by Corrie Kavanaugh
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IC Date: February 18th, 2011 — sometime after dinner.
This episode takes place the day after 'Demands, Offers, and Bluffs'

Darkness has just begun to fall as I pull up to the farm. I idle a moment in the green Vauxhall Corsa I've been driving for the last six years, and pull my thoughts together.

Mum is not going to like what I have to tell her.

Gathering my bag, I make my way to the house stopping just long enough to give our old Irish Wolfhound Duke a pat on the head and open the gate. Like usual it bangs closed behind me, announcing my arrival. Before I make it to the door, there they stand — the family. I couldn't arrive to just mum and dad, of course. Which will make things all the more difficult.

Greetings are gotten to quickly, mum already has dinner laid out on the table. The usual pleasantries are exchanged during the meal — catching up with my siblings, gushing over how well my nieces are doing in school — I work very hard to keep things civil, dreading the conversation that is yet to come.

Once dinner is finished with, I quickly jump up to help mum with the dishes — this is not normal for me, so she's immediately suspicious.

"Mum, we need to talk," I say, easily enough as I take out the dish rag and begin to run the hot water into the sink to make the suds.

"I figured as much," mum says, carrying the last of the dishes to the side-by-side sink. "It's not about Jeannie again, I hope?"

"No, mum. It's…" How do I approach this without giving her a heart attack? "I've finally found someone interested in the boys." I wait a tick. "Dumnonia, I mean."

"Oh, Corrie! That's great news. You had me worried."

Great. "Yes, well… Reese Entertainment Media is who is interested in them." Thankfully we've not started the dishes just yet. I'm sure mum would have dropped anything she was holding at that little bit of knowledge.

"Reese Entertainment Media? As in Reese International? You are dealing with those people?!?" Mum appears to be hyperventilating after the revelation.

"Yes." What else can I say at this point?

"Oh, Corrie. What have you gone and gotten us into? I really wish you'd not done that. Dealing with those… those…"

"Sorcerers, mum. I know what they are. It is a business deal. Once Dumnonia has signed the contracts, my business with them will be done. I swear to you, it is business and nothing more." I give her a slight grin. A roll of my eyes. "It's not as though I'm shagging one."

Mum's eyes widen and she suddenly looks very faint. "CORRIE AMELIA KAVANAUGH! Don't even make fun of such a thing! How can you not take this seriously? Don't you know what those people could do to our farm? To our family?"

Trying to approach it lightly doesn't appear to be working. Looking thoroughly chastised, I turn toward the counter and begin to fill the sink with the dirty dishes. I keep quiet a bit, trying to let the tension pass. The pattern becomes a simple wash-rinse-stack-repeat. "Mum," I say finally between the rinse-and-stack portion, giving the cup an extra shake before stacking it. "I promise that they won't be bothered to go after you, dad, or the farm. Really, it would make very little sense for them to bother."

"Your sisters, Corrie! Your nieces! Our coven! You didn't think about any of this! You didn't think it through. You d — "

"Mum, enough. I didn't have to tell you, now did I? I told you because I care. Because I want you all to be aware that they may try something. You didn't raise a complete div." I'm about to continue with my reassurances when I hear the knock at the door. I reach for my watch at the side of the sink, and utter a quick, "Bloody hell," before realizing that mum has already gone to the door to answer it. "Mum, don — "

Too late.

Mum's already got the binding spell ready to go as she opens the door. It takes a single glance into the man's eyes, a quick gesture, and she's got him bound.

There's little I can do at this point. I simply give the man a sheepish grin. "Mum? May I introduce you to Rhys Owens? My business associate with Reese Entertainment Media…"


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