Remy White
Remy White
Portrayed by Keanu Reeves
Full Name Remy Alfred White
Class Psychic
Birthday March 13
Age 33
Height 5'11"
Build Wiry
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Factions The Foundation
Occupation Investigation officer

Claim to Fame

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  • Born into a working class family.
  • Suspected by The Foundation at the age of 9. Telepathy came full bloom at the mind burst at the age of 12. By then, the pamphlets and scribbled notes that had been anonymously given him helped a great deal. It gave him the first step; his personal 'ditty' to keep the voices at bay.
  • The Foundation followed Remy and pressed through the courts for custody. Some whispers say the family was paid off, while others say they were set up for a fall. Either way, he came to stay in London.

Character Details

Remy is, in a couple words, a self-important git at his core. Polite, even seemingly caring, the altruism that comes from his office is sometimes tinged with condescension, though there's never a way to pinpoint any one particular thing. Still, results are the thing, and the man delivers on a daily basis. He is a man with drive, however, and an all-encompassing belief in the superiority of his 'kind'.


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