Taryn Marcheford
Taryn Marcheford
Portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies
Full Name Taryn Elizabeth Marcheford
Class Human
Birthday February 14th
Age 22
Build Slender and lithe
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions None
Occupation Bartender

Claim to Fame

Snarky goth bartender in a *gasp* goth bar, The Intrepid Fox


No college, but is attending night school to learn proper drink mixing.
Bartender (learned drink mixing to act as bartender to older brother and his parties)
Works for 'The Intrepid Fox' and has for the last year.
Enjoys chemistry / alchemy (in the classic sense- so she's also a metallurge)

Character Details

Snarky, but not stupid. Always wants to learn new things, even if she hides her interest behind a facade of 'Eh.. who cares?'.


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