Donovan Tate
Donovan Tate
Portrayed by Christopher Judge
Full Name Donovan Tate
Class Werewolf
Birthday October 13, 1972
Age 39
Height 6'3"
Build Tall, solid
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions The Department
Occupation Building Contractor

Claim to Fame

Donovan Tate keeps a fairly low profile. He goes to work, does what needs doing, and then hits the pub after. Nevertheless, his company, Blackrock Construction, is one of the more ubiquitous firms in the city.

Werewolves may know that Donovan is an Outcast from the London pack.


  • Born in the East End of London;
  • Has been a werewolf since birth;
  • Experienced his first Change during puberty;
  • Learned a trade as a stonemason/bricklayer;
  • Started his own company when he was in his late 20's — tends to hire werewolves and other shifters;
  • Challenged the alpha of the London Pack about ten years ago, when the current alpha sold the Pack into the service of Erik von Richter, the vampiric Master of the City… and lost the Challenge;
  • Spent several weeks recovering;
  • Was brought into the Department by Charlie Mesner, who figured the 'wolf would be useful on his team;
  • Worked closely with Charlie (and, consequently, Sean Watson and Alex Wainwright), ultimately becoming close friends with all of them;
  • Continues to work with the Department, under the cover of his building contracting company;
  • Has also been quietly working for the past decade on pulling members of the Pack away from von Richter and building a small Pack of his own that is meant to rival and one day overcome/free the London Pack and the Vampires that control them.

Character Details

Donovan Tate's usually an extremely down-to-earth fellow. He says what he means and means what he says. He doesn't take kindly to mind-games, though he knows how to play them when he absolutely has to.

He does have a spiritual side to him, born primarily out of his werewolf heritage. His chief aims are the redemption of the Pack, and the protection of other shifters and werecreatures in the City. As a result, he has developed a small network of 'lone wolves' and a very, very loose alliance with the Canis Caelestis. (I.e. They don't hunt in each other's territory, and they'll render assistance if asked.)

Ultimately, he believes in freedom for his people — though generally not at the expense of innocent lives. Thus, he can be something of an idealist, which can occasionally get him in hot water.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
rda01.jpg Charlie Mesner Human Friend Donovan isn't very close to a lot of people outside The Pack, but Charlie's one of them. The two have been in and out of some very, very tight spots together. Thus while Donovan refuses to 'officially' join The Department, it's amazing just how much he knows about it… and how often he's helping them out.
ms01.jpg Sean Watson Necromancer Friend Sean's part of Charlie's team. At first, Donovan wasn't quite sure what to make of him. Over the past ten years, however, they've become close friends.
at01.jpg Alexandra Wainwright Witch Friend The third member of Charlie's team, Alex's Witchery and medical expertise has helped both Donovan and The Pack out often enough that most of the 'Wolf community likes to stay on her good side. Donovan loves setting people up in pubs to fall to her unexpected pool sharking.
cs03.jpg Erik von Richter Vampire Enemy Donovan doesn't trust the Master of the City, doesn't like the Master of the City, and doesn't want anything to do with the Master of the City. At all. Unfortunately, the Master of the City wants The Pack as his guard dogs… or perhaps something more. Donovan isn't entirely sure, and he really doesn't care, either. The Pack are servants to no one.


Being Pack Alpha comes with OOC responsibilities as well as IC responsibilities. Chief among them is helping new players become oriented and helping to seed TPs through RP.

If you want a scene or want to ask questions about the were/shifter population in-game, please page or @mail.

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