Elspeth Frizzel
Elpseth Frizzel
Portrayed by Dianna Agron
Full Name Elspeth Finola Frizzel
Class Vampire
Birthday 1647
Age 19 (364)
Height 5'6"
Build Petite, trim
Eyes Amber
Hair Blonde
Factions <Vampire Faction>
Occupation Photographer/Right Hand to von Richter

Claim to Fame

Well known photographer in certain circles. Lesser known to be Erik von Richter's new right-hand — diplomat, adjudicator, and general go-to girl.


  • Born in 1647, the illigetimate daughter of Robert Bruce, 2nd Earl of Elgin, and Scottish maidservant Aisla
  • Aisla was discharged, sent back to Scotland and forced to marry Hamish Frizzel
  • Due to Elspeth's illegitimate nature she was raised in relative poverty, grew to hate her step-father, and always wanted more than what she was afforded.
  • At 17 she bought her way into English society, passing herself off as minor English peerage in order to have a Season.
  • Was to have her second Season in 1665, but due to the massive outbreak of plague, spent the Season in France instead.
  • Had her true second Season in 1666, where she caught the eye of Erik von Richter, who had learned of her deceit and was amused by her ambition. Though the Season ended, Elspeth stayed on due to several men who were attempting to court her. On September 2nd the Great Fire of London began to sweep through the city, and on the night of September 3rd, Elspeth attempted to flee the city along with many others. Rather than making it out of the city, she was trampled by the cart horse and left for dead. Von Richter found her and saved her life by turning her.
  • Elspeth stayed with von Richter until 1715. After leaving him, she toured much of the Continent until 1744 when she returned to Scotland for the first time in 80 years. She left Scotland in 1745 just prior to the Second Jacobite Uprising.
  • Traveling by ship to the Province of Georgia, she eventually traveled throughout the Colonies until 1775 when the American Revolutionary War made travel difficult.
  • Elspeth left the newly formed United States in 1784, making her way to New Brunswick.
  • Between 1785 and 1884, Elspeth traveled throughout North America.
  • Between 1884 and 2009, she traveled the world, enjoying the multitude of cultures. Elspeth spent a great deal of this time educating herself, reading most everything she could get her hands on, and learning of all the technological advances — paying close attention to photography and taking it up as a hobby.
  • In early 2011, Elspeth returned to London at the request of von Richter.

Character Details

Sweet and caring, or an ambitious, cold, manipulative bitch — whatever you want to call her chances are it will fit Elspeth in some way. She's a seemingly young woman who has seen quite a bit of the world; and even more of humanity. Due to humanity's fear for anything that is different, Elspeth has spent most of her life pretending to be something she is no longer — human — while keeping her "superiority" a secret. She fully believes that mankind — humankind — is doomed due to its inherent flaws, and as such believes that as a race, vampires are far more than a step above.

On the surface she can often appear to be a sweet and kind girl, to the point of seeming soft-hearted. At the same time, she can be completely flat and coldly calculating. She has little trust for those who surround her, and thus she is a constant observer and enjoys keeping an eye on those who attempt to get close to her, so that she can adapt herself to any situation.

She is quick to anger, and slow to forgive — often resorting to violence as a means to an end. Stubborn and selfish, any motives she has she uses as a means to benefit herself some way. She is a woman with nothing to lose, and everything to gain — a desperation for rights, the ambition to strive for whatever power she feels she deserves, driving her to do whatever it is in her power to do.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
cs03.jpg Erik von Richter Vampire Patron Erik is her sire. The man who kept her from dying. As such, she is as loyal to him as she can possibly be to anyone that is not herself.
aidanboyle08.jpg Aidain Boyle Vampire Friend Aidan is an old friend and contact whom she enjoys the company of simply because he's like-minded.

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A Night of Revelations
May 17, 2011: Elspeth and Aidan both find themselves in Erik's study to take care of different points of business. Erik's shifter is also in attendance and relays a bit of Department information to them.
(log: 20110517-1 | tags: aidan elspeth emily erik von-richter's-study | posted: 02 Jun 2011 20:26)

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