Will Mason
Will Mason
Portrayed by Jesse Williams
Full Name William Carter Mason
Class Psychic
Birthday September 23, 1980
Age 30
Height 6' 1"
Build Tall, athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Brown
Factions The Jones Family/ The Foundation
Occupation Paramedic

Claim to Fame

An experienced high-level paramedic and a biokinetic.


  • Luckier than many, Will was born into a family that recognized and nurtured differences and special talents. His mother, grandmother, and cousin are all Ghost Whisperers and family rumors suggest that the family matriarch knows a lot more about the supernatural world than she lets on.
  • His biokinetic ability manifested initially as a toddler, but then faded not to reappear until he was eight years old.
  • A teacher at Will's school — where the boy had many manifestations of his ability — who was connected to the Alexander Foundation, suspected Will's abilities and contacted Alexander Foundation to aid the boy
  • Though hesitant and skeptical about sending Will to Alexander Academy, his mother, Evelyn and father realized that they the Academy could offer Will the guidance that he needed to manage his unique skills
  • Will attended both Alexander Academy and Alexander College, where he studied for his paramedics training. His parents encouraged him to go onto medical school, but Will thought the he could be more help in the field, and also hide his abilities better there
  • There is something of a rift between Will and his younger brother, Aaron. Though they love one another, Will's psychic skill has always been something of a dividing wall between them.
  • Will is closer to his mother than his father, because there is a mutual sense of shared difference that his father simply can't understand.
  • Will came out as bi-sexual a few years ago, and the ripples still reverberate through the family, though his mother and Zoe support him unequivocally.
  • He volunteers his time as a counselor to teens and young adults who are experiences or conflicts issues with their homosexuality or bisexuality.

Character Details

Will is a romantic and an optimist. He's the person who always sees the light at the end of the tunnel, can always find the silver lining, and always thinks the glass is half-full. His zest for life and unfailing positive outlook means that he gives all he can to his patients and those who are loyal friends. Unfortunately, this also means that Will cycles through periods of devastating disappointment when the outcome isn't as happy as he'd hoped for.

He's generally upbeat and full of teasing humor. Those dealing with Will can see that the man possesses a love for life, and his even-temperament can be infectious.

Family comes first for Will and is the most important in the greater scheme of things, however, he also supports the Foundation due to the support and assistance that he received through his schooling and training there


Image Name Race Relation Notes
zoewright.jpg Zoe Wright Psychic Cousin Will and Zoe were very close growing up because they were both a little bit different from the rest of the kids, and even the rest of their cousins. They move in slightly different circles now as their paths divulged and their lives went in different directions, but still share an almost sibling-like bond when they do spend time together.

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Troubled Terrace
May 14, 2011: A lorrie crashes through the terrace of a restaurant, bringing a constable and a paramedic together.
(log: 20110514-2 | tags: borough-high-street leigh will | posted: 16 May 2011 15:36)

Gauging the Temperature
May 14, 2011: Officer Levine heads to the hospital to thank the paramedic who took care of her arm, and winds up taking everyone out for drinks.
(log: 20110520-1 | tags: hospital leigh will | posted: 20 Jun 2011 14:05)

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