Lessons Learned

by Corrie Kavanaugh
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IC Date: March 4th, 2011 — middle of the afternoon.
This episode is a followup to 'Trust Me'

I'll likely rewrite the entire story later for the grimoires — or rather, my own grimoire which is going to be a compilation of what I can take away from the family books, and what I've learnt on my own. Something that will have multiple copies so that pages don't mysteriously go missing like they have in the family books. Bring the books to the digital age as well so they can be more easily shared between the Coven… but I digress.

I've gotten myself into a right mess. This is even far worse than any I've had to fish Jean out of, and really it's my own fault. My own curiosity, my own stubborness, my own use of a false name that has put me in the current predicament.

Amelia Owens was apparently the name of Rhys' grandmother — a rather powerful witch in her own right. This was a fact that I did not know until informing Rhys of using his surname as a false name. The name choice wasn't intentional — my middle name with his surname, it was a great cover. However, I've researched the name since then, and I can see why he was upset about it. Which brings me to point #1:

When using a false name, do not use a name that belongs to anyone you know, it's not worth the trouble.

I squared that away with Rhys as best I could, I offered to make up for it. In fact, I was on my way to the Undercity to procure magical charms that would protect against vampires. The plan was to gather a few — at least one for myself and Jean, and one for Rhys' mother since I indavertently put her into danger. Things would have been fine after that, I'm sure, if I'd not run (quite literally) into the Vampire again.

I did try to avoid him, but he had other ideas. A chat. I could have lived with the chat. In fact, I chatted though I'll admit to being less-than-cordial, and then something happened and we were acting beyond civilly to one another. I know now that it was a glamour — the very thing I'd gone to the Undercity to obtain charms against. Which brings me to point #2:

Always watch where you're going, even if you've a fear you'll run into a sorcerer.

Speaking of which, wouldn't you just know my luck… that's when Gideon Reese turned up, giving my real name to the Vampire, and putting my whole family in danger. I was okay with that, because I'd decided already to give the full name to Aidan (the Vampire) when it was done for me, and tell him that if he wanted to mess with my life then fine. If he troubled my family, that would be a different story altogether.

Only then I had to go and lose my temper when the sorcerer implied I was a prostitute. Par for the course, really. The comment, not the loss of temper. It was almost like something took over me. Something deep inside had a need to grasp control of something in the whole situation, and tossing a knockback spell at him was the only thing I could do. Which brings up point #3:

Try not to use sorcerer magic on a sorcerer. They don't like it when a witch can use their spells.

That's when the Vampire stepped in to 'save' me. I'm sure there were other reasons there besides removing me from a situation that could have been dire, and while I can make guesses as to what they are, I'd honestly rather not know his reasoning. Either way, it leaves me in the odd position of wanting to throttle him for messing with my mind, and thanking him for getting me out of the Undercity safely.

Not that it mattered overly much, as soon as I was out of the Undercity, I was 'rescued' again by a woman named Ghost, who brought me to a safehouse on Rhys' orders. Not because I attacked his brother and he was worried about the fallout, but because he wanted to keep me away from the Vampire. It would be far more simple if it was just to keep me away from Gideon (though I'm positive that Gideon is well aware of this 'safehouse'). As it is I feel like I'm nothing more than a troublesome burden for the proprietress to have to deal with while I await a verdict. I'm not exactly stuck here. I could come and go as I please, it's just easier to remain here and not cause further trouble. Which I suppose brings me to point #4:

Be careful of your actions as you'll never know who you'll wind up beholden to due to them.

Needless to say, these are the lessons I've learned (or re-learned) in the last week. They are things that I'd generally tell to my youngest sister, but this is not her mess. I'd rather not involve her in it. It's mine. I need to clean it up on my own. Deal with whatever is coming my way in the best way that I can. Accept retribution with grace… although this last point will be difficult.


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