Wade Sumter
Wade Sumter
Portrayed by Cillian Murphy
Full Name Wade Sumter
Class Magician
Birthday June 7th, 1980
Age 30
Height 6"2'
Build Average
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions The Department
Occupation Autopsy Technician

Claim to Fame

An Autopsy Technician working with the East London Coroner's Office, as well as a magician with a web of medical contacts and a fascination with supernatural experiments.


  • Born in London, England to a middle class family.
  • Save for an above average intelligence, Wade Sumter pronounced 'unremarkable'.
  • Attended Royal Holloway University, majoring in Biomedical Sciences.
  • Employed as a Removal Technician at Western Skies Funeral Home.
  • Runs across several odd bodies and incidents during his tenure, the most striking a failed magical ritual. These images remain with him.
  • Promoted to lead technician within Western Skies. Served for several years before taking a job as Autopsy Technician for the Eastern District of London Coroner's Office.
  • Familiar ritual symbols appear on a body brought into the office. Wade begins investigating the deceased and discovers the fractured remains of the man's rituals and artifacts.
  • Wade begins to obsessively study what he's found and anything else magical he can get his hands on. Though he almost loses his grip on reality, he manages to gain what he seeks with a fair bit of time and questionable bargaining.
  • Utilizing the contacts he's built over the years, Wade begins to keep tabs on supernatural related deaths within his domain.
  • Tapped as a contact by the Department, Wade acts as consult and informant to several members within the organization.
  • Private research on supernatural phoenomena continues. Experements are planned, prepared, and testing commences.

Character Details

Wade is a calculated man, practical, oftentimes obsessive but not always outwardly passionate. Numbers and facts are Wade’s game, logical connections and concrete ideas.

He’s not cold, but years of observing the hideous, tragic, and sometimes hilarious ways people have found to get themselves killed has left him with a detached outlook and a morbid sort of humor.

Wade’s primary drive is the need to know. Knowledge is power, and power keeps you from being eaten by monsters in the dark.


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