Josephina "Feena" Patel
Josephina "Feena" Patel
Portrayed by Suleka Mathew
Full Name Josephina Padma Patel
Class Witch
Birthday TBD
Age 36
Height 5' 5"
Build Medium, athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions N/A
Occupation Nurse

Claim to Fame

Feena is the Charge Nurse and Ward Manager of the A&E Department at Charring Cross Hospital.


  • Mother is a witch of Scottish heritage and a mid-wife, father is of Indian heritage and manages a lorrie fleet.
  • Learned about magic and spell-casting at a very young age, courtesy of her mother, aunt, and very strict grandmother.
  • As a child and young teen, Feena dedicated hours of time to studying and learning spellcraft. Possessing a good memory and instincts, Feena mastered low power/low level spells very easily.
  • Educated at King’s College and went on to become a trauma nurse. Her first position was working the A&E at St. Thomas Hospital, but she worked her way through the ranks to become a Senior Staff Nurse before gaining a position of Junior Sister and later Charge Nurse and Ward Manager at Charring Cross.
  • Her grandmother had very strict rules about marriage and family, and ruled the roost with an iron fist. Both her mother and her aunt married men who were hand picked and approved by her grandmother. Feena was not even permitted to date until she passed her A-Levels.
  • It was while attending King’s College that Feena began to chafe at her bindings. She took to drinking, drugs, partying and the entirely wrong sorts of friends. She began to dabble in slightly more malignant magics and sorcerer magic as well.
  • Feena fell for and had a dalliance with a vampire, Kieran Byrne. She caught him “cheating” with her flatmate and went after him with her archery bow. The fallout resulted in a cat n’ mouse game that lasted several weeks until Feena nearly lost her life in a fire in an unsanctioned/illegal club. The vampire saved her, which placed them in something of a detente - but also the knowledge that she now owed him, and someday he would collect the debt.
  • The experience opened Feena’s eyes, and she put herself back on the right track. Her rebelliousness was left behind and she forged forward, learning nursing, proper magic and everything she could about the supernatural when time permitted.
  • Feena still loves archery and spends much of her free time in outdoor pursuits.

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