Leigh Levine
Leigh Levine
Portrayed by Lauren Cohen
Full Name Leighton "Leigh" Iris Levine
Class Human
Birthday October 31, 1985
Age 26
Height 5'8"
Build Tall, and athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Factions TBD
Occupation MPS Officer

Claim to Fame

Metropolitan Police Service Constable.


  • Daughter of Jacob Levine, and Sarah Cohen. Parents separated when she was an infant, Sarah taking Leigh to Manchester, where she settled into single-parenthood, raising her daughter as a legal clerk at a small firm.
  • Leigh spent her formative years like any child in a single-parent household — growing, learning, realizing that she was on her own a lot and taking advantage of that every chance she got.
  • At the age of twelve, Leigh took ill with an actual fever at school. Her mother came to pick her up, intending on leaving the girl home alone. When the fever wouldn't break, Sarah called into the office to say she wouldn't be in for the rest of the day. Later that night someone broke into the Cohen home. Leigh heard the noises and went out to investigate, when she saw someone in her mother's room she ducked into the connecting bathroom to hide. She saw (or rather heard) her mother being killed.
  • After the "incident" Leigh was sent to live with her father in London — a police constable whom she'd not seen since she was a baby. The death of her mother, and the subsequent change in location and family caused her to act out more than normal.
  • By the age of sixteen, Leigh had a record of a few minor offenses, more than a few traffic tickets, and a very irate father who told her to shape up or she'd be sent to boarding school. Realizing he was serious, Leigh shaped up. Her school work became excellent, she particpated in sports (namely archery), and she set herself on track to become a barrister.
  • Everything was going as planned until Leigh's second year of University. Jacob was shot while working on a homicide case, and while he wasn't mortally wounded it was enough to cause Leigh to request the application package for the Metropolitan Police Services. She was assessed, went through the medical, and was offered an appointment at her father's precinct.
  • Leigh has been working for the MPS for the last several years. She tries to stay away from homicide cases, but gets drawn into them every so often. Leigh prefers the quieter side of things — B&E's, domestics, crowd control.

Character Details

Leigh has some serious issues - ones that caused her to rebel throughout her teen years, until she was given an ultimatum.

Since turning herself around, she's become dedicated to all she does. She focuses on her work, remains as cool and collected as she's able to while on a job. When off the job, she still carries some of her emotional issues with her, which does not endear her to other officers, but they tolerate her because of her father, and her marksmanship.

Leigh abhors failure. If she fails at something, it is as though she failed her father, and it will cause her to work harder to achieve her next goal.

She has a flair for speedy vehicles, the faster the better. Motorcycles are her favorite, as they can be picked up and left behind quickly. No fussing with doors, or seatbelts in a chase. Also, due to their smaller size, she can maneuver them quite a bit better than a car.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
Wade.jpg Wade Sumter Magician Friend Seems to enjoy making Leigh look at scorched bodies, and teasing her about magic.
jw01.jpg Will Mason Human? Acquaintance Friendly, witty paramedic that saw to her GSW.


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