Emily Bennett
Emily Bennett
Portrayed by Jewel Staite
Full Name Emily Bennett
Class Shifter
Birthday June 2, 1982
Age 28
Height 5'6"
Build Slender, athletic
Eyes Grey
Hair Brown
Factions The Department
Occupation Lab Tech

Claim to Fame

Tech geek consigned to unheralded greatness in the biomed labs. Specializes in genetics. Studying for her advanced degrees.


  • Born in Maidstone, Kent.
  • Parents were brewers.
  • First shift found the kitchen a mess with brewer must spilled on the floor.. and a sick teen.
  • Attended University of Leeds, majored in genetics in undergrad.
  • Recruited into the Department while in uni. due to a word from Alexandra Wainwright. Seems she's something of a science fiction and horror fan.. and likes lots of 'what ifs'.. and works them out in an almost manic, OCD way.
  • Rarely found out of her lab now.

Character Details

Perky. Positive. Looks for the best in people, and in some cases, really, really searches. Has a tenacious stick-to-it-iveness, and has been known to take some rather odd routes to come to conclusions.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
at01.jpg Alexandra Wainwright Witch Mentor At one point in time, Dr. Wainwright was Em's teacher. Then, after earning her first degrees, someone approached her about signing on to an exciting research career for the government. The next thing Em knew, Dr. Wainwright was now Alex — her new boss. They actually are friends, now, though not best girlfriends. But given how many hours a day they're together in the lab… yes. They're friends. Alex has become Em's mentor.

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A Night of Revelations
May 17, 2011: Elspeth and Aidan both find themselves in Erik's study to take care of different points of business. Erik's shifter is also in attendance and relays a bit of Department information to them.
(log: 20110517-1 | tags: aidan elspeth emily erik von-richter's-study | posted: 02 Jun 2011 20:26)

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