Paddy Mahon
Paddy Mahon
Portrayed by John Delaney
Full Name Patrick "Paddy" Mahon
Class Folder
Birthday TBD
Age Early-40's?
Height <E.g. 6'1">
Build Lean, wiry
Eyes Green?
Hair Red-brown
Factions The Department
Occupation Cooper and Furniture-Maker (Department Operative)

Claim to Fame

One of the best damned snooker players in the city, if not the country. Full of blarney and good Irish humour.



Character Details

Patrick Mahon isn't the type of fellow to let the vagaries of life get him down. He's seen a lot more of the darkness than he ever lets on, and still manages to face the world with a devil-may-care smile and an impish twinkle in his eye. This isn't born of naivety or head-in-the-clouds optimism. It's a conscious choice. He can be serious when he needs to be… he just doesn't often think he needs to be.

Charming, roguish, and full of the most outlandish stories you ever did hear, he's part old-fashioned bard, part good-natured conman, and part silver-tongued actor. But, hey… at least he's friendly.


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