Dangerous Liaisons

by Corrie Kavanaugh
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I forget who it was that said "If you dance with the devil, don't be surprised when you get burned.", suffice to say I am not surprised so much as disappointed. I had thought better of Rhys Owens as a business man. I had thought that, at least in business, he would have fought clean.

Sending his brother, sending Gideon Reese to intimidate me? To threaten me? Worst of all to insult my boys? I would never have thought him the type despite the fact that he is a Sorcerer.

As I said, I am not surprised that I am getting burned by dealing with Reese International, but if they honestly believe that I will go down without so much as a fight? That I will grovel at their feet to have them sign Dumnonia, they are sadly mistaken. Gideon Reese may have quite a bit of pull when it comes to the industry yet there are other ways to get recognition. Other ways to promote the band without getting them a large, lucrative contract.

Guerrilla marketing would be one of them. Nothing quite so fancy as working in intricate graffiti all over the city. Album cover artwork, radio play, free concerts… these are things I can easily do. Blog promotions, social media… these are things I can make work. Already I have uploaded several of their most recent recordings to YouTube and places like purevolume.

I've received copies of their album as well, ready for sale at their various shows.


Album Artwork

Burned or not, the dossier of past appearances has been faxed over to Mr. Owens office. A follow up call will be dealt with come Monday morning, allowing time for me to cool off rather than calling him irately in regards to the appearance of his brother.


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