Sean Watson
Sean Watson
Portrayed by Michael Shanks
Full Name Sean Michael Watson
Class Necromancer
Birthday December 15, 1975
Age 36
Height 6'0"
Build Tall, lean
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Factions The Department
Occupation University Professor — Humanities/Antiquities

Claim to Fame

Dr. Sean Watson is one of the foremost Antiquarians in the UK… among other things.


  • Born & raised in Surrey, England;
  • Struggled, for a time, with his necromantic abilities, but overcame most of it with help from his grandfather — who, though a little off-his-rocker, was also a necromancer;
  • Moved to London for University — learned to avoid certain 'haunted' areas;
  • Earned a degrees in anthropology, history, and archaeology;
  • Developed remarkable talents as a polyglot;
  • Recruited into The Department due to his many talents — academic & supernatural;
  • Developed friendships with Charlie Mesner and Alex Wainwright, the latter with whom he occasionally swaps spells, components, and artefacts;
  • Maintains a 'cover identity' as an affable professor and researcher at the University of London;
  • Occasionally runs afoul of Erik von Richter, since the Vampire's powers have little-to-no effect on the Necromancer.

Character Details

Sean Watson is a man with an uncanny attention to detail, though he sometimes appears somewhat absent-minded. This is more because he gets lost in the processing of those details than because he's missed anything. When the connections start falling into place, as the inevitably do, he gets very nearly hyper.

Passionate about his research, he is almost single-minded in his pursuit of knowlege; which isn't to say he lacks friends, only that they understand he sometimes gets so caught up in his work they need to physically pry him from it.

Complicating his life is his ability with Necromancy… which probably also explains his affinity for dusty old things, legends, and mysteries.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
rda01.jpg Charlie Mesner Human Friend Sean met Charlie ten or so years ago, when he first started working at The Department. Over the course of the past decade, working side by side on the same team as closely as they have, the pair have become best friends.
at02.jpg Alexandra Wainwright Witch Friend Sean and Alex have been on the same team in The Department for a good 10 years now. They've been to Hell and back together (quite literally, actually) and are virtually family.
cj01.jpg Donovan Tate Werewolf Friend Donovan may not officially be part of the team Sean shares with Charlie and Alex, but he might as well be. Besides, they have a common enemy: Erik von Richter, the vampiric Master of London.
cs03.jpg Erik von Richter Vampire Enemy Sean isn't a fan of Vampires at the best of times. As a Necromancer, he has quite the unique perspective on them, being sensitive to the fact they're essentially walking corpses and, thus, semi-resistant to their power. But, von Richter's a special case. And von Richter seems to have singled him out. They've clashed more times than he can count over the past handful of years… though Sean suspects that has as much to do with Charlie as it does him.


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