Ronnie Potts
Ronnie Potts
Portrayed by Chyler Leigh
Full Name Veronica Robin Potts
Class Ghost
Birthday January 1, 1970
Age 18 (41)
Height 5'6"
Build Lithe
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown/Blonde
Factions None
Occupation 80's Rocker

Claim to Fame

In life, Ronnie was known as a one-hit wonder mall pop-star in Canada. In death, she's known as the crazy ghost who can't seem to grasp the year.


Character Details

As long as the Ghost Whisperers don't ask her to sing, or ask her about current events, she's fine. She's sometimes prone to violence (not that it'll effect anything) if people get really adamant with her that it's not the 80's. As someone who think's it's the 80's, she has a tendency to use 80's terms and talk like a Valley Girl. She absolutely LOVES 80's style and thinks it's rad. If anyone tries to tell her differently, she throws a tantrum.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
ms01.jpg Sean Watson Necromancer Creepy Death Dude Totally Hottie McCreepy Pants. He wants to bone me!
zoewright.jpg Zoe Wright Ghost Whisperer Friend-ish She sees dead people. It's totally wicked cool! I have someone to talk to!!


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Log Entries

Spy Haunter
May 30, 2011: Crazy 80's ghost-girl stalks and spies on Hottie McCreepy Pants, and has an informative and interesting conversation with a ghost-in-a-skull.
(log: 20110530-1 | tags: ronnie sean seans-flat tobias-npc | posted: 20 Jun 2011 21:54)

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