would. I have, however, sent both Rhys and Gideon invitations to Amber's Saints and Sinners party at Flare. I've sent some to the band as well. I doubt they'll bother to show, but I really don't care either way.

No, that's a lie. I do care. Not that I want Gideon Reese in attendance, but Rhys…

Rereading the previous sentence, I sound like a sad, sad individual. I hate myself for it.

Almost as much as I hate myself for meeting with Mr. Boyle in regards to a business proposition. He's looking for PR Rep to promote the business via social media outlets. It's an easy enough job, and the pay actually seems pretty decent. Most of what he's looking for can be done in the morning, with the odd evening event at the restaurant — which I would only need to attend for an hour to ensure things were underway.

So help me, I'm honestly considering taking him up on the offer. If only because it would eat up a portion of my day so I won't sit and consider coming up with yet another reason to contact Rhys.


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