Gideon Reese
Gideon Reese
Portrayed by Kevin McKidd
Full Name Gideon David Reese
Class Sorcerer
Birthday August 9, 1976
Age 34
Height 6'0"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Light Brown
Factions Reese Corp
Occupation Businessman

Claim to Fame

Gideon Reese is the 'face' of Reese International, a huge multinational conglomerate.


  • Born into one of the more powerful Sorcerer Dynasties in Europe;
  • Consequently, most of Gideon's life has been mapped out for him;
  • Educated in the best schools, introduced to magic and familial expectations at a young age;
  • Developed a strong proficiency with mid-to-high level spells, especially with the aspects of fire and electricity;
  • Studied business and international law at Cambridge;
  • Currently acts as the spokesman and public face of Reese International, reporting directly to his father, Adrian Reese, the current President/CEO (and dynastic patriarch);
  • Minor rift with his father over the fact he has yet to select a mate; doesn't see the urgency, since each of his four younger brothers have.

Character Details

Gideon walks a fine line between familial (a.k.a. dynastic) responsibility and personal freedom. He is headstrong and independent, but highly intelligent and nobody's fool. Thus, he can have the patience of Job… when he wants to.

Of course, he can also have a mercurial, fiery temper, when his patience has run short or he sees no need to hold his tongue. He grew up as the eldest of five boys and set the pace for the rest. He does not suffer fools gladly and he takes whatever liberties he thinks he can get away with.

He can be smooth as silk, if he needs to be, and is never insincere — merely unrevealing.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
rc01.jpg Rhys Owens Sorcerer Brothers Technically, Gideon and Rhys are half-brothers, Gideon the younger by only a few months. But, they grew up together, virtually inseparable. Somehow, they still are. Rhys can keep Gideon focussed and calm when no one else can.

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