Revelations II

by Corrie Kavanaugh
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IC Date: February 18th, 2011 — sometime after dinner.
This episode takes place immediately after 'Nights of wine and poses...'

"Good man? Good? Corrie, don't fool yourself. He's one of them, and despite the fact that he claims to have Witch blood, you've not verfied it!"

I watch as mum finishes off the glass of wine. Despite my irritation with her inhospitable behaviour, I remain silent. When she's done, I start to say something but she interrupts before I can get the words out.

"Beyond that, what Witch in her right mind would be in love with one of them? Stay with one of them while there was obviously some sort of affair going on? That's not love. Your father and I love each other…"

I tune her out briefly as I stalk back toward the cabinets, allowing her to finish her tirade. I knew there was going to be a lecture. I knew mum wasn't going to like what I had to tell her, let alone enjoy being in the presence of a sorcerer, but I wasn't expecting such vehemence from her. If I've got to sit here and take this, I'm going to get myself a glass of wine.

"… and now you're setting yourself up for a youthful indiscretion! Thinking one of them to be a good man. Don't be such a bloody idiot, Corrie!" Mum sighs, giving me an odd look.

Stopping halfway back to the table, I just blink at mum. I continue on my way, placing the wine glass upon the table before I offer any sort of reply. I take my time pouring the wine, reminding myself that it's just her concern for me that has her so worked up. I don't bother replacing the cork in the bottle. Lifting the glass of wine, I allow myself a tiny sip and then shake my head at her. "Mum, I don't know how many times you need me to repeat this to you, but there is nothing going on between Mr. Owens and myself beyond a spot of business. I'm not going to allow myself to be sucked in to their corporation." I slip onto the chair beside her, turning my body toward her so that I can rest a reassuring hand upon her shoulder.

Mum cups her hands around her now empty glass and exhales another sigh. "Corrie, luv, it's not really as simple as all that."

"I know, mum, and I'm keeping an eye out for the manipulations and the lies that are sure to come."

"It's not just that. That's a given. It's that I know you. You've got an independent streak a mile wide, and a strong desire to prove yourself. You're a lot like I was before I settled down with your father."

I give her a quick roll of my eyes. "Then I'll obviously turn out just fine, mum. Look at you and da. How many marriages in this day and age last that long? I'd be lucky if I could find someone like that."


Without warning, mum stretches her arm in front of me to grab the bottle of wine. I nearly spill my own glass but manage to balance it with my hand settling atop the rim before it topples. "Quit worrying about it. I'm not interested in Mr. Owens." I'm uncertain if I'm trying to convince her of it, or myself at this point.

We sit together in silence for several minutes. Sipping at the wine. Listening to the sounds of the house — the tick-tick-tick of the wall clock, dad watching his program in the next room, Duke pacing back and forth between the house and the barn before he settles for the night. It's a nice silence. A comfortable silence. One that we've shared many times over the years.

"I had a fling with one of those people before settling down with your father."

Just like that, the silence is shattered to oblivion. I can almost hear the sound of the bomb as it hurtles toward the kitchen floor before causing my world to explode. "You? The voice of reason? You had a fling? With a sorcerer? Stop pulling my leg, mum."

Mum raises her eyes to mine, and what I see in them causes me to freeze. "It was a youthful indiscretion, Corrie. Promise me. Promise me, luv, that you'll not repeat my mistake."

I remain frozen. Unable to make the promise as I'm busily trying to wrap my head around all of this. "Who was he?"

"I'm done talking about it, Corrie. None of your sisters know, and I'd like to keep it that way."

"Does da know?"

Subtly tensing up, mum nods. "He… does."

There's a strange hitch to her voice, so I know she's not telling me something. I let it go for now. I still don't make the promise she wants though. I wrap my arm around her shoulder and give her a quick hug. "I promise I'll be careful, mum." It's the best I can do, really.

"Good." Mum quickly finishes the remainder of her second glass of wine before sliding the chair back. "Finish tidying the kitchen then? I've got to drop in on Mrs. Mitchell early tomorrow. Her grandson is coming for a visit and she needs help with the cleaning."

There is a pause, but I know what's coming.

"Now there is a lovely boy. He's an investment banker, you know. Lives over in Greenwich. Maybe I'll invite them over tomorrow evening for tea…" That's the last I hear before she heads out of the kitchen.


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