Rhys Owens
Rhys Owens
Portrayed by Russell Crowe
Full Name Rhys Maddoc Owens
Class Sorcerer
Birthday April 7, 1976
Age 34
Height 5'11
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions Reese Corp
Occupation Businessman

Claim to Fame

The celebrated Bastard of the Reese clan, and Gideon Reese's right-hand man.


  • Born to Gwen Owens, a Welsh-born Witch and erstwhile mistress of Adrian Reese;
  • Given the name Rhys in honour of his father;
  • Is not disowned by his father (much to Adrian's wife's chagrin), but rather accorded most of the same privileges as any other Reese scion — save that he's not included in the direct line of succession;
  • Grows up alongside Gideon, the two of them virtually as close as twins (though, technically, in the status-conscious world of Sorcerer Dynasties, Rhys is seen more as Gideon's liege-man than equal);
  • On some level, Rhys sees his position as the best of both worlds — most of the perks and privileges of being a Reese with very few of the familial responsibilities;
  • In fact, Rhys is probably the main reason Gideon develops as much of an independent streak as he does (much to Adrian's chagrin — though he can't really bring himself to punish either boy too severely), given Rhys' tendency to egg his slightly-younger half-brother on;
  • Rhys dabbles in music and art more than his brothers do — a gift largely attributed to his mother;
  • Eventually, he rises to handle much of the entertainment-industry-related business affairs of Reese International, and gains a reputation for being something of a playboy (still prone to getting Gideon into trouble).

Character Details

Rhys isn't nearly the high-roller he pretends to be. In fact, he's a intensely private man, who has developed a somewhat larger-than-life public persona as a defence against the scrutiny he often finds himself under. In essence, it's a character he plays, and he plays it well.

Left to his own devices, Rhys is fairly quiet, relaxed, and casual, given to an artist's introspection and sense of independence. He's a musician — and a damn fine one, but one without any great ambition. He really doesn't want the spotlight… but he does prefer to do his own thing — no matter what others say.

It's this private nature that cemented the bond between him and Gideon Reese, for whom he acts as an anchor and calming influence when the pressure of being the Heir to the Throne gets too much for him.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
km01.jpg Gideon Reese Sorcerer Brother Rhys is Gideon's anchor. He acts as a distraction — both for Gideon and from Gideon, depending on the situation. His loyalty to his half-brother is absolute… though not necessarily to the rest of the clan.

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