Jasmine Taylor
Jasmine Taylor
Portrayed by Katerina Graham
Full Name Jasmine Lilly Taylor
Class Psychic
Birthday March 13, 1988
Age 23
Height 5'4"
Build Petite, curvy
Eyes Green
Hair Dark Brown
Factions The Foundation
Occupation Junior Level Sys Admin

Claim to Fame

Junior Level Systems Administrator who plays a mean game of tennis and can hold her liquor better than a lot of blokes twice her size.


  • Jasmine was born to a German mother, Gemma and a Black British father, Geoffrey.
  • Both her parents are psychic, as is her paternal grandmother. For as long as Jasmine can remember, her father has been employed by The Foundation.
  • Her telepathic skills began to appear at an early age, and she received early nurturing and training from her grandmother, Nona.
  • Jasmine has many early memories and impressions of numerous arguments between her parents, usually culminating in her father bundling her off to Nona's for the night, or sometimes for days at a stretch.
  • In many of these memories, the arguments have a surreal feeling to them, as if they were something inside of her head or her imagination. Only later when she was older did Jasmine recognize that some of these impressions and words were the telepathic component of her parents' disagreements.
  • One night when she was six, her mother cuddled her, told her good night and that she would love her forever, no matter what. When Jasmine woke up the next morning, her mother was gone
  • Jasmine has not seen nor heard from her mother since then, and her only reminders are pictures, a necklace and a music box her mother left for her. Nona and Geoffrey do not speak of Gemma; Jasmine learned at a very early age that questions about her mother would be deflected or ignored.
  • Geoffrey raised her a single-father with the support and aid of his mother.
  • Jasmine spent more time being raised by Nona than her father due to his work and travel schedule. She didn't truly live with Geoffrey full time until Nona died of a stroke when Jasmine was eleven.
  • She attended Alexander Academy where she proved to be a fine student and excelled in academics. And on the tennis court.
  • Jasmine graduated from Alexander College with a degree in Computers and Information Science.

Character Details

Jasmine is focused, good-natured, friendly and has always been considered mature for her age. Not the sort to waffle, Jasmine will speak up when she has an opinion and will defend her position passionately. Due to her outspoken nature, she is sometimes seen as aloof, haughty, and even rude and Jasmine does not make friend easily. However, once a friendship is formed, Jasmine is deeply caring and fiercely loyal to those she calls friends. She is eager to help them, willing to support them and offer advice, and will defend them without fail.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
bw01.jpg Jean Kavanaugh Human Acquaintance Jasmine met Jean when they were stood up by a friend, and later while shopping for a book. She's pleased to meet someone who shares her interest in the supernatural, and likes Jean well enough that she hopes they can become friends.
georgephelps001.jpg George Phelps Psychic Friend George isn't at all like most of the others she attended school with and that's one of the reasons Jasmine likes him so much. He can be a little eccentric, and very contrary, but she knows that he's been hurt and he's coping the best he can. They're an unlikely pair, but Jasmine is happy for his friendship.


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Changing Skies
My eyes are open. George is right. There’s so much more out there in the world that has nothing to do with the Foundation or the little cocoon that my father’s been swaddling me in since the night my mother left.
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