Tiago DaSilva
Tiago DaSilva
Portrayed by Rodrigo Santoro
Full Name Tiago Gaspar Gilberto DaSilva
Class Psychic/BioKinetic
Birthday April 3
Age 27
Height 6'2"
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Factions N/A
Occupation Hunter

Claim to Fame

By all accounts, he's a Professional Hot Mess. He blows into the city with no warning, seemingly for no reason, and parties rather hard with who knows what funding. Those with knowledge of the workings of the Underworld know better, though. He's something of a mercenary known as "O Fantasma" or "The Phantom". Employed to take care of problems - supernatural or otherwise - for a price.


Tiago was born in a rough neighborhood in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. One rife with gang-violence and activity. His father was a deadbeat, left when he was two. So Tiago, sought guidance in the form of the neighborhood witch-doctor, Doutor Maicon, a powerful and influential resident magician. Maicon became his provider, protector, and surrogate father.

From an early age, he was introduced to the supernatural by Maicon's activity as a leader in Macumba - an afro-Brazilian derivative of African Witchcraft1. From Maicon, he earned a healthy respect for magic, as well as the ability to believe nearly anything. He grew as a hustler and a player. Peddling objects and drugs for cash. Stealing. Generally being the punk that he is. Out of necessity, he learned how to defend himself in turf scuffles and gang-related fighting, with some exposure to fire-arms and man-to-man combat. He was exceptionally effective, because he found that in general, his pain tolerance was much higher than his compatriots. It was harder to hurt Tiago, took more to injure him. And when he did get hit, what would side-line someone for 2 months would only take 2 weeks for him to heal.

His first 'job' came when he was 19. Maicon's activity drew the attention of other supernaturals, when their own agendas and interests clashed with Maicon's. Soon enough, the magician had made himself an enemy. In a scuffle that nearly took Tiago's life, he slew his first supernatural - a werecat - in defense of his surrogate father figure.

The event opened his eyes. He began noticing and really listening to stories about weird incidents and legends in the countryside. Ever the hustler, he smelled a market to be exploited, a need that hadn't yet been met. He decided to investigate. Thus, his 'business' was born.

At first, things were simple. He'd hear about problems good people were having, and he'd try to solve them. Track down an evil witch here, kill her. Find a rogue beast there, slay it. Soon enough he began to develop a reputation. O Fantasma - The Phantom, they called him. He could fix anything supernatural.

And as his reputation grew, so did his clientele. Suddenly, he wasn't just helping the poor everyman anymore. Suddenly, rich city-slickers were seeking him out for his 'specialty', and offering him exorbitent sums of money for his services. And it wasn't just supernatural, either. He became something of a jack of all trades, a hired gun, a supernatural expert, a hit man, and a security detail, all in one.

Naturally, this wasn't possible all by himself. Behind the scenes, Tiago always had Maicon to depend on, which his sorcery aiding in illuminating in the process, most of the times acting as the brain to Tiago's brawn. As Tiago's infamy increased, it was Maicon who recognized that the young man would be making enemies soon. So he sought a preemptive solution to this problem.

An emblem. A crest. An artifact, that would make the man untraceable. Like a ghost. Or a Fantasma. As he began to ritually cleanse himself and gathered the myriad of object necessary to do his voodoo, Maicon came across an epiphany. Instead of magically enchanting an object to serve his purpose - why not magically enchant Tiago himself? It was a ritual that required 3 days of fasting on Tiago's part, and numerous digestion of a few less than savory potions (who actually wants to drink ground up bones from a dead man's grave?) - but it was a success. The home-made, magically enhanced ink, etched into the skin of his back, solidified the 'blessing'. The tribal markings, and the cross that was found on his left shoulder man succeeded in making him virtually unfindable.

Maicon's second contribution came in a much less dramatic, starvation inducing manner. A pair of diving rods that could, in turn, help Tiago find his mark when he was in the middle of a hunt.

Over the years, he traveled all over the country of Brazil, responding to jobs, meeting other hunters and making contacts, compiling information he finds pertinent, and amassing experience. Eventually, travelled to the States and repeated the process above, becoming quite secular in the process.

Finally, he was summoned to the UK to investigate a certain amount of unease, reported to him by one of his psychic contacts. And now? Now he's just waiting for the big one, as they all say. And in the meantime, partying away.

Character Details

Tiago is a charismatic, energetic, in-your-face type of personality. A consummate party boy, even though he's past the 'party boy' age, he is very much the sort to go on just a little too long, to party just a bit too hard, and leave a path of destruction in his wake. This is due in part to his very ego-centric view of the world. Lacking proper regard for others, if he's not bothered by it, then he doesn't care. In fact, despite his actual age, he often comes off as a green 18 year old in terms of maturity. He seems to live on a policy of 'excess, excess, excess' and is oft in need of money.

Which isn't to say that he's completely inconsiderate or heartless. He is genuinely kind and good-natured, but finds difficulty relating and empathizing to people unless he is personally involved. He has a very skewed sense of morality. Overall, he is good - although, his interpretation of 'good' varies from societies interpretation of 'good', which means he can often justify breaking all sorts of societal norms and laws. He is very much justice-oriented.

Tiago is more wily than intelligent. More street savvy than smart. He isn't the sort to win in tactical warfare, but is quite capable of finding out and doing what he needs to do at any given moment. He is brave. Unbelievably brave. He has that in his favor, at the very least. And his stubbornness knows no bounds.

He is a wonderful, loyal ally to those he has affections for. He can be a useful pawn to those with manipulative intentions. And he can be a tireless, tenacious pain in the ass to those he is against.


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Fun Facts

- Tiago speaks with a South American, Latin accent, and more often than not, in informal, American diction and slang (as he learned how to speak English amidst his travels in the States).
- He knows how to play the Ukelele.
- He loves dogs. If he knows that he's going to be somewhere for a while, then he often procures a canine companion to bunk with.

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