Corrie Kavanaugh
Corrie Kavanaugh
Portrayed by Darby Stanchfield
Full Name Corrie Amelia Kavanaugh
Class Witch
Birthday February 3, 1978
Age 33
Height 5'7"
Build Trim
Eyes Blue
Hair Auburn
Factions N/A
Occupation Freelance Publicist

Claim to Fame

Corrie was instrumental in the rise to fame of independent Celtic rock sensation Dumnonia, as well as the successful media launches of several small-scale county arts & music festivals.


  • Born in a small, rural town in North Devon, one of many daughters of a Witch;
  • Comes from a large family — all girls, the local joke among family friends being that her father is something of a 'womanizer' (which really isn't true: He only has eyes for his wife… obviously, given the size of the family);
  • Corrie is born somewhere in the middle of the lot;
  • Family owns a struggling farm, which their mother supplements by working as a drop-in care-assistant for the large number of retired and elderly people in the region;
  • The family is close-knit, and Corrie is close to her sisters — though that doesn't stop 'em from scrapping occasionally; together with their mother, the handful of girls make a small, familial coven;
  • Corrie has always been ambivalent about magic — on the one hand, it's just cool… on the other, it's a lot of "kitchen work" and study; nonetheless, she develops a fair hand at it, mastering most mid-level spells and a handful of high-level spells, generally related to healing arts and defense;
  • Where Corrie differs from her sisters is her willingness to do in-depth independent research; thus she also has a couple of small sorcerer spells at her disposal — which she never tells her mother about (who'd have a holy conniption fit, if she found out);
  • Thus, Corrie has more of an independent spirit than most (though not all) of her sisters — most of whom decided to settle close to home, either to help with the farm or do take up nursing or teaching or the like (one even runs a small country gift and market);
  • Corrie decides to study public relations in University, thinking she could get in with some of the "new industries" settling the region (most of them finance and technology-based), or at least work with the thriving county tourist board (which makes up a sizeable portion of the Devon economy);
  • While still in university, she picked up some freelance PR work, mostly for community arts groups or friends starting up the usual round of college bands and such — and was remarkably successful with it;
  • By the time she graduates, she's got a good enough track record to start freelancing fulltime, also taking on some fairly regular agency work as a sort of bread-and-butter account;
  • Using some fairly innovative (read: unusual) techniques of her own invention, and delving into the arcane world of "new media" (read: web, multimedia, and social media), she takes the Celtic rock band Dumnonia (a bunch of her friends from university) from being largely college pub entertainment to headlining mid-sized concert venues;
  • She moves to London when it becomes apparent that the band is going to need a more centralized platform to expand further, and picks up a few other clients when she does (mostly small businesses looking to expand their social media presence and target a hip, young audience).

Character Details

Corrie is something of a firecracker. She's not given to putting on airs and she doesn't often pull her punches. Growing up with a passel of sisters constantly around her means she's used to scrapping for what she wants. She's fairly protective of home and family, tending not to discuss it much with strangers, but she's not in any way paranoid.

Still, she's friendly and outgoing, with a reputation for being a real go-getter. She's also a staunch friend and ally to those she's given her trust. (God help 'em, though, if anyone betrays that trust.)


Image Name Race Relation Notes
bw01.jpg Jean Kavanaugh Witch Sister Sure, Jean's fairly level-headed for her age. But she's still a kid in Corrie's eyes. She's also the one of her sisters most likely to Do Something Stupid (in her sister's eyes, that is) that will require Corrie to Drop Everything To Rescue Her. She loves Jean — and the rest of her family — greatly. But, sometimes she wishes the girl wouldn't be quite so adventuresome. Or that the sense of adventure didn't rub off onto her.
cb01.jpg Tristan Pryce Human Friend Old University roommate, friend, lead singer of the band that kick-started her PR career … ex? On the latter part Corrie is completely mum, though she still has a great relationship with him despite the fact that he's often a bit flaky.
mb01.jpg Connor Finlan Human Friend Old University friend, bass guitarist of the band that kick-started her PR career, one of her best mates.
rc03.jpg Rhys Owens Sorcerer Business Associate While she shouldn't remotely trust anyone involved with Reese International, let alone a sorcerer, she actually enjoy Rhys' company. Though she's not daft enough to tell Mum that.
km01.jpg Gideon Reese Sorcerer Insufferable SOB I swear to God that he actually enjoys being a complete and utter arse.
aidanboyle08.jpg Aidan Boyle Vampire The Devil He enjoys playing games, and she's not at all convinced that he doesn't mean to kill her at some later date. He is, however, nice on the eyes.
ms01.jpg Sean Watson Necromancer Acquaintance/Jean's Professor Not entirely sure what to make of Dr. Watson, Corrie is slowly considering him a friend, and potential supernatural confidant.
lc02.jpg Celia Collins Vampire Author/friend Corrie is a fan of Celia's works, has the entire novel collection somewhere in her flat. She's also now one of the authoresses 'friends'. (Though it's safe to say she's no idea Celia is a vampire, and has glamoured her multiple times.)

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Raising Questions
"Do they know what you are?"

I blink. "Why would they know what I am? It's not like I run around London telling everyone who'd listen, Mum."

Taking me by the arm, she draws me toward the table and points to the extremely old book upon it. Carefully turning the pages, she finds a sketch that looks almost exactly like my necklace. "That would be why, my girl."
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