Dangerous Daydreams

by Corrie Kavanaugh
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IC Date: February 14th, 2011 — sometime midday.
This episode takes place immediately before 'Wooing a Witch'

After an uneventful weekend in which to calm myself from the insults and threats received on Friday evening, I sit at my desk tapping a pen against the blotter. Several files lay open before me — busy work in order to procrastinate making this particular call.

The steady tap-tap-tap of the pen can be heard against the blotter even as the receiver is removed from the hook, and the number dialed.

One ring.

Two rings.

"Reese Entertainment Media," comes a friendly, business-like female voice on the other end of the line. "How may I direct your call?"

"Rhys Owens, please," I reply patiently as I stop tapping the pen and set it atop the closest folder.

"Who may I say is calling?"

"Corrie Kavanaugh."

"One moment please."

As the hold music begins, I keep myself attentive. At least for the first thirty seconds. Right up until the generically recorded voice comes on the line stating, "Blah, blah, blah."

I know that what was really being said was something more akin to, "Thank you for contacting Reese Entertainment Media. Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold the line.", but that was hardly what my mind chose to hear.

With my mind wandering, the hold music seemed to form itself into something more familiar to me. Something softer.

Suddenly I'm back at the launch party looking up into sparkling brown eyes.

"Unless, of course, you feel like asking a lady to dance," I say with a flirtatious wink.

"If you're so inclined, I'd be quite happy to ask you to dance."

A hand extends graciously, an easy smile turned my way, and suddenly I find myself swept out onto the dance floor. Conversation ceases as he pulls me into his arms. I tense a little, only beginning to relax as we slowly dance around the room.

"Miss Kavanaugh?"

Well before the song ends, it appears to be only the two of us on the dance floor. As the music concludes, I glance up at my partner only to get caught up in those brown eyes once more.

"Miss Kavanaugh, I have Mr. Owens on the line."

My face is taken in his hands, his mouth lowering to mine at an agonizingly slow pace as he leans forward, eyes lidding…

"Miss Kavanaugh!" The last is stated quite impatiently. "Mr. Owens will take your call now."

Back leans the chair I was seated on, only I lean just a little too far in my surprise and both it, and myself clatter to the floor. "Bloody hell."

"What was that?"

"About bloody time. Thank you."


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