Deirdre Lancaster
Deirdre Lancaster
Portrayed by Indira Varma
Full Name Dierdre Dahlia Lancaster
Class Psychic/Empath
Birthday December 26, 1975
Age 35
Height 5'7"
Build Trim, slender
Eyes Chocolate Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Factions The Foundation
Occupation Psychologist/Universtiy Lecturer

Claim to Fame

Guest lecturer at both King's College and Alexander College who is currently looking to build up her own Psychology practice.


  • Born in Bristol in 1975 to telepath Molly Lancaster, who's better known as the "famous" television psychic Davina Devine. Has no idea who her father is, other than he was someone her mother met through the D.L. Alexander Foundation.
  • Raised with a string of strangers constantly coming and going from the house trying to get "readings" or be reunited with deceased loved ones (though that was a bit of a scam).
  • Molly/Davina moved to the United States when Deirdre was only five years old, leaving her in the care of the D.L. Alexander Foundation via the Alexander House.
  • Deirdre was fostered out to Abigail and Jack Wollman, a nice and generous couple that were willing to help her with her growing empathic abilities, as well as the minor telepathic abilities she possessed thanks to her mother.
  • Jack Wollman was a psychologist who set Deirdre on a similar path, encouraging her interest in sociology, history and psychology.
  • Attended the Alexander Academy, then Alexander College where she obtained her PhD in Psychology.
  • Gained a Research Assistant placement in the King's College Department of Psychology, which eventually lead to her becoming a guest lecturer with King's College, as well as at the Alexander College.

Character Details

Generally mild mannered, she attempts to help out the both within the Alexander Center locations, and without. Having been fostered, she also devotes some of her time to helping fostering agencies with troubled children. All in all, she does what she can to help where she can, and locate other potentially psychic children to alert those within the Alexander Center about them.

She has a rather horrible relationship with her birth-mother, and due to that, an extremely great disdain for the antics of "charlatans", psychic hotlines, and televised "psychics" who primarily just know how to read people, and provide them with information they seek.


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