Dangerous Dance

by Corrie Kavanaugh
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The re-launch of Dumnonia was a smashing success. They have garnered the type of attention I always knew they would, were they presented to the proper market. Perhaps now they will get a far better record deal than our previous attempts, and rightly so. In the last two days I've received several promising calls from a few of the labels we were hoping to net, yet we've heard nothing from Reese International which would be their best bet and absolutely against my better judgment.

It leaves me with a rather large quandary.

In the dance I started with the Sorcerer, did I put too much on the line?

It is rare that I give much of myself away, especially to one of that ilk, but Rhys Owens had something of an easy air about him. Though I can understand his hesitation in regards to working with a Witch. It is something that just is not done.

I can already imagine the call from mum when she hears of this potential business deal through the grapevine. The tongue-lashing which will ensue. The reminder that I will have put my entire family, my entire Coven in danger simply to sign a deal with the devil.

And I will have to hope and worry that I've not.

Tristan better bloody well appreciate just how much of a dangerous dance this is going to be.


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